Internal Sin: 061


Ralph opened the door when I returned home. Before he looked into my eyes, he gave me a downcast look as if looking for something. I stared back, unfluctuating, making no attempt to avert my eyes.

“Had enough of the space?” The supercilious bastard grilled before scoffing and traversing his arms over his chest.

Some guardian angel he was. I didn’t answer; instead, I seized him by the wrist, hauled him into the room, and slammed the door with my foot. Once inside, I slammed him against the nearest wall, trapping him between my arms and the wall.

Astonishment flashed through his eyes, but it vanished as soon as his lips stretched into a smirk. "Are we getting bolder now?"

I searched his eyes, wanting to find something, anything, but I couldn't read them, so I asked. “What do you want from me, Ralph?” The question immediately made him lose his smirk. I carried on. “Do you want my heart because you want power, or do you love me, Ralph, and don't fucking lie to me?”
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