Amidst Chaos

Amidst Chaos

By:  Chaotic Soul  Completed
Language: English
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Rebecca Rose Thompson, a 23 year old kindergarten teacher is in love with her best friend Nate Wilson for years. They have know each other forever and have never crossed the line. What happens when Nate suddenly finds her attractive after all these years? Meet, Xavier Phillips, a single parent with a 5 year old kid. What happens when he gets in-between this weird equation? Stuck amidst chaos and confusions, Will she get her happily ever after? And If she does, with whom? Join Becca, in her rollercoaster of emotions!

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Brenda De La Mater
It's such a sweet love story.
2023-05-28 22:59:00
user avatar
Kerry Miller
Another great story! I love their love!
2022-04-16 00:23:44
user avatar
Cute love story!
2022-03-04 13:12:29
user avatar
Sylvia Gibbs
Super Cute
2022-02-21 01:55:20
user avatar
Absolutely love this story
2021-09-14 14:29:51
user avatar
Okay! I just finished this story and let me tell you this! It’s a very cute story I loved every minute I was reading this and now am on to the 2nd book I believe
2021-09-10 06:52:00
user avatar
Rebecca Farmer
loved this story so good!!!!
2021-08-30 05:37:18
default avatar
Sarah B
I loved the book! Great read!
2021-08-20 19:43:13
user avatar
Reyna Cortes
Amazing story, I truly love it !!
2021-08-02 03:24:47
user avatar
Kristīne Kaļiņina
Beautiful story!
2021-07-22 01:09:14
default avatar
Tamanna Aggarwal
Loved the book
2021-07-18 08:18:38
user avatar
Katie Green
good read.
2021-07-10 11:57:07
default avatar
Nice story!!!
2021-07-01 13:18:24
user avatar
Danielle Tat'Back Lally
Cute story
2021-06-25 09:34:44
user avatar
Jayne Lanham
2021-06-18 14:18:26
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30 Chapters
Chapter One
"Are you serious?" I could hear the loud screaming of my best friend through the phone. It was so loud that I had to pull my phone away from my ears."Yes, Nate," I laughed at his excitement. I was thrilled too. I mean who would have thought that I would get the job as a kindergarten teacher, in Seattle, of all places I applied. I always loved teaching and this was my first job offer. I couldn't turn it down just because my best friend was living there for obvious reasons."This is going to be so fucking cool, dude. We are going to be roommates," he rushed and my eyes went wide at his statement.What. The. Hell."Woah! Hold on, roommates? What happened to your previous roommate?" I asked, letting out a nervous chuckle. I was already skeptical about moving to Seattle because I had to face him and now he was going on about us being roommates.I wasn't ready for it."He move out like a
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Chapter Two
I dragged my luggage through the Seattle airport, searching for a pair of familiar grey eyes. My eyes scanned through the crowd and I finally gave up. I took my phone from my pocket and just when I was about to call Nate, I felt a pair of arms around my waist lifting me from the ground. I caught a whiff of strong aftershave that I could never forget even if I wanted to and already knew who it was."Jeez, Nate. Put me down," I laughed while he placed me on the ground. I turned around and my breath hitched. Face time didn't do justice to his face. He looked even more handsome than I remembered with his jet black hair pushed back and I could see a glimpse of his tan chest through his button-down shirt. He grinned widely, making his grey eyes twinkle. I smiled back at him and roamed my eyes all over his body, capturing every bit of his sexiness."Wow....look at you," he looked at me up and down, raising his eyebrows. I was surprised by his reaction. I w
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Chapter Three
"Nate, I swear I'm gonna kill you when you come out. I'm going to be late on my first day," I kept pacing outside the bathroom as he was taking forever to come out."Relax, baby girl. I'm the one who is going to drop you," came his reply, making me roll my eyes.Baby girl? Okay, that's a new nickname!"Quit it and come out before I break this door," I yelled in frustration."You know I'll open the door if you don't mind seeing me naked," he yelled back, making my eyes go wide. Woah! Naked? I shook my head, trying not to picture him naked."Eww, come out please!" The door burst open suddenly, revealing his wet torso. He just had a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair was wet from the shower. Oh, fuck me already. I licked my lips unknowingly and flicked my eyes to meet his gaze. He had a huge smirk plastered on his face and came closer towards me."From the
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Chapter Four
A week passed by, I was used to being around Nate and also got familiarized with the city. It was so different from New York but I loved it. It was Saturday and we were both chilling in the house."How about a movie, Thompson?" Nate asked as he sat down on the couch next to me and placed an arm, lazily around my shoulders."Stop annoying me, I'm trying to read," I replied, not taking my eyes off the book that I was currently reading. He snatched it from my hands and closed it without placing the bookmark, "God, you are such a jerk," I started to hit him on his arms. He pushed me against the couch and caught my hands, pinning it to both my sides."Have some real fun, babe," he laughed and I noticed how adorable he looked. I kept staring at him and my gaze flicked to his lips. I badly wanted to kiss him. I felt his hot breath on my face and noticed his eyes fall to my chest. He quickly let go of me and sat back against the couch.
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Chapter Five
