Mr. CEO, I Was Forced To Be Your Wife!

Mr. CEO, I Was Forced To Be Your Wife!

By:  Precious Crown  Updated just now
Language: English
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Annelise never expected to be forced into a marriage with a man like him. He was feared, wealthy, and had a reputation that made even the bravest cower. But her father's struggling business and her sick mother in the hospital left her with no choice but to marry Ethan Harrington - even if it meant sacrificing her own happiness. Little did she know, waking up in bed with her husband's stepbrother, Ken would come back to haunt her Now that she's found out she's pregnant with a baby, she decides to keep it a secret and elope after four months. As secrets begin to dissolve itself within the family and tension rises between the couples, What would happen if her husband discovered the truth about her secret pregnancy? When confronted with the revelation of her mother's illness, which threatens to shatter the very core of their relationship, will she opt for vengeance or embrace love?

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Author Qietah
This is the best story I've read so far. It's not only exceptional. It's relatable, and filled with emotions. Keep it up, author.
2024-06-07 22:19:39
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Payson Muse
You don't have to fight it already, Ethan... just say you love her!... Good character development, I'll recommend
2024-06-07 19:26:17
user avatar
Precious Crown
To my lovely readers... Please drop your likes and comments on this book. I promise you an amazing read...️
2024-06-06 23:35:59
143 Chapters
Chapter 1
Annelise's POVThe tension in the car was so thick that I felt like I could cut it with a knife. I looked beside me to my father, who had been silent since we got into the car. He refused to tell me where we were headed to, and it was killing me. It annoyed the hell out of me to be ignored, but there was nothing I could do right now than to be patient. I dragged down the almost naked dress I was forced to wear by my stepmother.The car finally stopped in front of a huge house like a mansion, and my father stepped outside. I knew I couldn’t stay back in the car, so I got out and was hit by the cold evening air of New York. The area was a place I was not familiar with, and with the houses lined up, one could easily tell that only rich folks live in the neighborhood. I wondered why I was here since my father had made sure I was useless when it comes to the family’s company or, should I say, my mother’s company?I followed my dad as the car was taken away by the valet. The giant oak doo
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Chapter 2
Ken’s POVThe sudden scream woke me up. The bitch has one hell of a lung. Who the hell was she? She looked up at me with innocent eyes. She was in one of my shirts and was in my bed! Who the hell is she? Did I bring home one of the whores? I had always been careful with that.The party yesterday was already too much for me, and now I have to wake up with this.“Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here?” I snapped at her.She looked angry for a second there. Who dared? She was about to open her mouth to say something apart from her nasty screams when the door opened, and the person who walked in was no other than my grandmother. I know she loves me, but to say she wants to marry me off to the next available female was alarming.This was bad. Grandma took a look at the half-naked female and turned to me. “You are getting married this time around; you are not escaping it.”I rolled my eyes and reached for a shirt to put on. “What?”“I am not getting married to her, grandmother,”
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Chapter 3
Annelise’s POVI still could not believe what has happened. How could my father leave me there in a stranger's house? I was lucky enough to leave there peacefully. Then I remembered the way the guy Ken called me a whore. My blood boiled as I made my way inside the house. I secretly opened the door to my room with the intention of awakening no trouble, only for me to bump into Anastasia,“Where have you been all night, you mutt? Have you started seeing a man now?" My stepsister Anastasia, who was just two years older than me, asked.I stopped and turned to her. So she didn't know what was going on? “Why do you care?” “Don't even think of running away. I have people keeping an eye on you.” My father interjected And I stared at him in surprise. So it was intentional? “What do you mean, father? Did you plan on leaving me at the party from the start?” I asked as my voice was tinged with annoyance.“You should get ready for your wedding with the Harringtons” he added“There will be no wed
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Chapter 4
Ethan's POVI was pissed off, and the visitor in front of me was not helping my temper at all. I just found out that a fraud was working in my office, and a lot of money had gone down the drain. Instead of getting the cops involved with the case, I only fired her; she should be gone. That would serve as a lesson to others. The next person I catch in such an act will be sued. And this was not the time to be caught in such a lawsuit, with Ken sniffing around and my grandmother’s hawk eyes on all I do.She has been looking for a way to get Ken married, and Ken has been sidestepping all her efforts. Soon enough, she would focus her attention on me, and before she chooses who I should marry, I would pick out a suitable bride for myself, even if it has to be by contract or arranged marriage. No strings attached, just the way I want it. I have no time to deal with love-related issues.“What about in two weeks' time?” I suggested, my attention on Mr. Simon, who looked tensed. I hope he was no
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Chapter 5
