Chapter 7: The Party

Chapter 7: The Party

Lea Silvermoon is the perfect hostess. In every dining party held in her Mansion, she has always done it perfectly. Her cooks were delicious, her decor was flawless, and her anecdote was refreshing. 

Tonight, she was planning yet another flawless dining party dedicated to her son. It had been two weeks since he looked depressed for an unknown reason. Her best guess was a woman's problem. So for tonight, she has invited many beautiful and eligible bachelorettes who pass her standard in her packs to join the party. She hoped that it could bring life again in her son's eyes.

At the moment, she oversaw five personal chefs that she hired to prepare the meals in her kitchen. The kitchen itself was a pure white; it was her personal choice so she can easily find unwanted stains when cleaning.

While supervising the meal, she was also cooking the main course for the dinner herself; it was the lamb roast, her son’s favorite. 

"The preparation for a dinner party has been completed, Madam," said Lisa Abbot, her new personal chef who was recently hired by her husband.

She didn't know what her husband was looking at this fat girl. Lisa's cooking was plain, which she dared to say hers were ten times better. She was also a mere human. Hiring her in the pack house could risk the exposure of the werewolf world. 'I need to fire her fast' she thought.

"Thank you, Lisa, you may go home now. I will handle the rest." Lea replied with an honorable lady tone.

Lisa Abbot actually wanted to join the party. In that way, she would be able to catch the glimpse of Drake Silvermoon, the man of her dream. But she was too afraid of Lea. She is always cold toward her, not only Lea but also the entire house. "Okay madam, I will leave now."


This evening was the most important event for single maidens of New York City. Apparently, there was a dinner party held by the mother of the most wanted bachelor in town, Drake Silvermoon. Every invited girl knew that it was not an ordinary dinner party; it was a competition to win Drake's heart. So they tried to look their best to please Drake’s eye, but still decent enough to pass his mother's moral standard.  

While his mother was busy catering to the guests, Drake Silvermoon sat next to his beta at the dinner party, looking depressed. 

Apparently, the beauty of her mother's guests couldn't charm him. His heart was feeling empty from desires, his wolf abandoned him and he was getting weaker and weaker each day. He lost his appetite toward anything he used to like, which were only two: women and brawl fight.

"Hey, buddy what's wrong? You look down, mate.” His beta, Ken Byrd was trying to cheer him up. "Look over there, Grace the pretty blond with busty breast never take her eyes off you," he chuckled.

"I fucked her. She was good," Drake replied, nonchalant.

"Then how about the feisty Stephanie, she is the new girl in her pack. I bet you never lay your hand on her." Said Ken again, with a wink.

"Not interested." He replied again while playing with his food. It was lamb roast, his favorite. But now, he couldn't even want to swallow it.

"Dude, seriously, what is wrong with you? It's just not like you at all, man; you never act like this in front of women. Come one, cheer up!"

"My wolf seems to abandon me, Ken, I couldn't talk to him anymore. He's blocking me." Drake confessed. "It must be because of that fag," he mumbled. His voice was unclear, blocked by his thick beard.

Ken Byrd was shocked by his friend's confession. It was important for a werewolf to have a good relationship with his inner wolf, especially for the alpha. Weak alpha will bring doom to the pack.

Afraid of the potential danger that his pack may face, Ken decided to pry more. "Since when your wolf abandoned you? And who's the one you're calling fag?"

"A little Chinese dude I met randomly on the street, two weeks ago. He was my mate and he was a weak homo omega, so I rejected him. Thinking of him makes my blood boil." Drake told Ken with irritation.

But before Ken tried to say anything, Thomas Silvermoon, who recently overheard the conversation was cutting in.

"YOU DID WHAT, SON!" his angry voice was so loud and jarring in the entire room. The guests felt in silence, as they were instantly stopping their chatter. "Could everyone leave this premise immediately? I need to speak privately with my son. Except, Ken and Lea, you may stay."


After the entire guest left, Thomas Silvermoon rose from his chair and approached his son with anger. He couldn't hold his rage and spontaneously punched Drake so hard on the face until he was thrown across the room. 

Lea and Ken were shocked by Thomas's sudden action. They came to him with haste and held his both hands, preventing him from causing further injury toward Drake.