I kept waiting for him to come home so that I could talk about us. I wanted to know why he made a move on me after all these years. It was almost 11 pm and still he was a no show. Was he avoiding me on purpose or was I that bad? My thoughts were killing me but I built some courage and sent out a simple text.'Where are you?'No reply.Should I Call? No way. He would think I was some desperate chick. I waited and waited before finally giving up. I decided to call it a night and went to bed with mixed emotions. I didn't want to jump to conclusions. I mean, there must have been some kind of emergency, for him to leave me like that. I convinced myself and fell asleep, thinking about one huge achievement of tonight apart from sleeping with Nate.I was not a virgin anymore!The next morning, I woke up around noon, still feeling a bit sore down there. The memories of last night came f
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Chapter Six
I walked inside the living room to find Nate and a guy who I think was his friend, playing video games. I tried to walk past them but Nate interrupted me just as I was about to cross the couch."Hey, why didn't you wait for me in the morning?" he asked, not peeling his eyes off the screen."Had some pending work at school," I lied effortlessly and he paused the game to look at me."You could have told me, Becs. I would have woken up early," he stated genuinely and I wanted to punch his face for acting all normal."It's okay. I didn't want to bother you," I gave him a small smile, tucking my hair behind my ears."Woah, dude. You didn't tell me your friend was hot," I heard his friend speak and looked at him for the first time since I entered. He was a fairly good-looking guy with shaggy blonde hair and hazel brown eyes that roamed all over my body and I mentally scoffed, walking away.
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Chapter Seven
A few days passed by, things were somewhat normal and suffice to say, I was used to it. Nate and I were busy with our jobs during the weekdays and we only hung out during the weekends. We spent our time mostly exploring the tourist spots in the city.It was one of those weekends again but Nate offered me to hang out with his friends instead. I wasn't interested so I shot him down and decided to go on my little adventure. I got dressed wearing a peach summer dress and let my hair loose. I applied minimal makeup and grabbed my sling bag, shoving my phone inside it. I locked the apartment behind me and started to walk down the streets and noticed a small cafe around the corner. I made my way towards it to have my breakfast."I'll have a Spanish omelet and a cup of coffee," I smiled at the waitress and took out my phone. I started to google some places that were nearby and was so lost in my phone that I didn't notice someone sitting in front of me until
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Chapter Eight
I heard the bell go off for the day and quickly collected my things to leave before I could face Xavier. I didn't want to give him the wrong idea and lead him on as I was already fucked up emotionally."Becca," I heard Hannah's sweet voice just as I was about exit the classroom.Crap!"Where are you going? You usually say goodbye to me," she pouted, making my heart melt. I bent down to her level and rubbed her head."I was just in a hurry sweetheart, so sorry," I kissed her cheeks softly and said goodbye. She nodded in understanding, hugging me tightly. I hugged her back and once she let go of me, I stood up in a rush and turned around, only to bump into a rock hard chest and I felt a pair of strong arms around my waist. I gasped as the familiar musky scent hit my nostrils and I already knew who it was.Speak of the devil!I lifted my eyes slowly to find him, smirking down at me. I
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Chapter Nine
"I'll drop off Hannah at my mom's place and pick you up at 6?" Xavier asked, standing near the classroom door."Yeah sure," I gave him a nervous smile. I was still not sure if I was doing the right thing. I was skeptical about taking the leap but I was so damn tempted. I wanted to jump his bones already and tried so hard to control my raging hormones."Where are you going without me?" Hannah asked, looking back and forth between us and I didn't know what to say to that."I have told you about adult meetings, remember? You can have cookies at Grandma's house, baby, and I'll pick you up tomorrow," My heart flipped, watching him talk to her so adorably.God, even this was turning me on."Okay," she nodded, giving him a huge grin and they both waved me goodbye. I left immediately to get ready for our date.Once I reached home, I started rummag
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Chapter Ten
I felt fireworks exploding inside my body as he kissed me. Maybe I was exaggerating but I didn't care. I wrapped my arms around his neck, tugging at his hair as he pushed me against the kitchen counter, his fingers digging into my waist. I let out a soft moan as he slipped his tongue inside my mouth and his left hand traveled down to my boobs. Fuck, every single inch of my body was on fire. I could feel myself getting wet as he slipped his hand under my thigh to wrap it around his waist."Ever since I saw you in this dress, all I wanted to do was tear it apart except for the stockings and fuck you senseless," he breathed against my neck as I held on to his shoulders to balance myself.So he speaks dirty too!"We could remove it instead of tearing," I whispered, batting my eyelashes innocently and he looked into my eyes, deeply."You are so beautiful, Rebecca," he swallowed hard and crashed his lips to mine again, li
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