Army Ace Doctor

Army Ace Doctor

By:  Fu Shou  Ongoing
Language: English
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He had served in the strongest Special Forces, Heavenly Sword Special Force. As the commando of commandos, he created the Netherworld in the western underground world and became the formidable Oriental Yama. He said, “I’m Liu Feng. I’m adept at two things: killing and saving. If I want to cure someone, even ghost soldiers can’t take him away; if I want to kill someone, God can’t save him.” Now he was the bodyguard of Yang Shiwen, who was the daughter of the richest family in Donghai City and suffered from a rare disease. Could Liu Feng save Yang Shiwen’s life with his amazing art of healing? What would happen to his double life?

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522 Chapters
Chapter 1 Liu Is My Surname, Feng From 'Romantic Wind'!
In the Siam Mountain villa district, lived half of the gentry and celebrities of the East Sea. The mansion halfway up the mountain, which looked like a palace, was the object of admiration of everyone in the East Sea. The reason for this was that this mansion was the house of Yang Ding, the richest man in the city and the chairman of the board of the Dingsheng Group. Instead of being filled with pleasure and decadence, the atmosphere inside the Yang's mansion was just like the weather outside, teeming with gloomy clouds. In a parlor on the second floor of the mansion, there were two doctors, both in their 50s, arguing with each other, with their faces scarlet up to their ears. "Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, My Lady has been invaded by exogenous pathogenic factors. She has been infected by some kind of virus whose symptoms include the common cold, aversion to the cold and lethargy, but behaves like epilepsy, which
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Chapter 2 Upper Finger, Eight-Inch Needle
Facing the two famous specialist-level famous doctors' questions, Yang Ding was embarrassed for a start. These two people were hired by him with much money to treat his daughter's illness and Liu Feng was a top-rated expert whom he had hired through relations that normal people would not be able to understand. No matter whether Liu Feng could heal his daughter's illness or not, Yang Ding would never offend Liu Feng. But hearing these two experts' suspicions, Yang Ding also had his own reservations. Liu Feng was seriously too young. From his looks, he should be no more than twenty years of age and even if this young person had agile fingers, was his doctor skills really that exalted? Just when Yang Ding felt like he was put on a spot, Liu Feng spoke up, "You two old men are actually something; so have you treated the illness of the Yang Family's First Miss?" "This..." "Not for the time bein
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Chapter 3 Putting in Needles Like a God
Eight-inch needle was not hard to understand, among Liu Feng's thirteen needles, there were eleven silver needles and two golden needles. Those two golden needles were eight-inch long. For normal acupuncture, needles used were usually one-inch needle, one-and-a-half-inch needles, at most three-inches, and only a special select expert could use a longer needle. And eight-inch needle almost only had been spoken of in the ancient medical manuals. There were completely no Chinese doctors who would dare to use it in the modern world. "Old Feng, eight-inch needle... does it have any special use?" Another famous doctor stood by Old Feng's side and asked in a soft voice. This time, Yang Ding also took a step closer towards Old Feng; he did not want to disturb Liu Feng diagnosing his daughter's illness but was also very curious why upon seeing Eight-inch needle, Old Feng, this extremely famous Chinese doctor in the country wou
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Chapter 4 Gunshot, I'm Peeing!
"He's actually so powerful!" Yang Ding understood completely this time that this young man whom he had hired was such an amazing figure. This time, Yang Ding remembered the last month when he had contacted the old deity of that caliber, he had said, "I will get my nephew to help you. As long as Xiao Feng is there, your troubles will cease to be no worries." Thinking till this point, Yang Ding laughed suddenly. Just now, he was still worrying but now thinking about himself, he wanted to laugh. Being praised by someone like the old deity; how could he not be capable? This time even a fella who despised Chinese medicine also said, "Even though I do not understand Chinese medicine, but this Mr. Liu, his understanding of the human anatomy is indeed very precise. If he would wish to learn Western medicine, he would definitely be a..." "You have to quieten down. Don't let me say this a second time.&q
