Invincible Connoisseur

Invincible Connoisseur

By:  Bu Xing Tian Xia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Wang Ke, a young man working in an antique shop, is a super master in the world that no one has ever expected. He has not only great power, but also enviable talents. It's very hard for such a remarkable person to keep a low profile. He has ruled the world of antiques, shocked the world of Feng Shui and brought the cultivators' world to its knees. At the same time, a lot of beauties always accompany him… He will become a presence admired by the world. Follow him along this adventure and witness his happy life.

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He author continue the book. I have spent a lot on this book to be left in suspense..
2023-10-27 01:07:47
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Hubert Magoon
good book keep it up
2022-10-29 02:28:43
374 Chapters
Volume 1 Showing off Talents - Chapter 1 Told You to Let Go!
"You old b*st*rd. You broke my magic weapon! Give me twenty thousand or you'll live in hell!""Come on buddy. I-I'm out of money. I cannot afford twenty thousand. Can I just sign a debt bill? Please show mercy."...A magic weapon?Wang Ke frowned. He stopped walking to work and looked at the crowds beside him.There was a brutal-looking man with tattoos staring at an old man fiercely, the old man slumping on the ground spread with chinaware pieces.The old man was afflicted with helplessness, about to cry.Looking at the old man with his tattered clothes, the brunet skin, bony hands and feet, and wrinkled face, Wang Ke frowned even more.An old man should not be treated like that even if he broke the chinaware!"I'm not your buddy. Not old like you! Give me the money now. I saw the money in your rag bag. Don't fool me! You old b*st*rd, hurry up!"The tat
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Chapter 2 The Stingy Boss and Despicable Man
"How dare you talk about the magic weapons?"Wang Ke said with a cold snort, "I am not that easy to cheat. I work in Antique Street, and a magic weapon must be antique. Your porcelain is a new imitation from Zhang's chinaware shop and is twenty yuan only. What kind of magic weapon is that!""I..."The man became sweaty when he heard the words. He looked at Wang Ke in shock and was speechless.How did he know that I bought it from Zhang's?Did he really work in Antique Street?Oh sh*t! Why was I so unlucky!The people around finally understood what was going on. It turned out to be a fraud!They couldn't help looking at the man angrily. This scum deceived the old man for his hard-earned money!"Got nothing to say, huh? Anybody calls the police please."Wang Ke turned and said to the people around him.Hearing this, they just realized to take o
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Chapter 3 My Vase!
After getting the order from Zhou Guisheng, Sun Ming immediately cleared his throat and spoke like a rooster ready to fight, "The wages will be deducted for your being late. It's indeed in the contract. But the last clause clearly states that our store reserves the final interpretation right. As you have been late too many times, one hundred yuan is surely a reasonable penalty. If you think it's too much, go to the Workers' Association and sue us at any time!"After this, Sun Ming laughed at Wang Ke evilly. Then he looked at Zhou Guisheng as if checking whether he was doing right.Zhou Guisheng nodded with satisfaction and Sun Ming immediately made a flattering look."You..."Wang Ke was so angry that he couldn't say a word. He had never seen people so exploitative like this!"Oh, by the way, you reminded me that I hadn't charged you for being late today. Once being late, one day's salary will be deducted. That is fift
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Chapter 4 It Was A Real Bargain
Wang Ke came to the stall and picked up a blue and white porcelain plate. Judging from the texture, this plate should be from the late Ming Dynasty.This plate was very beautiful and magnificent with sixteen medallion landscape designs. Eight big medallion landscape designs depicted bamboo and floral patterns and eight small medallion landscape designs depicted jade necklace patterns. The overall sense of hierarchy was clear and in the center of the plate was the pattern of mandarin ducks in a lotus pond.This blue and white porcelain plate looked good at first sight. But on closer inspection, Wang Ke noticed something wrong.The brushwork of mandarin ducks with lotus pond pattern in the center of the plate was immature and the composition was a little distorted. The overall color appeared to be gray and the luster of the glaze was dim.It was a fake.Wang Ke sighed lightly and put down the plate.The stal
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Chapter 5 It's Really a Magic Weapon
"So? Do you like this jade pendant?"The stall owner saw Wang Ke holding the jade pendant and asked with a smile."It looks good. I want to buy it as a toy for my nephew. Name your price."Wang Ke didn't even blush when he lied. To survive in this society, he must learn to be shameless."Five hundred yuan. The price is fixed."The stall owner replied firmly."Come on, man! Are you serious? How dare you ask five hundred yuan for a jade pendant of this quality?! Believe it or not, I can buy a better jade pendant at another stall for fifty!"Wang Ke didn't expect the stall owner to charge so much! How could he have the cheek to say that his prices were very reasonable?!He didn't believe that the stall owner knew that the jade pendant was genuine. Otherwise, this jade pendant wouldn't have been placed in such an insignificant position."Then what price can you accept?"
