Imprinted by an Alpha

Imprinted by an Alpha

By:  Sang'gre Celeste  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cathwulf Ulria is an ordinary girl that was imprinted accidentally by an Alarick Pack's next-in-line Alpha, Theodulf Alarick. An Imprint is known to be a life bond between lovers and it is permanent. His uncle plans to overthrow him, by scheming to create a scandal that will tarnish his reputation and eliminate his chances to become the heir and the Alpha of the Alarick Pack.She was mistaken as a high class prostitute and was brought to his penthouse in a famous condo. He sent his henchmen to drug his drink. Drunk and horny, he had sex with her then things just went from bad to worse. From there, she discovers a strange hickey. Which has more risk? Working together against a common enemy who is much closer to the Alpha or falling for the Alpha? or both?

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Delinda Schumacher
86 chapters 3-24-23
2023-03-24 23:36:46
default avatar
Needs more updates
2022-08-20 12:37:06
default avatar
Needs more updates
2022-07-29 12:21:03
user avatar
Sarah Alsam
Please update more often.. the story is really really good..
2021-07-31 12:04:37
default avatar
Marika Young
When will there be updates
2021-03-05 14:38:23
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Angel Ray
this book is super amazing. fell in love with the synopsis and the content inside was just as good great work author. can't wait to read more
2021-01-23 16:23:02
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This is a good read. No joke but I think Theo is a soft BOI.
2021-01-08 21:23:40
user avatar
it has a very interesitng characters and plot love it <3
2020-11-27 22:42:59
user avatar
it is one of the best stories I ever read... The author is awesome and everyone should read this novel once... best of luck author
2020-11-27 11:00:03
user avatar
Read the synopsis and I can't wait squander my nights just flipping through 'em pages. ❤️☺️ Well done.
2020-10-26 22:00:36
user avatar
Very different and interesting plot! Can't wait to read more... keep up the good work :)
2020-10-22 00:10:36
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Soul searcher
I love this story,good job!
2020-10-20 14:29:48
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Anne Barretto
Keep the story coming it’s getting very good
2020-10-15 06:21:41
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Miao Miao
nice book! a little errors here and there but nothing a little proofread can't do. I'm waiting for more updates, author! (。♡‿♡。)
2020-10-14 09:56:57
user avatar
Anne Barretto
I love the book it was nice I hope u keep it coming
2020-10-12 05:58:43
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88 Chapters
Chapter 1
IT WAS DARK AND SHIVERING COLD OUTSIDE THE MANSION.Her mom, Zyper decides to transfer her daughter to another school far away from her previous one.She puts out her laptop in her empty desk as she searches for a suitable school for her daughter. She comes across a website'THE BEST SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD'A prestige co-ed school named Hazal-Shaual University in another country called Hestia.Which is the best of the best when it comes to education and it is the high-rated with positives reviews.'Hmmm''it seems like a good choice.'With an optimistic face, she registers for her daughter.'It's time to leave the past behind' Zyper thought. She swiftly clicks the mouse to press enter on her daughter's registry.***A brunette stays up at night to finish her last schoolwork from her online home-schooling.Her desk filled with scattered paper, crumpled paper on the floor, school supplies and a laptop.she starts solving her math problems with a calculator.She twirls the pen in her finger ti
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Chapter 2
"...Senna, Ashley, and Ruella, the captain of cheer squad hashtag the popular gals"*** 
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Chapter 3
"Room service!" A loud assertive voice of a polished man that wore the hotel's uniform for butlers and bartenders. He had an ID it spelled out, Edgar.It was a common name nevertheless, it suited him quite well. He was very posed with a slicked back hair. He entered with a tray with liquor, his dinner and empty goblet on his sliver cart.***The uniformed staff with a swift hand pulled out a tonic from his sleeve in his coat. Bit into the small cork and poured his em
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Chapter 4
She knew it was not her fault, but she couldn't prove it without evidence. "Who," he said grabbing her shoulders. His veins seemed to pop at the sides of his neck due to anger he was trying to suppress. ********His suspicion only increased because he has receiving multiple death threats, assassins every since he was a kid even kidnapping for being born a Alarick. It was a double sided dagger that he holds it both protects and destroys him. As with everything that he has it was his family who are more capable of killing him. Their was an old saying that dramas in film portray again and again.‘Keep your friends close and, enemies closer.’***********Her face lost color, pale with fear. She looked at him in his eyes. "I-I don't know," she said, weeping as she remembered her pain.He saw the tears that run down her face. He felt something wet in his face and realized that it was not sweat. It was his tears. 
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Chapter 5
