Internal Sin: 058


I gave him the time and space he wanted. I enlarged the gap he created because I promised not to interfere in his relationship with that soulmate of his. I let him do whatever he wanted, even to the point of lying to me to coat Arryn for the bruise on his stomach and the cut on his face.

He was taking me for a fool and I wasn't.

With a crook of my head, I watched as the human slept without a care in the world while I rowed the urge to take him apart and make sure he didn't ever open his eyes again.

Having had enough of watching the bastard sleep, I snapped my fingers and the idiot was jolting to a sitting position, wide awake. He panted and I let him take his time to calm his ranging heartbeats because I felt like ripping it out and feeding on it.

When he finally noticed me, he jostled on the bed and bashed his head on the nightstand. "Y-y-you-" he stuttered messlessly. "How did you get in? What are you doing here?"

I snickered and stepped forward. He moved bac
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