Chapter 4

I took the elevator to the ground floor, got into the taxi and went shopping, i got a few things for Susan and Lily including myself. Shopping is fun for me.

I went to a restaurant to eat, i had my food and took a taxi back to the hotel. I collected my keys from the receptionist and walked towards the elevator.

I meet Mr Richardson by the elevator going to his room i guess,

Good evening sir i greeted him

Good evening Ms Cole.

He takes a look at the bags in my hands and chuckled " ladies and shopping "

We walked into the elevator together.

By the way you look beautiful he said while his eyes raked my body.

T-ha-nk y-ou sir. My cheeks were already pink, we stepped out of the elevator and walked towards our room.

Have a goodnight Ms Cole

Goodnight sir i said as I stepped into my room.

I dropped the bags on the floor

"My boss just told me i'm beautiful, its not a big deal right?"

"Why am I feeling this way"?

"Why is my heart beating so fast"?

Calm down Emily, it's not the first time someone calls you beautiful so why is this different.

I changed my clothes and went to bed.

The next day I had my bath and cross checked my things. My phone starts ringing.

Hello sir

Ms Cole, I'm at the Lobby meet me there, we are leaving now.

Okay sir.

I took my bags to meet him at the lobby .

Okay first time i see him putting on casual clothes.

No big deal right? (Heck yeah) its a frigging big deal.

He looks heavenly 

I snapped out of my thoughts when i heard his voice.

Ms Cole, lets go. I followed him immediately as we got into the car to the Airport.

We checked in , another 7hour flight with Mr hot stuff.

    I checked my phone for messages from Susan or Lily. No messages from either of them . An air hostess came and I ordered for coffee. She came back few minutes later with it, i took a sip of it and turned to see Mr Richardson asleep. I guess someone didn't sleep well last night, I chuckled in my mind and finished my coffee a few minutes later i drifted to sleep.

I woke up to the announcement of us landing, i saw that Mr Richardson was awake.

We landed and got out.

Ms Cole, where are you going to so i can give the driver directions to your apartment, i made a call through to Susan.

Hey suzzy, i just got back do you think you can drop Lily off at home please?

No problem Emily, I'll drop her off we will see you soon

Okay babes, see you at home.

The driver pulls up at my driveway 

I turned to Mr Richardson, thank you very much sir.

Not a problem Ms Cole, you have tomorrow off so don't bother coming to work.

Okay sir, thank you sir i said as i got out of the car.  I watched as his car sped off and i walked to my apartment.

I walked into my apartment to see Susan and Lily waiting for me.

Emily!! I missed you so much, Lily exclaimed while hugging me 

*laughing* i missed you too pumpkin I replied kissing her forehead.

"Aww isn't this such a beautiful sight, Susan said with an evil smirk on her face"

No no no suzzy, don't do... I couldn't complete my sentence as we were all thrown on the floor.

Ow! Susan why must you behave like a baby i said getting up from the floor

What?? You left me out of the equation, what did you think huh?

So you decided to play "best friend " kills two sisters in their home right?

I fell lazily on the couch.

Stop whining and tell me about your trip

What happened?

Why was he dropping you off?

Did you meet anyone?

Okay calm down Susan, why aren't you at work?

Oh that, i took a week leave at least I deserve that. So I'm waiting for my answers.

The trip was good, i got you and Lily somethings

No, nothing happened 

He dropped me off because I didn't have a car to pick me up

No I didn't meet anyone 

And now are you satisfied i asked her while standing up

Lilian can you order for Chinese food, i can really use that and a shower. I'll be in my room getting clean, my credit card is in my bag when you want to pay. See ya ladies

I walked into my room and jumped on my bed.

   Oh how I've missed you baby, i took off my clothes and reminisced on the time Damien told me i was beautiful.

Ah-Ah i caught you. Susan said grinning at me like a mad woman.

god Susan, what do you want? I asked as i wore my robe.

Well i just caught you daydreaming now I'm certain something happened so spill it.

Damien called me beautiful, its not a big deal i shrugged

Oh my goodness, he did? Well he has to be blind or stupid not to see it.

So thats all she asked raising her eyebrows.

Okay he might have caught me checking him out.

"She gasped, you didn't"

"Yes I did "

Emily, so you're totally smitten right?

No sis, he's attractive but thats just it, don't put ideas into my head ma'am. So get up and check on Lily for me i said shooing her away before she could reply me.

I showered and changed my clothes to something really comfortable and went downstairs, i saw Lily on a call and she handed me the phone.

Umm..hello i said , i heard my mom's voice

Hey mama, i miss you so much I whined into the phone.

I miss you too darling, you didn't tell me you were going to London.

Yes mama, it was an impromptu trip, but I'm back now. How are you and dad doing?

Oh I'm fine sweetie, as for your dad, he's been his overprotective self, when he heard you went to London. He wouldn't stop whining about it.

No I wasn't, i heard my dad's voice in the background.

Yes you did Enrique, you wouldn't let me sleep because of how worried you were my mom said back to him.

You're just exaggerating rose, i heard my dad say

I shook my head, they were acting like babies.

Mom it's fine, let dad be.

Before you go Emily, its been long i saw you and your sister. Do you think you guys can come this weekend?

Okay mama, we will come this weekend. I love you mom

I love you too sweetie.

I cut the call and handed the phone back to Lily , young lady we are going to see our parents this weekend i told her.

Yaay I've missed them so much she said

I smiled back at her, okay so where is the Chinese food i asked?

Susan brought everything and we started eating.

Susan are you staying over? I have a free day tomorrow. Lets go watch a movie

Yes I'm sleeping here and we can go, besides i have to launch the dress you got for me, it's totally sexy.

Ha-ha-ha yeah I figured you'd love it, so tomorrow then, Lily you would be at school and you have your key just incase i get back late i said.

I couldn't update yesterday 

I hope you enjoy this chapter 

Thank you all. G

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