How Much Your Money

How Much Your Money

By:  bunnylovely  Completed
Language: English
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Elliona Nayvelin Lim called LiOn is a materialistic woman, whose life is only for money "If you have money come to me" is her tagline. And unfortunately she has to meet William Andersson Kim, the CEO of a giant company in America, the hot man is a bad boy labeled X-Man Their meeting is not pleasant, blamed and stubborn with each other. Elliona's behavior makes William attracted and wanted to make the proud woman bends her knees under his feet. Can William conquer the LiOn?

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98 Chapters
Part 1
The two men of different genders are seen having sex on the couch and biting each other's tongues.
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Part 2
"Sir, this is the data you're asking for" said a man sitting right next to the driver while handing a tablet to someone sitting in the back seat of a luxury Audi R8 which is splitting the New York street.
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Part 3
"Ahh... Oh... Ahh""enghh.. Si.. Sir.."
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Part 4
Elliona rolls her forehead when her eyes saw a luxury car parked in front of her house, her forehead rattling in wonder. Who's carrying the car one of the 5 most expensive cars in the world.Elliona watches it for a moment and she just walks into her house.
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Part 5
"You're crazy William Kim?" shouts Vernon who currently seems in disbelief at what his boss is saying. While William only probing his shoulders no matter what, he is just busy looking at his phone."You gave her 5% just to be your bedmate?!" shouts Vernon again- again feeling that his boss's brain is indeed insane. How can he easily give a 5% stake only to a woman tonight? 5% Luxury Gold Corporation that can be used to buy New York and the whole is given free of charge for a LiOn?
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Part 6
"I DON'T WANT TO" snaps Elliona hardShe no longer cares about holding her self-contained self-sing at the restaurant, she doesn't care if the people in the restaurant hear her screamsWilliam rubs his ears slowly, he is quite surprised by Elliona's screams that so squeals his ears
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Part 7
Elliona noticed around the luxury car journey that took her, she just found out the elite area located on the edge of New York City. Looking beautiful and cool, silently he admired the beautiful scenery around him. It makes him comfortable and calm, as if he had forgotten that there was a tiger lurking him through the lyrics of his eyes.William smiles thin, very, very thin to see Elliona not rebelling crazy like that. It drains
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Part 8
30 minutes have passed since the incident when Elliona was forced to put William's little brother to bed because of the stupid game. And it's cool at 10:30 p.m., but Elliona's eyes still can't be closed.Indeed, she is not comfortable sleeping in a position that cannot move like this. But it seems that she should get used to all this, because she is sure that sleep like this will get her for the following nights. Sleeping in a mad man's bed, William Kim
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Part 9
William pulls Elliona's arm backwards and he immediately punches this foreign man in the face to get away from Elliona. This scene really makes hisself heat up ."Bunny" Elliona sreams when sees Alex falls over received a hard hit from William."Yak! You're okay?" said elliona who crouchs down intending to see Alex's condition "Oh my God!! Your  lips is bleeding" said Elliona who looks compas
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Part 10
William's heart is disheartened to hear Elliona's statement, he could not deny that any form of the word that came out of Elliona's mouth was the truth. Somehow he feels little claustrophobic at the end of his heart to hear that they didn't have any special relationship. Seeing Elliona with another man has made her heart warm. "We have it as long as you know" hisses WilliamElliona raises one of her eyebrow
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