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Inside a Werewolf pack, Omegas are prized: they calm everyone around them, like a cool sea on a hot day, making it possible for that many people with fanged alter-egos to live together. The problem is, no pack ever has more than one Omega. Marcus Rushton lost his pack, and has been learning the hard way how impossible it is to find another one when you're an Omega. What he's learning even more is that a lone Omega is wrong - an aberration. A threat. Loved within packs, without one, Omegas are seen like blood in the water, and he's already spilled enough of it whenever he's stumbled upon others of his kind... Werewolves can look very human, and mingle freely with their human counterparts, but Declan Fen (a resident Alpha who just found out that he's got a lone Omega in his territory) is learning the hard way that Wolf instincts can override just about anything - even the side of him that says he should be nice to Marcus, whom he's only just met.

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user avatar
I can't even explain how wonderful this book is. I'm not done with it yet, but my goodness, it deserves so much more cred and popularity than it currently has. The author is just one absolutely amazing writer. .........
2023-06-25 10:29:00
user avatar
Jennifer Miller-Armstrong
I enjoyed this immensely. I don't want it to be complete, I really wanted more.
2023-05-15 03:13:59
default avatar
Regina Quijano
Beautifully written. It touched my heart.
2022-12-03 21:31:30
user avatar
Nidhi Madhwal
loved it. what a take on omegas
2022-11-29 03:01:36
default avatar
Shera Sistrunk
Couldn’t put it down.
2022-09-13 04:51:54
user avatar
Danny Wright
I would absolutely love to see this book become a series maybe even with some spin offs focusing on different characters (cough cough a certain new throuple). I thoroughly enjoyed this book I can only hope to see more of it.
2022-08-11 10:31:34
user avatar
Sarah Parker
such a great book!!! I didn't want it to end
2022-06-13 11:33:01
default avatar
Danielle B
Wow so good I couldn’t stop reading.
2022-04-25 14:41:01
user avatar
Excellent book and unique story! Author brilliantly portrays emotion and the inner workings of the characters.
2022-03-18 05:14:17
user avatar
Candi Ali
love this book need more please can't wait to find out what happens keep up the good work ...️
2022-02-27 21:10:01
user avatar
It's good, but I feel like the ending's a bit abrupt.
2022-10-22 20:01:17
41 Chapters
Chapter 1
Marcus Rushton walked home quickly, even though the day was still bright. This part of town was quite sketchy, the kind you tried not to be stuck out walking in (or living in, to be honest), so if anyone noticed how he always furtively scurried home, they’d blame it on that. Very few humans would immediately peg him as one of the non-human members of society, but he was able to see passingly well in the dark and smell most kinds of trouble before they got to him. Being a Werewolf occasionally had its perks. The grocery store he worked at had had quite a spill today – the kind of mess that happened only rarely but was no less hated for its absence. This time, it had been thanks to a pair of drunkards getting into a fight right in the aisles. Anywhere else, and the event would have been unbelievable, but here, it wasn’t even unprecedented. That was just the kind of place Marcus lived in. Marcus tried to avoid working around the spill, especially
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Chapter 2
The first thing that Marcus realized was that he couldn’t afford to move. That realization hit him like a wrecking ball, crushing his chest in and leaving him silent and breathless. He could always just skip town, of course, but he already had enough trouble tiptoeing around the Werewolf community – he didn’t need more trouble with the judicial one as well, if he just decided to leave unpaid rent and bills. His next check from work wouldn’t come for another whole week, and even that wasn’t much, considering he had to eat between now and then. If he made sure to pick it up promptly, and didn’t use up too much of the remaining money he had from his last one… Marcus forced himself to nod, dragging in deep breaths and telling himself that it would be okay. He could do it, he could wait out the week and put all of his focus and savings into leaving at the end of it. He usually lived pretty much from pay-
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Chapter 3
Those Betas had made him late for work, but at least he’d made it. They’d left his door about twenty minutes after he’d turned up the music, although he only had known that by checking through the peephole on his door. The blasting music had left his ears ringing and numb-feeling for hours afterwards, even after he’d more or less sprinted to work in the hopes that he still had a job when he got there.   His boss, not surprisingly, was irate, but Marcus took the verbal beating silently, nodding when appropriate and making his posture as submissive as he could get it without physically kneeling on the floor. As an Omega, submissiveness technically came easily to him, but right now he was so out of sorts that he was just grateful that the lecture was one-sided – no hard questions were asked of him, and no responses were required other than, “Sorry, sir” or “No, won’t happen again, sir.&
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Chapter 4
Declan was feeling something akin to relief as he sat and talked with Liz and Kobi, and Liz and Kobi (mostly Liz, because Kobi was the taciturn type) talked about Marcus Rushton. They’d been seeing the lone Omega on a regular basis now, usually over his lunch-break, although apparently he’d accepted their company while walking to work in the morning, too. Kobi was a damnably early riser, and while Liz most certainly wasn’t, the two of them seemed happy to get up early just to troop over to Rushton’s rundown little place and then go with him to work from there. Of course, Liz was usually too sleepy to recall most of the morning conversations, but on those occasions, Kobi made up for his girlfriend’s quiescence a bit. Declan himself was an early bird, and had long-since gotten used to the friendly, easy way that Kobi talked over a cup of coffee in the morning – he always used words conservatively, but in the hush of the starting day, he talked a bit
