Internal Sin: 059


"I've been waiting for you."

"Why?" I asked him or I asked myself because I realized that this person in front of me—this person dressed in armor, golden eyes, golden locks, and the most beautiful white wings—this person was me.

Because I feel them. The emotions swimming in his eyes, the spurt of anguish in his veins, and the pang in his heart. I felt all of them.

"It's our responsibility to protect the world." He went on.

"That's what makes us different. I don't care about the world."

"You should. Without the world, we have nothing. You can't let them take that away from us. He doesn't love us, he never did and he won't in this life. Do you know what he wants?" He questioned, advancing on me. He pointed his finger on my chest. "The heart. He wants our heart and if you don't stop now, he will have our heart."

"We love him."

He threw his head back and cracked up. "Love?" When he looked back at me, his eyes looked like they were bleeding. I felt my heart ache. "We
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