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Chapter 6 Make or Break
After a long pause, Zhao Menfeng sighed and said, "It's a fake.""What?!"Zhou Bapi collapsed. He couldn't believe what he heard.How could this be a fake?He spent a lot of effort and money to buy it. How could it be fake?He dared not accept it, and he couldn't accept it. So he looked at Zhao Menfeng and looked forward to the explanation."It's indeed a fake."Zhao Menfeng said regretfully, "It's very imposing and exquisite in workmanship, but it's indeed a fake. This is neither an antique nor a magic weapon, just a nice craft. Alright, I have fulfilled my promise. Goodbye."After Zhao Menfeng said that, he stood up and walked toward the door. Zhou Bapi hadn't yet recovered from the shock....Wang Ke went into Shangbao Pavilion and looked around. He saw all kinds of magic weapons on the shelves. There was a feeling of magnificence and wealth, and it's
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Chapter 7 Was It Fake?
He paid attention to those three genuine antiques wholeheartedly. However, what made him disappointed was that because of no smog gathering, those three genuine antiques were not real magic weapons. The use of extraordinary vision was time-limited. Besides, he could feel that the number of times of his using it in a day was also limited. At a time, he could use it for around five to eight seconds. Then the spirit energy would be cut off. There were only two or three seconds left. He had to save the chance. Wang Ke took saving as a principle. Now that those three antiques were not magic weapons, he did not have to waste his spirit energy and the time he could spend on the extraordinary vision. He felt prickling pain. After the spirit energy being cut off, he had a blackout. Quickly covering eyes with his hands, he did not put them down until the pain was relieved. He glanced at Sun Ming with pink eyes. He thought t
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Chapter 8 Who are You Exactly?
The appearance of the Buddha statue was lovely. In Wang Ke's extraordinary vision, there was smog flowing in the air. Wang Ke had a feeling that the smog might want to get rid of the statue and come into his eyes when he looked at it again.The cool and pleasant feeling replaced the pain, and the feeling was maintained for only about two seconds. Then Wang Ke felt dizzy again. Suddenly the prickling pain appeared.He instantly covered his eyes with his left hand. Wang Ke did not show his emotion. He still presented a cool and peaceful face. However, inwardly he was full of joy.It was a magic weapon!Was it true that he found a magic weapon again?How could he be so lucky! Such precious magic weapons could be found by him twice in one day. Was god making him lucky to appreciate his handsome appearance and kind characteristics?Thinking that happily, Wang Ke put down his hand. He looked up to Li Daqu
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Chapter 9 Filled with Regret
"If you need assistance within my ability, I will spare no effort." It took Liu Gang one hundred and fifty thousand to buy the Buddha statue. Liu Gang was full of satisfaction. After all, the profit of selling the statue would be around ten thousand. Though he was a manager and a valuator here, the share could be handsome.Wang Ke smiled, and he said, "The old saying goes that common fame is seldom to blame. I came here twice in one day to sell magic weapons. If anyone else knows that, it will have a bad effect on both me and our corporation. In a word, I want you to keep the secret for me."Liu Gang listened to him. And he thought higher of the young man.He did not pursue fame but wealth.He was awesome!"No worry. What happened today will only be known by you and me." Liu Gang laughed.The two men did not expect what was happening on the first floor of Shangbao Pavilion.In the last
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Chapter 10 Is There Another Windfall?
The gain was always followed by pleasure. With the joy of the harvest, Wang Ke said goodbye to Liu Gang and then headed towards his rented residence.The two magic weapons he accidentally obtained were sold for a total of two hundred and fifty thousand yuan. After transferring fifty thousand to his parents, he now had two hundredthousand left in his bank account.Two hundredthousandyuan!This was a huge amount of money for him who was used to being poor.He was thinking about whether he should rent a better place to live. Because the house he was renting was in a dilapidated courtyard with eight cottages, two of which were occupied by the landlord and his family, and the rest were rented out."Luckily that guy's got some sense in him, or I'd drive him away too. He's a young man though. He could do nothing but lock himself in his room after coming back every day. I bet Wang Ke can do nothing but eat and drink."
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