Chapter 8: The Perfect Date

Chapter 8: The Perfect Date

Living as a hunted rogue, Noah Cheong had adapted himself to live in caution. Before he went to work, he applied the anti-detecting werewolf perfume to prevent unwanted attention from the other werewolves. His silver daggers were perfectly hidden in his bag and he always brought it everywhere. Not to mention, a pair of gloves to protect his hand from self-injuries that may be caused by his silver weapon.

However, today he also prepared something special. He wore his lucky sweater made by his late grandmother; he styled his hair for a fresher look and prayed to Moon Goddess that Jason would accept him as his mate.

Before he left his apartment, he took one more glance of himself in the mirror and checked his appearance. He smiled full of hope that today would be a perfect date.


At the same time in the Silvermoon mansion, Drake Silvermoon and his parents were having an early breakfast.

He sensed that his parents were feeling very anxious. They were expecting Ken Byrd to bring news about Noah Cheong, his mate as well as the future Luna of Silvermoon pack. 

While they were waiting for Ken, Drake began to think of Noah.

Drake’s POV:

'This is weird but I’m feeling that I am looking forward to meet him, do I become interested in men? I mean dudes are gross. I even cannot stand being around sweaty naked men in the locker room. Damn! But he was different... I guess he has fair white porcelain skin, small pink lips, wide beautiful brown eyes, a cute face, and petite features. He also smells good, like a mix of strawberry and honey, yummy... what the fuck I was thinking!'  

Ken suddenly shows up in the dining room, he's smiling at me and my parents like a fucking model, showing his perfect teeth, his handsome face, and his blond wavy hair look dazzled, buffeted by morning sunlight which is coming through the window.

"Good morning everyone," Ken greets and looks happy as fuck.

"We were expecting you, Ken," my mother said, as she signaled him to sit down.

"So tell us who Noah Cheong is? Where did he come from?" asked my father impatiently.

"He was born in Korea. His father was the Alpha of Cheong pack. However, his mother is an American, and a werewolf's hunter." Ken explains.

"So he is a mixed-blood of human and werewolf?" I asked, not that I care.

"Yes!" Ken replied while giving me a smirk. What a smart ass.

"That explains why we couldn't track him down," mother confidently added, "His mother must have taught him the secret art of werewolf hunters."

Ken then continues his speech, "Currently he was being hunted by his own pack, led by his uncle, Seunguk Cheong. His head is worth $100.000. He fled to the US and lived with his grandmother for three years in California. He graduated from California Culinary Institute of America and currently works in New York as a pastry chef..." he paused and then threw a smile at my parents, and me "in Silverplate restaurant".

My parents and I were shockedWe have never known, the one we are looking for is very close after all.

‘This will be easy, I probably could give him a lesson one or two before I handed him over to my parents,’ I excitedly muffled to myself. 

"So did he cook the dessert for us two weeks ago in Silverplate during our meeting?" Father asks, curiouslyIt seems he’s remembering something important.

"Yes Alpha, he and his co-worker Lisa Abbot were stationed in the dessert section at that time," Ken replied.

"Hmm... That explains everything, then we can fire Lisa now, we don't need her any longer," my dad said, follows by a smile of agreement from my mother.

‘Ok, I am lost here! What the hell that they were talking about?’

"I don't understand, what dessert did you talk about, dad?" I asked in confusion. "What it has to do with Noah?"

"Every Luna has a special power in order to support her (or in your case his) Alpha to thrive," mother explained. "This power was a gift from the Moon Goddess herself. However, Luna's power varies for each person; some are good, some are normal, and some are rare. Your father told me that when he had the pack meeting in Silverplate restaurant, he ate dessert that made him feel more powerful. Now we know that Noah who had cooked the dessert, which made his power, is superior among other Luna."

HOLLY SHIT! I didn't know that!’

My dad glared at me in irritation. “You would know if you joined the meeting, but you chose to run because it was boring!”

"What kind of power that fag has which makes him special, mother?" I become more curious.

"Stop calling him names. He is your suitor and you are bound to him for life," my mom hissed to me. "I cannot really point it out yet about Noah's special power. However, soon we will find out ourselves. I am planning to reserve lunch at Silverplate. We will order the menu that he cooks by himself."

'So I am about to meet that guy again huh?' I mumble, 'I couldn't understand it, but somehow deep inside my heart, I am looking forward to seeing him. After my rejection, my heart feels hollow, like I don't have any desire to live. Maybe... just maybe... I had fallen in love with him,' I chuckled as I mentioned word love. 'Cos I will never admit to anyone... ever!'

"Drake," my mother calls me as I wake up from my daydreaming, "You need to change, but this time you should dress to impress! Ken, go help him change, you have a better sense of fashion than you," she said again with a harsh tone. 

My mother never likes my casual style as I never like to suit up every day, unlike my father or Ken. But I will do it, cos she will keep bitching like an old-lady if I won't and maybe... for him...?"