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Chapter 5
Most people saw Rob Karly and saw the physique. With his broad shoulders, Werewolf-strong build, and striking black hair over pale features, he was easy on the eyes, and usually thought of to be little more. No one really looked at Rob and thought ‘brains,’ and to an extent, they were perhaps right - but that was not to say that he didn’t possess some cunning when he put his mind to it. Therefore, when he saw Declan going soft on this rogue Omega matter, Rob put two and two together and realized that he’d have to do something, or no one would. It took him barely seconds to come up with the most efficient, simple plan, and no one even noticed him leave the house. Marcus had left work early, mostly because he was so out of sorts that he had started messing things up and hadn’t wanted to get himself fired for breaking something. The conversation with Liz and Kobi from earlier that day was still ringing in his ears,
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Chapter 6
Rushton’s paws skidded out on the tiled kitchen floor as soon as Declan put him down, partially because two of the four were slicked with blood, partially because the Omega had to be on his last dregs of strength anyway. The battered little white wolf looked with panic around the room, skittering and cowering away when his blue eyes eventually came to rest on Declan himself, a towering giant as a human right now. When Marcus’s retreat brought him up sharply against the kitchen cabinets, he smeared blood on them, but also lost his footing and fell with a pained yelp.  Declan could see that Marcus was trying to back down, as if this were a fight and he wanted nothing to do with it. That was probably why the territorial temper was only grumbling softly at the back of Declan’s head instead of trying to overwhelm him like it usually was around the Omega – from the moment he’d seen Marcus standing there, head down and tail tucked rig
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Chapter 7
Marcus was floating. He was drifting in quiet and darkness, and felt safer than he could imagine being in awhile – there was a scent wrapped around him, one that made him content and made him smile. It was a smell of protection, one that any Werewolf, but especially an Omega, learned to associate with safety: an Alpha’s scent. There was always a bit of his Alpha’s scent clinging to his clothes and skin, from John doing the laundry at his wife’s behest, or from one-armed hugs to paternal pats on the back. So even when Marcus was off on his own getting groceries or just taking a walk, the scent was there as a reminder of the place he belonged. Of the place he had belonged. This Alpha he was scenting wasn’t John. Peace shattered like glass beneath a falling rock, Marcus woke up to reality all around him. He remembered his past haunting him like over-eager ghosts. He remembered his body starting
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Chapter 8
Earlier that day, probably at about the same time that Liz and Kobi had been trying to get Marcus to eat something and Declan had been taking an exhausted, troubled nap, Rob had padded quietly through the house. He’d stopped at Clarissa’s door, pitching his voice so that only she would hear him, “Open up, unless you’ve suddenly changed sides and decided to go all cuddly on that Omega brat like the others.” His careless, blunt remark had footsteps shuffling inside, and soon the door was opened. Clarissa, looking more unkempt than she would have liked, with dark circles under her eyes, glared warily at Rob through the crack in the door. He grinned back. Rolling her eyes and sighing resignedly, the older woman backed off but left the door open for him to slip inside, closing it behind him. “Why are you here, Rob?” she asked wearily. “To see if you’ll help me with something,” he asked w
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Chapter 9
The old hunting cabin was in pretty good shape, all things considered. The Fen pack had only moved here in the past year, but Liz had always liked exploring, and Kobi had always liked working with his hands – so the former had found the place and the latter had been working on it off and on to patch it up. There had been quite a few jokes about the dating pair making a ‘love-nest.’ As Declan stepped inside the door and finally brought himself and Marcus out of the rain, he decided that the cabin wasn’t quite up to the standards of a decent love-nest, but at least Kobi had sealed it against mice and weather. He remembered when Kobi had driven the truck out here, depositing the worn futon that was now one of the few pieces of furniture within the place. It smelled of Kobi and Liz and warm happiness, getting Declan to relax even as he tightened his arms around Marcus and wished he could impart some of that feeling to him. The little Omega ha
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Chapter 10
It was a bit of a risk, but by now, Declan trusted that Marcus wasn’t going to attack him – if he needed any more proof that the Omega preferred peace immensely to violence, this would be it. Flat down on his stomach now, Declan ended up grabbing Marcus’s forepaws to drag him out from under the bed. A regular wolf’s paws would have felt different from a Werewolf’s. Instead of the stiff, hard bones of canine paws, Declan felt the more catlike flex of Marcus’s paws against his hands, even as his grip got some of the other’s retracted claws to extend. They were pearly and sharp, but with the exception of a bit of halfhearted whining and wriggling, Marcus didn’t fight the slow drag forward. With nary a nip or a nick, Declan had Marcus back out from under the bed.  Not wanting to have to explain how he’d known what Marcus was thinking (especially since Declan didn’t understand that fluke of telepathy hi
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