His rejected mate

His rejected mate

By:  Jt  Ongoing
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Freya, born to Omega parents and unable to shift at sixteen, faced isolation and rejection. Alpha Dominic mated with her, then cruelly rejected her at dawn for being human. Devastated, Freya runs away, carrying a hidden secret-a three-year-old child. Four years later, fate brings them together again, igniting a tale of love, betrayal, and a bond that may or may not reignite. ***************** "You're f*cking mine, Freya," he growled, his words dripping with possessiveness. "No one else can satisfy you like I can." I gripped the sheets, while biting my lips as I surrendered to the relentless pleasure being thrusted between my thighs. "Yes, Alpha Dominic," I moaned, my voice barely above a whisper. "I'm yours, only yours." He gripped my hips tightly, his fingers digging into my skin possessively as he drove into me with unbridled passion. "Say it again," he demanded, his voice husky with desire. "I'm yours," I cried out, my voice rising with each thrust. "Yours forever."

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Kelly Qin
This is a very good story so far. I am just loving it
2024-06-07 00:14:34
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Camilita Vargas
I'm giving it stars because I couldn't finish it, therefore it's not a complete review. The story was flowing beautifully until the author decided to change FL's dark complexion to WHITE. Why? A "magical white wolf" thing, I guess. Disappointingly racist, to say the least. More...
2024-06-06 08:37:19
default avatar
Wendy Noel
Good book.
2024-05-06 16:15:36
user avatar
Christine Owings
58 chapters 5/2/24
2024-05-02 23:30:30
74 Chapters
1. Mated and Rejected.
The night brimmed with excitement, the moon casting its silvery embrace upon the opulent mansion that belonged to Alpha Dominic. This was no ordinary evening; it marked the eighteenth birthday of the Alpha, a moment long-awaited by the entire pack. Amidst the jubilant festivities, the air carried not only the scent of pine trees but also the electrifying buzz of anticipation. The ancient forest that surrounded us added to the mystique of the occasion, and the energy was nothing short of electric. Alpha Dominic's, towering in both height and presence at just eighteen, exuded an aura of unshakable authority. He possessed the rarest of qualities, a high alpha gene, which solidified his position as the pack's soon-to-be leader. Every member of the pack held him in the highest esteem. Tonight, the fate of the pack rested on the brink of change. The moment he found his mate, the alpha mantle would be passed to him by his parents. As for me, I lingered in the shadows, a solitary figure hid
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2. Run away human.
Alpha Dominic's not-so-shocking rejection. My heart weighed heavy as I turned my back on the Alpha's opulent mansion, each step echoing with the reverberations of a shattered dream, retracing my path through the once-familiar forest that now seemed imbued with a melancholic air.The laughter and joy of the pack's harsh celebration, a memory now etched with a touch of bitter irony, felt like a fading echo, hauntingly reminding me of the profound loss I had endured.Returning to my modest home was a bittersweet experience, a bitter pill to swallow. My Omega parents, who had perpetually borne the burden of being outsiders, had long harbored hatred towards me.But as I stepped into our horrid home, their faces twisted with disdain and judgment. Their disappointment was notable, a painful reminder that I had failed them as much as I had failed myself. The pack's rejection of me had tainted their dreams, and I couldn't bear the weight of their cruelty any longer.In the early morning light,
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3. A New Life.
4 years later.In our small, cozy hideaway, I found solace and contentment, seated cross-legged on the floor with my precious Mathew nestled in my lap.The room was a haven of tranquility, bathed in the soft, dim light emitted by a lantern. Its warm, comforting glow enveloped us both, creating an atmosphere of serenity and intimacy that was truly enchanting.With a gentle touch, I brushed a stray strand of hair away from Mathew's cherubic face. My voice, like a soft, soothing melody, filled the tranquil room. "You know, Mathew, there's a special kind of magic in the night when everyone's asleep."Mathew's bright, curious eyes gazed up at me, filled with wonder and innocence. "Magic, Mommy?"I nodded, my tender smile illuminating the room even more. "Yes, sweetheart. And you, my little darling, are the most magical thing in my life." In that quiet, tender moment, as the soft light of the lantern flickered, I knew that our cozy hideaway was a sanctuary of love and acceptance.Mathew's f
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4. My Regret.
Alpha Dominic's povThe moon hung high in the night sky, casting a silvery glow over the Silvermoon pack territory.From the balcony of my Alpha's quarters, I gazed out at the landscape, its serene beauty a stark contrast to the tumultuous memories that had resurfaced with a vengeance, refusing to fade into the shadows of the past.On the night of my sixteenth birthday party, it had been a momentous celebration that would forever alter the course of my life.Surrounded by the attention and adoration of my pack, I couldn't help but savor the intoxicating sense of power that came with being the Alpha's heir. The night was filled with promises, a glimpse of a future where I would lead with strength and wisdom.However, it was as though fate had a cruel twist in store for me that night. My gaze fixed on someone unexpected – Freya. She was a human, an outcast in our pack, considered a pariah because of her Omega parents. This encounter would set in motion a series of events that would chan
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5. As fate would have it.