"Oh, I almost forgot. My source also told me that he is currently very close to his co-worker, Jason Watkins. Rumors said they are like to going-out lately." Ken added the most annoying information.

Why my chest feels burning all of a sudden after hearing that. Is this what people call jealousy? That whore! When I got him, I will fuck him so hard till he can't think of another man other than me!'

When Drake left the dining room, his mind began to wonder what kind of punishment he would give for Noah's disloyalty.


Jason Watkins was madly in love and the lucky one who stole his heart is no other than Noah Cheong. That is why for today, he had already made a special plan for a perfect date. He bought two tickets for Noah's favorite movie at the local cinema; he selected his best outfit carefully to impress his date, and he reserved a table for two at a fancy restaurant for a romantic diner. 

As he wondered the pleasant moment that would happen with Noah, his boss Clark Anderson entered the kitchen and gave a speech to all of his employees.

"We have a special guest today! They already have a preorder on the menu, so I hope you are all prepared. Especially you Noah because they have ordered a lot of desserts from you."

"Who are they, Chef?" Jason Watkins asked, "Since Lisa left, can I help Noah to make the dessert?"

"Sorry Watkins, your lover needs to cook solo this time. It may sound strange. But Mr. Silvermoon made a clear request that Noah should make his dishes alone," replied Chef Anderson, it was spontaneously responded by Noah's awkward smile. "He probably has a sweet tooth. Mr. Silvermoon seems unable to get over your Raspberry cheesecake, Noah."

"Wasn't he hired Lisa as a personal chef?" Jason asked, giving Noah a sympathetic look.

But Chef Anderson just chuckled and replied, "We all knew Lisa suck, she took all the credits because I couldn't find Noah at that time." 

Everyone who heard his reply was laughing.

Jason’s POV:

'Poor Noah, he must cook so many dishes today. I hoped I could help him.' I look at him with pity. 

So I approached him and whispered in his ear "hey little dim sum, can you do it by yourself?" I said as I tried to smell his sweet body scent and ruffle his silk black hair. ‘Damn! He smells good.’

 But he only replied to me with an awkward smile; he blushed to me as our eyes met.

'God, he's so cute! I want him so bad! I hope our date tonight will go perfect.'


Ruiz grew weary after he heard the strange request of Thomas Silvermoon. He raised a suspicion that somehow they knew about Noah's special power. The power that was recently born at the moment Noah became a future Luna of Silvermoon pack.

So he persistently warned his human about the danger that may occur. Sadly for him, Noah is currently mad in love and couldn't think straight. As he ignored Ruiz's warning; and chose to follow his heart instead.

'Noah something is not right! They seemed to know you were here. You need to go away, now!' Ruiz barked in Noah's mind. 'I don't want us to get caught and see you spend your entire life stuck with that bastard!'

'Calm down Ruiz, it was probably just a coincidence; besides, we have done the rite of rejection, right? The bond between me and the future Silvermoon alpha had been broken, so I couldn't be his Luna anymore. They have no reason to chase me.’ Noah replied.

'But the bond can be repealed if you fall in love with him! Besides, it seems that they already knew about your Luna special power based on what they have requested, only you...' before Ruiz could finish his talk, Jason came to Noah and whispered in his ear, which at the same time broke the connection between Noah and his inner wolf.

Noah’s POV:

"Hey, little dim sum, can you do it by yourself?" Jason asks me, as his eyes look worried

'I love his dark piercing eyes, as it seems it can see through to my heart.’ I blushed when he's looking at me intensely, it makes my heart beat faster. 

God, I am speechless... So I reply to him only with a smile.

He suddenly ruffled my hair and said with his sexy husky voice, "By the way, I want to give you the movie ticket for tonight," when Jason put the ticket into my pocket, his hand "accidentally" touched my chest.

 I am melted.

'I have lost control of my body. God, Noah takes a deep breath and gets a hold of yourself!' 

"Thanks, Jason," I finally replied, "I am looking forward to tonight."

"Me too, little dim sum!" he replied, gave me his million-dollar smile, and returned to his post.

I wonder, does he have the same feeling as I do? But we just knew each other for 2 months. Isn't that too fast? I even don't know if he is gay or straight. I mean, he kissed me on the lips, it doesn't mean he’s gay, right?

Well, I can go both ways, I have never actually decided my orientation, but since my ex-mate is a man, so... probably... I am gay, right?

There is no point in wild guessing. I should confront him tonight and ask how he feels about me. Goddess... I hope my date tonight will go smoothly.'


But suddenly Noah's smelled a familiar musky scent nearby; as he realized that someone was watching him all along from behind. So he turned his head and was shocked to see Drake Silvermoon was standing at the entrance of the kitchen and was staring at him. He looked scarier than when Noah’s met him for the first time.

Noah began to wonder whether or not he was able to have a perfect date with Jason tonight.


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