Chapter 2

Mr Richardson was sitting on his desk working on his computer already, not even bothering to look up. I walked towards him and placed the cup of coffee on his desk and he looked up at me.

   He takes a sip of the coffee and said. Take these files and work on them, place a call through to Russet industries and get the date for the meeting. I also need you to send roses to Angela Newman ask Ann for the details dismissing me with a wave.

Rude much(not even a thank you)

I strode out of his office to ask Ann where I should send the flowers to, after i got the information i went back into my office to complete my work, my mind still wandered at why Damien was sending Angela roses.

Time went by quickly and it was lunch break. I grabbed my lunch and went to Susan's office 

Hey suzzy, watcha'doing?

I'm about leaving for lunch she said.

We went to the kitchen and sat down

 suzzy, how about we meet up for girls night this weekend at my place, its been long.

Sure no problem she replied 

Umm...Susan, I thought you said Damien and Angela broke up. I asked

Yeah why? She asked while munching on her burger.

Because he asked me to get flowers delivered to her.

Oh yeah, he probably needs her again 

She sighs and says "men will always be men", but why are you asking?

Nothing, just since you told me they broke up and now i am to deliver flowers to her, thats just it.

   We finished eating and went back to work, i got a call on the intercom.

Yes sir, I'll be there.

I stood up and knocked on his door and i heard a come in. He was on a call and was furious at the receiver, he puts the call down and looks at me.

Ms Cole, we will be traveling to London  for a meeting, make yourself available you need to be there as my P.A

L-oo-ndon I stuttered.

Yes Ms Cole, do you have a problem with London?

I shook my head viciously 

Use your words Ms Cole he said looking at me.

No sir, I don't have a problem with London.

Good, we leave tomorrow from work, pack appropriate clothes, I don't like to be embarrassed. You're dismissed.

    I walked out of his office and into mine, i took a deep breathe and decided to see Susan.

I walked into her office and sat down.

Susan, I'll be going to London with Mr Richardson tomorrow, please please please can Lily stay with you till i get back. I know it's short notice but I'll make it up to you please.

Calm down Mily, I'll gladly let Lily stay, you don't have anything to worry about uhn. Now about your trip with "Mr hot stuff'

Not now Susan ,  it's mainly for work. Don't get any idea into that head of yours, I'll head back to my office. Thank you again.

Don't mention it, but you're still not free from the other conversation she said.

I laughed as i walked back to my office

The day went by quickly and i took a taxi back home.

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