★A Day Before The Wedding★ Annelise’s POV I could still remember how I couldn't get enough of him. My mind was blank; I was not in my right sense of mind. I must have been under the influence of a hard drug to have lost my virginity to a total stranger that night at the Harrington's mansion. I knew I lost it as I could still feel the pain between my thighs. I jotted awake in my bed back at home. I started to think about how I should have known that my father was up to no good when he told me we were going out that night for business. I thought he would stop making my life miserable since I was not of any good to him. I came down from my bed to the bathroom to clean up my messed up face, tomorrow I'll be married to Ethan Harrington. I hid my red face with layers of makeup that my friend Esther helped me with. She has no idea of the reason why I had been crying for weeks now. Even I myself am confused about the direction of my tears. Was it because I lost my first kiss, my virginity
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Chapter 6
Annelise’s POV"Mrs. Harrington, are you with us?" a voice broke through my grogginess as I slowly opened my eyes, trying to focus on the unfamiliar surroundings."What happened to me, doc?" I asked, my head throbbing badly. I could deduce that was the doctor with the white coat and the stethoscope around his neck.The doctor leaned over me, checking my vitals. "You fainted during your wedding ceremony. But that's not the only thing you need to know," he said, handing over the test results to me.My eyes widened as I opened and read the content of the test results with shaky hands. Without even reading the contents of the result, I could feel that it wasn't something nice.On reading it, however, I was met with the biggest shock of my life."What is this?" I gasped."This is not possible," I said to the doctor, looking up to him with trembling lips.This has to be a joke; there's no way that is possible. I hadn't even had sex with anyone.My hazy mind must have made me forget that I h
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Chapter 7
Annelise's POVShit! How do I always manage to get myself in trouble, no matter how much I try to stay hidden?Ken spun around, his eyes blazing with anger. "Our little bride, why do you always find yourself in an unwanted place?" He moved closer to me menacingly.Ethan quickly stepped in, his fists balled up at his sides. "Anastasia, what do you think you're doing?" he demanded.Ken sneered at him. "I asked you a question." He pushed me forcefully to the ground, making me cry out in pain as I held my hand to my stomach protectively.I braced myself for a punch to the face, but Ethan intercepted Ken with a swift punch to his face."Leave the poor girl alone, Ken," Ethan growled, his eyes ablaze with anger. "You wouldn't want to drag her into your mess."Ken let out a devilish smile. "My mess? Well, I'll let this slide, but you know I always get whatever I want," he said before striding out of the room.I watched in shock as Ken left, my heart pounding in my chest violently. I was now
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Chapter 8
Annelise's POVA loud bang abruptly cut off the peaceful state I was in. My eyes opened in fright as I jumped off the unfamiliar bed I was sleeping on.I looked at the door to see, oh well, my husband. He looked nothing like the man I saw first two weeks ago and the one on the wedding day.His appearance was so rough that one would have mistaken him for another person.“Why are you staring at me that way?" He asked, almost growling.I looked away immediately, looking at the ground instead as though they were some interesting piece.I heard a door in the room open and close. I didn't even know what the room looked like since I barely saw the room before I cried myself to sleep last night.The room was really huge; it could pass for two and a half of my former room.The designs were just basic; one would have thought how huge and grand the room looked would mean the designs were beautiful and a lot.I was still admiring the room when the door from before opened again, and Ethan stepped
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Chapter 9
Annelise's POVMy heart missed a beat as I remembered the last time I saw her, which was practically yesterday but feels like ages.“She's waiting downstairs, what should I tell her?" She said, looking down at the loose gown I had on.“Uh, I'll just freshen up and come downstairs," I said, about to close the door, but Angela used her hand to stop it.“I’ll give you one tip about Amanda. She hates tardiness a lot.” Then she left me alone.What just happened? How is it even possible that it's still morning yet all this is already happening? I groaned out in frustration.I got into the bathroom, making sure I took along the clothes I wanted to wear with me so I wouldn't go outside half-clad in a towel.On taking off all my clothes, I got under the shower immediately without even admiring the bathroom like I would have done on a normal day.When I was done with bathing, I made the mistake of looking into the mirror. I've lost a lot of weight in the space of two weeks already out of unbala
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Chapter 10
Annelise's POVI watched as Ethan stormed out and banged the door, which made me startled. The glare he had on his face while saying those words to me would definitely be imprinted forever.I'm definitely not telling him about the pregnancy if he's always this way; I need to act fast. It can't get out.A whiff of air escaped my nose and mouth as I inhaled and exhaled loudly. A headache was starting to form already, and it's not even afternoon yet.I walked back to my room, deciding to call Esther. I really need to see or talk to someone who understands me, or I'd go crazy.“Sup b*tch, have you told him?" She asked the moment the call connected.“Yes, kind of. He agreed,” I muttered.She screeched into the phone loudly that I had to take the phone away from my ear.“What exactly did he say? Was he strict or was he sweet? I mean, it's not every day I know someone who gets married to a billionaire,” Esther rambled.‘If only you knew,’ I said to myself.“I'll text you the address now,” I s
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