"What the fuck dad!" Drake felt indignant while wiping his bloody cheek.

"Did you realize what you have done? You have rejected your only Luna, you fool!" yelled Thomas like mad beasts, his eyes filled with anger, bringing chills to Drake's spine. He has never seen his father mad like this before.

"But dad you should listen to my excuse first! He's a dude and I am not a fag! He was weak. I think he won't be of any use in the pack!" Drake tried to reason with his father.

"You ignorant bastard!" yelled Thomas, he tried to punch his son again. But luckily for Drake, Lea and Ken were protecting him.

"Darling please stop, he is our only son," Lea pleaded, her eyes glowed in tears. 

"What is his name, Drake? We probably could track him down and reunite you again?" Ken asked while strongly holding Thomas's grip.

"I don't remember, Neil Chen or something... he's a Chinese dude. I met him two weeks ago..." Drake replied. His face expressed irritation and disgust when he tried to remember his mate.

His father was shocked when he heard the answer, "Did you say you met him two weeks ago and he is Asian?" he asked Drake again, looking disbelieving as he realized that he maybe had made the biggest mistake in his entire life. "Did you mean Noah Cheong?"

"Yeah, I think that was his name. Noah Cheong! How could you know that bastard's name? Did he come to you and complained about me? That son of the bitch will pay for..." but before could finish his sentence, he felt a powerful punch hit his cheeks so hard and broke his bones. It was his father's fist, as he stood next to Drake's lying body.

"He did come to me, but he didn't come to complain about you, he asked me to perform the rite of rejection because of your action, fool!"

"What-what did I do Dad? I only rejected him and he accepted it," Drake replied with his low baritone voice, he couldn't look at his father's face clearly due to the effect of the fist.

"You had sex with whores after you met your Luna. It tormented him, it could lead him into painful death," spoke Thomas as he wanted to lie a fist on Drake's face again, but this time, Ken hastily held his fist.

"Alpha please stop, you could kill him," warned Ken. “Drake this is probably the source of your problem. You are getting weaker and depressed because your mate has performed the rite of rejection. Probably your wolf abandons you because he is in agony right now.”

Lea helped his Son to stand and when he could stand on his feet. She slapped him hard on his unbroken cheek.

"Mom, not you too!" Drake pouted.

"I couldn't believe you had sex with other women after you met your Luna. I despise you!" she said. "Now go to your room and ponder about your mistake. You are not allowed to leave until your father and I can deal with this problem."

"And you cannot have sex with other whores again, did you hear me, son!" Thomas added.

"Can I have at least an oral sex?" Drake pleaded.

"No!" his father and mother spontaneously answer at the same time.

Ken escorted Drake to his room, "Well at least you can use your hand dude!" he grinned at him.

"FUCK!" Drake pouted and slammed the door of his bedroom.


It was after midnight in the Silvermoon mansion, but Thomas Silvermoon couldn't sleep and stay awake in his office. He was curious, why he couldn't track Noah's existence in his territory? He had consulted his inner wolf for any possibilities but didn't find any satisfying answers.

Suddenly a soft knock on the door woke him from his thought, and he replied, "Come-on in."

Lea opened the door and saw his husband sit on his chair, looking tired and depressed. She sighed, "It's already late dear, and you should get some sleep."

"I am not sleepy yet dear, you can go ahead."

"Do you still think about our son's mate?" Lea asked as she approached him, patted his shoulder, and then gave him a soft massage. "We can think about it tomorrow, okay?"

"Lea, how come I couldn't track Noah? I should have known any rogue who entered my territory. I couldn't even smell his wolf scent when I met him here."

Lea wondered. She tried to recall any possible answers that she could have known during her day as a scientist. "Well, there is a formula to hinder werewolf scent that is famous among the werewolf's hunters."

"But how come he knew that formula? He is a werewolf, not a hunter."

"That’s my dear I cannot answer. Now come, we should rest. Tomorrow, Ken will bring us the background information about our soon to be son-in-law." Lea smiled, as she tried to comfort her husband. She pulled Thomas's hand; together they left the office and entered their bed-chamber.

Lea realized that her dinner party had turned out not as she would expect. However, she has another plan to host another perfect party. It wouldn't be a dinner party, but a wedding.   


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