I moved through the dense woods of the Silvercreek pack territory, an inexplicable sense of anticipation washed over me.It was as though the very air crackled with energy, and my instincts told me that something extraordinary was about to happen. The forest seemed to hold its breath in silent expectation, leaves rustling softly as if they whispered secrets to one another.In the heart of the wilderness, I heard a sound—a sweet, innocent laughter that seemed out of place amidst the solitude of the woods. My wolf stirred within me, recognizing something familiar yet distant in that sound. It was a laughter that resonated with a timeless, primal memory.Driven by a strange curiosity, I followed the source of the laughter, my senses alert to every detail. Each step I took felt like a journey through a realm of wonder and enchantment, where the vibrant green of the leaves above seemed to shimmer with ethereal light.The air was imbued with the fragrance of wildflowers and earth, enhancing
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6. A New Life.
4 years ago....The mix of vulnerability, overwhelming emotions, the weight of my struggles, the pain of grief and loss, all seemed to converge upon me at once. I found myself screaming beneath the pouring rain, feeling utterly lost with no one to talk to, consumed by a sense of being used, dumped, and devoid of purpose.As the rain came down harder, I screamed even louder, a surge of intense heat overtaking my body. Suddenly, an excruciating pain like no other coursed through me, causing me to collapse onto my knees. In that moment, the memory of my first shift flooded back to me. This sensation was similar, and as my bones began to crack, I realized that I was shifting.Moments later, I found myself in my wolf form, my white fur shimmering in the rain. A profound sense of redemption, joy, and happiness washed over me as I embraced my wolf identity for the second time.Contemplating my next move, I pondered whether I should return to my pack, torn between the memories of my past huma
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7. An Unnatural Bond.
After my shift at the clinic, I returned home, eager to see my son. However, upon entering the house, I was met with an empty space. I ventured outside and, with a keen ear, listened for my son's distinct laughter amidst the pack members.Following the sound, I spotted my son, Matthew, playing with Michael. Their laughter filled the air, creating a heartwarming atmosphere that brought immense joy to my world.I watched from a distance as Michael played with my son, Matthew. Their laughter filled the air, creating a joyful atmosphere that was impossible to ignore. Matthew's bright eyes sparkled with delight, and Michael's warm smile made my heart ache.But then, it happened. A sensation I hadn't felt in years coursed through me, a stirring deep within my soul. My wolf, ever vigilant and attuned, clawed at my consciousness, as if trying to break free. It was as if she sensed something, someone. My mate.Alpha Dominic.The intriguing revelation left me torn. While I longed to explore thi
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8. Into the Unknown.
Alpha Dominic's povAs I stepped into Oracle Sage's study, a room steeped in ancient wisdom and shadows, I felt a deep sense of admiration.The dimly lit room seemed frozen in time, its wooden bookshelves towering high, adorned with leather-bound volumes that whispered secrets of centuries gone by.Each book appeared to have a story of its own, as if they were guardians of the past, ready to reveal their ancient wisdom to those who sought it.The flickering candlelight cast dancing shadows on the pages, adding an ethereal quality to the place, like a portal to another world where the past and the future converged."Oracle Sage," I began, a tone of respect in my voice, "I have come to seek your counsel, for the path ahead is shrouded in uncertainty, and your wisdom is a guiding light."Sage's perceptive gaze, with its uncanny ability to discern truths that often-eluded others, seemed to peer into the depths of my soul. Her serene presence and the stillness of the room made me acutely a
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9. Found me.
Freya's pov"Mumma, I met a new friend today!" Matthew exclaimed with a big smile."Give Mumma a hug," I said, opening my arms. He rushed into my embrace, and I held him tightly, overwhelmed with the feeling of missing him throughout the day."Do you know how much your Mumma missed you today, Matthew?" I asked, planting a loving kiss on his cheek as he giggled in response."Yes, Mamma," he giggled, his eyes filled with the innocence of childhood.I beamed with pride, ruffling his hair. "You're such a good boy, Matthew, and Mamma is so lucky to have you.""Mumma, I made another friend today," he excitedly told me once again.I couldn't help but find it a bit strange. My son seemed more eager to share stories of his new friends than the potentially life-changing secret he harbored – his emerging supernatural abilities. I wondered when and how he had discovered these unique powers, and why he hadn't mentioned them yet.I smiled at him, my heart warming at his excitement. "Who's this new
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10. Not What I had Expected.
Frozen in shock, I couldn't budge or utter a word as his menacing growl filled the air. His massive black wolf loomed, startlingly conspicuous. How had I missed his presence, and the pressing question lingered – did he catch a glimpse of my true wolf form?A surge of awareness hit me when his eyes trailed over my body, snapping me back to reality. Swiftly, I snatched my clothes and dressed, all the while feeling the weight of his unwavering gaze. My face burned as the blunt intensity of the moment unfolded, a rush of blood adding to the surreal encounter.As he shifted back into his human form, my eyes traced the mesmerizing shift from wolf to human. I found myself captivated, taking in every nuance of the metamorphosis.Yet, before I could fully grasp the significance of the moment, a rush of self-consciousness swept over me, and I averted my gaze as he effortlessly slipped into a pair of shorts.The contours of his chest were a testament to raw strength – a canvas of stone-hard, wel
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