House Of Zeus

House Of Zeus

By:  Dianaalex45  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hayley stumbled upon a video sent to her by an anonymous sender, with just the descriptions of : Mount Olympia, Home of gods, House of Zeus. After few persuasions from her friend, she decides to go check it out. And she gets double the trouble. A long time ago, after the battle of heaven and the Underworld, Zeus and the other gods descended to earth, to keep, guide, and stop Hades from waging wars on the mortals. Their fights, jealousy and bickering doesn't stop on Mount Olympus, even on Earth, they're still the same. And Hayley gets caught up in the middle of it all. After getting struck by Zeus's lightning bolt. Greed, lust, Anger and jealousy comes with the gods on Mount Olympia, in Golden City.

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enjoying this book so far. is there any socmed to discuss your story further?
2021-07-21 18:43:02
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Crystal Reyes
so far so good
2020-12-04 17:59:17
19 Chapters
I watched as the other gods hurriedly moved around the Mansion. Zeus, the father of the gods, and Hera, his wife emerged from the doorway in all their glory and might. His majestic outfit shone like pure gold, and his chest-length beard, swept freely along his neck. His waist length, white hair brightened the room.Hera wore a similar gold outfit, she had an Halo crown on, and her lips formed a thin line. Trust hera to always look serious, like breakfast was a battlefield.We all made two straight rows, letting them walk in the middle, like we did on Mount Olympus, when they'd arrived to sit on their throne.Here wasn't Olympus, and here wasn't a kingdom, or a castle. We'd strongly advised against him erecting a castle on Mount Olympia, as he'd named it. It wasn't a replica of Olympus, but, the Mansion was decorated to look more like a palace.Zeus's chair at the dining table was made in a more throne-like manner. And, his favorite c
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THREE DAYS AGO, BEFORE APOLLO AND ZEUS'S BICKERING.★★★★"wake up sleepy head" Zara's voice woke me, as she cooed, running her fingers through her brown sugar short fringe hair. Her mahogany eyes sparkled with excitement and a hint of amusement.Her brown skin glowed under the dimly lit room. She wore jeans and a plain white shirt. She sat on the chair in the room.I stretched out like a cat, yawning, as I tossed the sheets off, pushing my hair out of my face, before sitting up. She opened the windows, lifting the curtains, allowing rays of sunshine in."Good morning Zara.""You know you have a lot of work to do today." She said excitedly."Work? Nobody views our vlog." I said. We've been vlogging for almost six months now and it's been useless."Yass they do girl! Remember that video you got anonymously? That video of gods living on mount
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Artemis P.O.V
Hera sprang up from her knees, as if sensing something, she looked towards us, as she exclaimed, " Zeus, you've killed a mortal!".We all gasped at Hera's words. Zeus's angers tended to do more harms than good, we all rushed out of the mansion, except Zeus and Poseidon. and there she was, sprawled on the ground, lifeless. Apollo knelt beside her, after some assessment, he turned towards us."She's cold. It struck her heart. She's d-" before he could finish his words, Aphrodite clasped a hand on his lips."Don't say it!""Take her inside" Hera ordered.Apollo lifted her off the ground, as he walked back inside. He took her to Zeus who sat in his room. I could see the guilt in his eyes. He killed this innocent mortal anyways."This is the mortal you killed." Apollo said, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.Zeus gestured his hand towards the bed, and Apollo
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The lightning bolts
Hayley's P.O.VHe reached out his hand, and I took it, he gently pulled me off the bed, as he spoke,"I must have killed you without intending to, my apologies for that. The lightning bolts weren't meant for you, but for that blabbermouth." He said, pointing towards the guy with golden–red eyes. "I'm Zeus, welcome to my house."I couldn't contain my laughter, and he stared at me, cocking a brow. "Seriously? I thought I was dead, but, this joke is way too funny. Zeus? You're Zeus?"A woman who hadn't spoken since walked towards me, she wore a white lace dress and her eyes were silver? Her hair an inky black. Her skin pale beige, like the rest of them."I'll take it from here, father." Her marvelous voice held secrets untold.He nodded and moved back. "Hi, I'm Artemis. I know this is hard to believe, but, you're not dead. And like he
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Hayley's P.O.V
