Hooked up
Hooked up
Author: Lauretta

Chapter 1

As the alarm went off, i struggled to get out of bed

"Arrgh" i groaned as i checked the time it's still 6,o'clock, well i have to be at work by 7-30am. I walked into the bathroom to do my business after i was done i went to check on my sister. She's not a morning person.

" Lily! Lily!!

"please keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep here" she said

"well i have work to do ma'am so i suggest you walk into that bathroom and get ready"

I walked into my closest and brought out a blue skirt that hugged my curves and a white shirt , i tied my my hair into ponytail and wore my flats.

" Lily!! Lily!! I called out again

Lily of the valley!!, i saw her peep from her room

" Don’t you dare call me that" she glared at me.

" Please get ready my sweet sweet sister, i Don’t want to be late.

" Wait!!

i haven't introduced myself, my name is Emily Cole I'm 22years old I currently stay in New York. I'm from seattle and my sister stays with me, her name is Lilian she's 17 years old . My parents stay in Seattle. I'm a "mummy's girl" while my sister is Daddy's princess. I'm 5'4 "curvaliciously" curvy well i have curves in the right places, oh yeah i am beautiful my family says that alot. I'm a brunette with long flowing hair.

"Emily, stop talking to yourself and let's get going" i heard Lily say.

i grabbed my bag and headed out, i kissed her goodbye as we went our different places. I took a taxi to my work place. I work at Richardson's enterprise it's one of the biggest companies in New York.

"ma'am we are here" i got out and paid the taxi as i went in

" good morning george" I greeted the security 

"good morning Ms Cole"

i walked in and went to my space(Lol) it's actually my office i work with Mr Brandon as his Assistant, I haven't seen thr Boss boss before but I haven't missed the rumors in the office. I got settled to work on the files i have but decided to get coffee.i walked into the kitchen to get coffee

"Milllyy" i heard as i turned back

"oh my god Susan, you almost gave me an heart attack" i told her

"oh stop whining, have you heard the latest news" she said with ao much excitement 

i rolled my eyes, "what is the latest news ma'am " i asked sarcastically.

"well Damien and Angela broke up"

"uh-uh who is Damien and Angela" i asked

"god Mily, you're such a lady well Damien is your boss while angela is the model he went out with three days back.

And you're telling me this because??

Suzzy i have loads of work waiting for me 

I'll talk to you later i said as I walked away with my coffee.

As I walked back to my office to complete the work given to me by mr Brandon i heard some noise and i peeped out to see the most gorgeous man I've ever seen , I could tell he was angry but even at that he was beautiful 

With his black hair, chiseled jaw, full brows and the light brown eyes perfectly structured nose and lets not get started on the lips. He is the definition of perfection 

He was about 6'3 tall, i could see his perfect abs as his white shirt hung of them for dear life( this man is sexy to the core)

Lucky shirt I thought to myself 

He looked towards my direction and beckoned on me to come with his fingers

I gently and quietly walked towards him

Who do you work for  he asked?

I work for Mr Brandon as his secretary sir i said

Okay you should do, grab your things and follow me, you'll be my new P.A he said

I was shocked , I'll be the P.A to this outrageously handsome man, I'll gladly take it,but who is he?

I snapped out of my thoughts to see Mr Brandon stuttering beside this man

Y-e-ss Mr Richardson 

Wait what!!!

This is Damien Richardson I screamed in my head

Oh my ice cream, i am going to be the P.A to this insanely gorgeous man.

I hurriedly grabbed things and followed him like a lost puppy

Getting to his floor 

Ann! He called o

Show miss....he looks at me for my name

Emily Cole i said to him.

Show miss Cole to her office and brief her on her responsibilities he said to her and turned to me. When you're done see me in my office and he left

I can outrightly say "Ann" doesn't like me for reasons best known to her, i was shown my office and told my responsibilities after i was done i knocked on Mr Handsome's office. I heard a faint come in everything in there was speaking money money.

Mr Richardson was sitting on his desk working on his computer already, not even bothering to look up. I walked towards him and placed the cup of coffee on his desk and he looked up at me.

   He takes a sip of the coffee and said. Take these files and work on them, place a call through to Russet industries and get the date for the meeting. I also need you to send roses to Angela Newman ask Ann for the details dismissing me with a wave.

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