Chapter 5

We ended up watching sponge bob with Lily.

" i need to sleep now, don't stay up too late Lily. You have school tomorrow i stood up to leave", goodnight Susan.

I walked into my room and drowned myself on my bed and drifted to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to someone pulling me

" wake up Emily, wake the fuck up"

I opened my eyes to see Susan pulling my arm

"Argh...Susan what have i done to deserve this", i groaned as i got dragged out of bed.

"Stand up lazy ass, you slept half of the day away"

" I opened my eyes wider, whats the time" i asked her

"Well sleeping beauty, the time is 2pm" she answered sarcastically 

" I guess i was really tired then, alright let 

me freshen up i will meet you downstairs

I walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth also have my bath, i walked into my closet and picked a blue high-waist jean and crop top, put on my white sneakers

, curled my hair and put on a light makeup. I went downstairs and saw Susan putting on the white off shoulder dress i got for her.

"Dayum..Susan if i were a guy I'd totally hit on you" i winked at her

"I know right, like who can resist all of these", she said dramatically touching her body.

" hahahah you're funny, are you through let's get moving."

We got into my car and made our way into the cinema. We settled for JEXI, while watching I excused myself to use the restroom. After doing my business I bumped into someone.

" oh I'm so sorry " i took a step backward and looked up to see who i had bumped into. I looked at the man whose green eyes were staring back at me, he had a brown hair he was good looking. He smiled at me showing his perfect dentition.

"Its not a problem miss", he had a British accent.

I smiled back and moved for him to pass, i went back into the theatre and watched the rest of the movie, when it was done

Myself and Susan went out to eat, we were talking until I bumped into someone again.

"Oh shoot, I'm so sorry " i said to the stranger.

"Are you okay Mily? Susan asked

" you seem to have an habit of bumping into me" the stranger said

" I looked up to see a familiar green eyes staring at me..

" oh the hot guy with the accent" I exclaimed 

" i see I already have a name" he said smirking 

"Please tell me I didn't say that out loud" i said totally embarrassed 

"Well I'm afraid you did" he said with a smile on his face.

" won't you introduce me" Susan chirped in 

" sorry.. umm Susan meet British guy, British guy meet my best friend Susan" He shake's her hand and smile.

"As much as i would love to be called 'British guy' my name is Oliver, how about you?

" my name is Emily" i said smiling back at him.

" okay Emily, if you don't mind I'd like to have your number " he brought out his phone and i gave him my number.

" i have to leave Oliver, but i hope we see some other time" i said grabbing Susan's hand.

" See you soon Emily and Susan" he walked away.

" stop gawking at him Susan"

"Aww but he's so dreamy, where did you meet him"?

" you're drooling young lady, i met him when i went to the restroom during the movie. I was coming back in and bumped into him.

"Isn't he worth drooling over, oh yeah i saw that he was totally checking you out"

" isn't that good? and he's fine as hell, I don't mind it"

" hahahah so little miss Emily has it in her" she said winking at me.

" please keep that for your man", said while walking towards the car.

We got into the car and drove off, I dropped Susan off at her place.

" thanks Mily, i love you "

"I love you too bish" i drove off to my apartment and walked in.


" Stop yelling" she walked out of her room

" I'm not yelling, i was just calling out your name, how was your day?

" it was fine , i can see you had so much fun today, I'm going back to sleep and yes i already packed a few clothes for the weekend" she said.

" yes, i booked our tickets already, we leave by 9am tomorrow, Goodnight pumpkin.

" i walked into my room and pulled my clothes off, had my bath wore my pyjamas and packed a few clothes.

The next morning i woke up to a super excited Lily.

"Alright madame, get ready we leave in an hour" i said to her

"I walked into my bathroom to have my bath. My thoughts went back to Oliver,I haven't gotten any message from him. I shrugged it off " maybe he's busy.

I finished having my bath and walked into my closest, I settled for a shirt-gown and sneakers, i tied my hair into a low bun and did a nude makeup also sprayed my cologne.

Myself and Lily got into a cab and went off to the airport. Our flight had been delayed so we stayed at the waiting area.

" fancy seeing you here Ms Cole" i could never misplace that voice. My body responds to that voice, i turned back to see him looking as handsome as ever. He was putting on a grey sweatshirt and black joggers.

" Hello sir" i stood up to greet him.

He smiled at me and my knees went weak ( okay that's a first )

" W-what are you doing here sir" I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked.

" it's fine Ms Cole I'm going to Seattle but  my flight got delayed, i couldn't go in my jet as it needs fixing, how about you" ? He asked.

"I'm going to Seattle too, my mom asked me to come see her.

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Kristina LaPratt
So Good I cant stop reading it and its making me wet...
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very beautiful story quite captivating

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