Chapter Twelve

Maya led me to the back of the palace, through a bookcase in the library and down a dark secret passageway. I would remember this entrance at the back of the palace, hidden under a trellis of wisteria flowers. I tucked the route at the back of my mind for when I would need it in future. I was pretty sure I would.

We entered the private gardens of the Royal Family and Maya pulled me closer to her as we kept walking. The moon was full and bright, looking down on us from high above. Maya stopped and sat down on a beautifully carved bench close to a wooden bridge that had a small stream flowing underneath it.

“Where did you learn to fight like that?”

“My father trained me from a young age and it suited me well when I joined the Unit for further training.”

Maya’s eyes were a deep blue with specs of brown, an interesting mix. Her hair was chestnut brown and although she was on the short side, she exuded confidence and elegance. “The Elite Unit?”

“I was there for five years, hunting everyon
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