The Human Mated to Three

The Human Mated to Three

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Claire is a seventeen-year-old human and orphan living in foster care with her fourteen-year-old sister. She has been living in foster care since her parents died from an animal attack when she was thirteen years old and it has been hell. One day a couple comes to visit Claire claiming to have grown up with her father. They ask if she and her sister would come to live with them and she agrees thinking that once she turns eighteen she will be able to find a nice apartment for her sister but what she doesn’t know is that her life is about to change forever and she will be introduced to supernatural creatures she never thought were real. Stephen and Steven's knight are eighteen-year-old twins Alpha’s and they still haven’t found their mate. They are twins and know that they will share a mate when they find her. When their father tells them about finding his old Beta that got killed in a Rogue attack years ago daughter and that they will be moving in with them they have no idea that the older of the two is the girl they have been waiting for. But they are not her only mates their best friend Gwen smith’s mate as well. How will Claire react when she not only finds out that werewolves are real but also she is mated to three?

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270 Chapters
Chapter 1
Claire’s POVFour Years Ago( Claire 13 years old)“Mom, Dad, I made the team,” I said excitedly as I walked inside the house.I had been worried about making the dance team. My parents told me that I had nothing to worry about. “That is great, Honey. Let's go celebrate; how about we get some out to get pizza and ice cream” My mom asked.“Yes,” my little sister Jennifer and I said simultaneously. We got into my dad's car and went to the pizza place. After we ate our pizza, we went to a neighborhood ice cream shop that we always go to. I got two scoops of chocolate ice cream on an ice cream cone with sprinkles. My sister chose orange sherbert in a cup-like she always does. We sat at a table and ate happily. I talked happily about making the dance team while my parents listened with smiles on their faces. Then, suddenly, my father's face turned to one of worry. “Dad, what's wrong?” I asked “Nothing, sweetheart. I think it's time to go home,” My father said, and we all went to the c
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Chapter 2
Claire's POV Mr. and Mrs.Knight left about two hours later. They had already filed the paperwork for us to live with them, but Jennifer and I would have to wait until it was processed for us to move in with them. Luckily Mr. Knight was good friends with a judge that pulled some strings and made it where we would be able to move in with them the next day. I decided to take a shower after they left. While in the shower, I couldn't help but think about Mr. and Mrs. Knight. I wondered if I was doing the right thing, moving my sister and me into their home. They seemed like friendly people, but most of the foster families I have stayed with seemed nice as well. Don't get me wrong, many of them were nice, but some were horrible. They would put on a show in front of the nuns and social workers, but they turned into something evil once they were gone. I was also worried that I might be getting my sister's hopes up. Yes, they said that we would be welcome there as long as we wanted, but so
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Chapter 3
Claire's POV Mr. Knight took Jennifer and me to breakfast at an old diner we passed. Jennifer and I sat beside each other while Mr. Knight sat across from us in a booth. "The ride will take us about three hours to get home," Mr. Knight said, and Jennifer and I stayed quiet. The waitress came and took our order. After we had ordered our food, Mr. Knight turned to look at us. "Tanya has already enrolled the both of you in school, so you will be ready to go tomorrow," Mr. Knight said "That sounds good, Mr. Knight," I said "Please, call me Sean," he said, and I smiled at him "My daughter Stacy is the same age as you, Jennifer. I am sure you two will get along, and I have twin sons that are eighteen years old, Stephen and Steven. They are seniors just like you, Claire.," he said Jennifer and I smiled at him knowing he most likely thought we would be happy that they had children our age. He didn't know that we only had each other since our parents passed away. We didn't have any fri
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Chapter 4
Claire's POV I walked into the room where everyone ate. It was as big as a school cafeteria, with tables everywhere. There was a buffet-like setting, and everyone was in line waiting to get their food. I decided to sit at a table with Jennifer and Stacy until the line died down. "There they are; let me introduce you to Claire and Jennifer," I heard Tanya say. I looked up and saw Tanya walking over to our table with the same twins that were outside the house. There was one more person with them, a girl that looked to be my age. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and something about her made me feel weird inside. I couldn't explain the feelings I was feeling for her. Like I couldn't explain what I was feeling for the twins. I had always been attracted to guys but never girls. I felt like I was crushing not only on the twins but their best friend, who is a female as well. "Claire and Jennifer, these are my sons Stephen and Steven and their best friend Gwen," Tanya said
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Chapter 5