Cathwulf came out dressed in the hotel's silk sleepwear. It was a simple silk gown with a cotton night robe to match. She wasn't fond of it.'Well, it's better than nothing. And, a lot better than wearing the ripped cat costume' she thought to herselfShe pick ups a piece of the fabric that scatter among the folds of bed sheets like rags, that once resembled a cute revealing cat costume.'What a waste of cloth' she thought. She sighed in relieve that she doesn't have to wear that skimpy costume that she was so shy to wear cause she chose dare than reveal her dark personal secret to Minx and Riley, afraid that they won't accept her."Ouch" she exclaimed in pain she seems to have step on something hard. It was her phone.She bends down to pick up her smartphone, Oppo from the floor.Her Oppo's gorilla glass didn't stand a chance against the marble tiled floor. She saw visible cracks and dents. She assumed it fell during the time they were having sex, she turned the power button on. The
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Chapter 6
"Yes, sire have I brought the wrong uniform with me" Gray said. "NO this is fine."He hands it the coat bag over to Theo and gives it to Cath. "Here take this. You can't be seen wearing hotel sleepwear to school." she looks down at her outfit and felt her cheeks flushed with embarrassed. They snickered at her a bit at her cute reaction towards her outfit.She quickly rushed to the bathroom but due to her clumsiness she hit her toe. And was about to slip and hit her head when Theo caught her in the nick of time. His strong arms in her waist preventing her fall. “Thank you...” she said with her head low in a shy tone.Unzipping the coat bag open, a clean frilly creme long-sleeve with a maroon skirt bellow the knee. it was the Hazal-Shual High uniform. ***Her thoughts about the scar. As she removes her shirt she is reminded of the mark that made her itch it was the imprint. But she held herself back from scratching it because it would make only get worse and more irritating. She wet a
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Chapter 7
...somewhat my 'mate,' now ""We have to set up some rules and boundaries." Theo said"No one must know of any of this. When I say no one not even your family" Theo said"Just so you know, I have a girlfriend you might of seen her before. Her name's- " Theo said opening his iPhone X to show her a picture of them together. It was an old picture of them as kids in grade school she was his childhood playmate and bestfriend throughout his years in Hazal-Shual Kindergarten to University. They were wearing cute cotton baby pale blue for boys like little Theo. And cute baby pink for girls like Ruelle. It was adorable that it made Cath envious of her even more because of the time he spent together with her.Time was like gold, it was priceless. Cath was reminded of his last ex-boyfriend that was the ex of her bestfriend, Joellen.***About JoellenCathwulf memories of her brouggt flahback of the past. Good timeless dreams. She was pretty and a bit chubby. She was wholesome, mature and true to
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Chapter 8
What they didn't know, behind the ruffling of the leaves bushes. A pair of eyes in the dark were eerie spies that were doing their assigned tasks and taken photos secretly. As the camera shutters silently with no visible flashes to avoid unnecessary exposure. Their orders were from a elder at the other pack that was rival of the Alarick pack for decades ago. And they plan to overthrown the next in line, Theodulf Alarick. 'He will be so pleased,' a strange man in the shadows thought. As he backed away with stealth but a branch crunch by his sudden footing. Cath heard him as she inched closer to him. He whip out his dagger readying his stance to ambush her but she was called out by classmate to head to class. She took one last glance and walked away Cathwulf heads towards her locker to check her laminated schedule. 'Let's see Math 115 on first period then-'.Chloe hands cover her eyes "Guess who?" "Chloe," Cath guessed correctly, as Chloe removes her hands from her face. "Correct, it's m
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Chapter 9
THE NEXT DAY BEFORE THE CONFRONTATIONThe 'sisters' drags a female outsider to a secluded place for a short pep talk session with 2 more other girls hovering at her.Just near a secret abandoned gymnasium, where no one dares to enter.It had collected dust over the years."Say it!"What they didn't know, behind the bushes they were being spied onand taken photos secretly.As the camera shutters numerous times quietly'He will be so pleased,' a strange man in the shadows thought.****BY THE LOCKERSCathwulf heads towards her locker to check her laminated schedule. 'Let's see SCIENCE 115 on first period then-'.Chloe hands cover her eyes "Guess who?" "Chloe," Cath guessed correctly, as Chloe removes her hands from her face."Correct, it's me," Chloe smiling gleefully to greet her."The have you heard of the book I sent to you via email." Chloe saidShe contemplates whether she should tell her what happened. She looks over to Theo chatting with Leo and Lukas."Is there something bothering
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Chapter 10
... it is ' Ruelle thought as she lets go of Theo's arm"I gotta go. I'll see you later after school, babe" Ruelle jumps up to his height to kiss him directly to his lips.'I've got my eye on you, bitch' Ruelle glares as, pointed two fingers at her eyes and pointed back at Cathwulf. Ruelle gives her a sign, to Cathwulf better not be stealing her man, cause she is onto her like a hawk.****"What was that about" Chloe blurted out missing the scene. They both turn Chloe with a sigh. 'she's so dense' they both thought."What, is it something I said" she said as they both headed in different directions"Hey, don't leave me" she follows them to class."We are not finish yet, Cath.." he whispered in her ear, his hot breath against her skin made her skin crawl with tiny temporary bumps in the flesh like some like to call goosebumps. ***Somehow his voice was calm and collective. Like someone she knew but cant remember. She tries to recall but to no avail she does not know who it was. Then,
Read more Protection Status