After Artemis had shown me the nooks and crannies of Mount Olympia, and the mansion, she took me to her room. Her room was well furnished, and had several paintings of wild animals. There was an opening which made the roof a see-through.You could see the skies through it. Her room was decorated with white and silver. Her queen sized bed, had a silver bedspread on it."What would you like to eat?" She asked.I didn't have any appetite for food, I was too excited to, I was in a whole new world, a whole new level, and a whole new reality—with gods."I'm not really hungry. But I'll let you know once I do.""Okay. I'd leave you to freshen up. I'd bring you some clothes. There are some fresh towels in the closet." She said with a smile, before walking out.I walked to the closet, taking off my clothes, before wrapping up the towel. The door swung open, and I walked toward
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Aphrodite's P.O.VI walked out of the house, riding my chariots pulled by sparrows, of course I could be seen by humans, but I had another route, besides, I couldn't be seen if I was way up in the sky.After getting to my secret hideout in the city, I headed towards my car, it was time to do things the human way. This hideout was only for my car, and chariot. Thankfully, Poseidon gifted me this car, two years ago.Once I'd driven far into the city, I had to stop, after the traffic lights hit red. A bike pulled up beside me, and the rider had an helmet on. A familiar feeling hit me. I'd noticed his skin was too pale for a human, his black shoulder-length hair had perfect red streaks. As I stared at the broad-shouldered guy with leather jacket, on the bike, I didn't know the lights were green now, and he rode away.Suddenly, it dawned on me. This was Golden
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Find me!
We both remained there, in the same position, panting from our little episode of sexercise. After a minute of raving breaths, he pulled out of me. Lifting me off the ground, I gasped in surprise."What now?" I asked with a grin."I can't seem to get enough. But I don't want to take you here." He said with the seduction tone back in his voice."So, where would you like to take me?" I asked, giggling." My bedroom. " He said winking, " but first, let's get you cleaned up."We headed towards the bathroom, and he helped me get out of the rest of the clothes I had on, while I helped him too. We locked lips in a passionate kiss, he lifted me up with our lips still entwined. We barely made it to the bathroom before he took me again.We slept on his bed cuddled, he spooned me, and I could feel his hot breath on my back. It's been almost an hour and we'd taken each other in wild wa
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They all repeated the name like it was a spell to be chanted."Alright, Hayley. How did you find this place? It's been hidden, from mortals."How was I supposed to tell them I had found this place with clues from a video. If I did, I might have to tell them I came to make videos of them, to expose them to the world. They might not like that. What if It makes Zeus angry again and he zaps me? I might not be lucky enough to survive another lightning bolt! I had to think of something else. " Oh! I- I can't really remember why I was at the mountain, I-" I grabbed my head in my hands, squeezing my eyes shut. As if trying to force out an imaginary memory."I just remember resting, and someone showing me the way here. I can't really remember why I came here. Or how"Apollo walked towards me, he patted my back as he spoke with a soothing voice,"Do not force yourself to remember. You m
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"What the –" I huffed in exasperation."Don't bother yourself with him. You're under my protection. He'll do nothing" Artemis said."That god is definitely a Looney." I scoffed.She burst out laughing. I stared at her surprised Artemis could laugh at me calling her uncle a Looney. Well, I guess nearly everyone despised Poseidon. Finally she stopped laughing."Let's go to my room then, while we await Aphrodite's return." 🧜‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️Artemis took me to her closet, and she made room for my stuffs while I'd stayed. As she opened a section of the closet, I couldn't help but stare wide eyed at it, there was a part of it stocked up with designer shoes. And another part of it with clothes and bags from famous brands. She just smiled when she saw my expression. As she opened anot
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Love struck
"of course. The most fairest of them all. The most beautiful. Only she is capable of mothering a god of perfection!" He spoke, with lots of pride in his voice." Wait, I thought Apollo was the perfect male figure? And 'mothering?' that sounds funny. " I said."Humph. I don't think you know the meaning of perfection. Perfection is love. It's sex. It's the relieve you get after coming back from a stressful work. Good sex is perfection. And there are no sexual desires without me. Imagine there were no sexual desires, this world would have been a boring place for all ye mortals." He paused, then eyed Artemis wearily,"Though, I kind of pity those who reject the sexual desires, and stay untouched. I see them as hypocrites who fail to appreciate the gift that has been given to them by me. I mean, what use are your body organs if you don't use them. You cannot even experience the joy of a good orgasm." He said and I could hear the disgust
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