Claire's POVI was woken by my alarm clock the next morning. It was going to be Jennifer and my first day at school. Thankfully, we were only a month into the school year, so we should be able to catch up if needed. I wasn't worried about myself. I was an honor roll student and a quick learner. However, Jennifer needed extra reading help because of her dyslexia. She wasn't dumb and very good at math and science; she just didn't read at the level she should.I got out of bed and went to the attached bathroom in my room. I had never had my own bathroom before and was very happy that I wouldn't have to share it with anyone. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and hair, and got dressed in a pair of my old blue jeans and a blue t-shirt. I put on my old pair of Nikes that were a size too small and then left my room and knocked on Jennifer's door. Jennifer was coming out of the bathroom when I walked in. She was wearing the same thing I was except her t-shirt was pink. "You ready for school?
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Chapter 6
Claire's POV"You know if you keep smiling like that, Mr. Tucker is going to think you are high or something," I heard the boy say beside me."What," I asked, confused."You have been smiling all through class and the last, and unless you really love Spanish, you must be smiling for another reason," He said "I am just in a good mood," I saidI have been happy since Gwen told me she is not with the guy I saw last night. She also told me that Stephen broke up with that Monica bitch, which made me happier. I haven't been able to stop thinking about Gwen and the Twins and don't understand why I am feeling this way about three people I don't even know."My name is Justin," The guy next to me said"Claire," I replied"I know, everyone knows. We don't normally get new students around here," "I can tell," I repliedThe Spanish teacher gave us a study sheet to do for the rest of the class because we had a quiz on Friday. I couldn't concentrate on the sheet because I couldn't stop thinking of
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Chapter 7
Claire's POVAfter lunch, I walked with Christy to the gym. I was still feeling a little pain in my chest from seeing Stephen leave the cafeteria with Monica, but I tried to focus on Christy talking to me about some boy she liked that was in the same gym class as us. Apparently, he is friends with the twins, and she has had a crush on him for years. I could tell that Christy and I were going to be good friends. Once we made it to the gym, Christy took me to the gym teacher Mr. Summers. "Hey, Mr. Summers, this is Claire, the new student," Christy said"Hi Claire, we are happy to have you and your sister here. Go pick your s gym uniform out from over there, and then you two go change," he said, and I picked out my uniform.We went into the girl's locker room and changed into our uniforms. I could feel someone staring at me while I was putting on my gym shirt. I turned around and saw Gwen staring at me. Her once blue eyes were black. I felt myself becoming hot, my core becoming wet fro
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Chapter 8
Stephen's POV "We will make sure we have ten of our warriors at your Pack by tomorrow morning," I told Alpha Brent from the South Pack. They were one of the four packs with which we at the Crescent Pack had a treaty. "Thanks, Alpha Stephen and Alpha Steven,"' Alpha Brent said, and we went our separate ways. My twin brother Steven and I are the Alphas of the Crescent Pack. My father handed the title over to us when we were sixteen. Usually, a Werewolf doesn't become Alpha until they turn eighteen, but my father had health problems, so my brother and I took over for him. My brother and I rushed to the car, ready to get to school. "Hurry up, brother," Steven said, and I looked over at him with a smirk "Someone is eager to get to school today,"' I said "I am not the only one ready to get there. We need to hurry up Gwen is already there with her," Steven said, annoyed and making me drive faster. Steven and I have always suspected that we would share a Mate. We are identical twin
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Chapter 9
Steven's POV "I can't believe he would leave with that bitch," Gwen said Stephen has always let his anger get the best of him. Seeing our Mate laughing at what that pup Jake was saying pissed him off. Instead of thinking straight, my brother let his anger get the best of him and left with Monica. I just hoped he didn't do anything that he would regret later. Gwen and I were also pissed that she was laughing with them, but we were more in control of our emotions. Claire wasn't a wolf and would never be one. Her father was a werewolf and Beta until he met his Mate, that was a human. When his Mate got pregnant and had a girl, he decided that the werewolf world was too dangerous for his daughter and Mate. When a werewolf has a child with a human, the baby will have a fifty percent chance of having a wolf if it is male. If the baby is female, there is no chance she will have a wolf. We knew that Claire would never have a wolf, and I didn't care about that. All I wanted was her, and s
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Chapter 10
Gwen's POV "What happened?" Sally asked as we walked into her office "She was hit with a dodgeball in gym," Steven said as he placed Claire on the bed Sally went over and checked to make sure that Claire was okay. As she worked on her, I was worried that Monica might have hurt her badly. Monica used her werewolf strength when she threw that ball at her. Claire is human, and that could cause her serious harm. When I first saw Claire, I knew she was my Mate. I was shocked when I found out that she was also Stephen and Steven's Mate as well. In the end, we all agreed that we were okay with sharing Claire as long as she was okay with it. We just wanted her to be happy and protected. I never told anyone that I was into girls. My father would kill me if he knew I was into girls. My father was Steven and Stephen's father's Beta after Claire's dad moved away. I am his only child, and because I am a girl, he asked James to take over his Beta position. When Stephen and Steven's grandfather
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