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Chapter 5 I, I Have Not Lived Enough!
Ah... The youth in black covered his mouth with both hands and cried terribly. Because his lips were shot to the point of being disfigured, his front teeth had also dropped, and in the pitch-dark, his cries appeared terribly ear-piercing. "Shut up. If you continue shouting I will continue to bash you." Liu Feng continued to smile but his right hand that was carrying the gun picked it up again. Huh! The youth in black did appear docile. He actually truly controlled the wrecking pain and with a shout, suppressed his shouting. "Kao! Park Jun Shu, just this little backbone? Looking at you wimp I get angry! You deserve to get beaten!" Liu Feng scolded again and his gun bolt fell to the floor. Ping... Ka! This time the gun bolt smashed onto the teen in black, causing his shoulder blades to resound with a crack. Ah... A terrible cry resounded.
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Chapter 6 Take It That I Had "Taken Your Services"!
"There's a problem!" The next day, at around five thirty in the morning, Liu Feng, who was lying on the large soft bed opened his eyes lazily. His hearing was exceedingly sharp—the shattering of the glassware was clearly coming from the room opposite, and he even heard it. Following which, Liu Feng only used less than five seconds to change into his new clothes. He walked quickly to the front of the door, pulled open the room door and rushed out. In this process, Liu Feng almost did not utter any noise. This time, Liu Feng stood in front of Yang Shiwen's door, his left ear faintly twitching twice, and he then conveniently taking out needles one by one and jamming them into the keyhole. Ka! An extremely faint spring lock rang out and following which, a silhouette darted out; Liu Feng entered Yang Shiwen's room. Yesterday, the window glass that had been shattered by the bullet had already been replaced wit
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Chapter 7 Racing Car? Looking to Get Trashed?
"Hold it right there? Haha!" After leaving the house, Liu Feng quickly closed the door firmly, and then returned to his own room. Ka-Cha! Ka-Cha! Returning to his own room, he once again heard the smattering of glassware from the door opposite his; it seemed like Yang Shiwen had really been angered by Liu Feng, and was not just angry, but fuming—she was flinging items on the ground to vent her anger. "The First Miss throwing a tantrum, this is an illness which needs treating too!" Liu Feng muttered, and then put that audiomonitor to his eyes to look closely at it. After a split second, Liu Feng's eyes brightened up suddenly, and he held the audiomonitor tightly in his hand. "Might not be, that boss behind the scenes might really be able to give Park Jun Shu money three days later; if this audiomonitor was placed there by him, he would definitely know that I had treated Yang Shiwen, and then Park Jun Shu
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Chapter 8 Running a Red Light, Drifting
Puff! Tong Lei was hopping mad and even Xiaoxi's pretty face revealed anger. Yang Shiwen said coldly, "Liu Feng, don't brag about it; let's have a competition to set off from Xian Luo Mountain villa and take the ring road around the University of Science and Technology in Dongcheng High-Tech zone; the first to reach wins." "The most important thing is the placing of bets; Liu Feng, you're not saying that we are looking to get trashed?" Xiaoxi quickly added, "If you can't win us, then you are not allowed to be so aloof in front of us! We are all your seniors; you have to listen to whatever we say." "And if you lose?" Liu Feng asked in return. Tong Lei roared. "If we lose, then in future, we will acknowledge you as the big boss, and whatever you say, we will listen!" "If I ask you to eat sh*t, would you also eat sh*t?" Liu Feng asked, laughing
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Chapter 9 In Future, Ke Da Will Only Have One Brother Feng
"Don't feel sad; losing to me is not an embarrassing thing at all." Liu Feng said. Yang Shiwen, "..." "Let's do things this way—you call me "brother" once, and I will not take into account the issue of betting on this anymore. How about that?" Liu Feng asked. Yang Shiwen, "..." Ten minutes later, the 911 Liu Feng had been driving was still advancing rapidly with a speed of over 200 km per hour and it was increasing rapidly in speed and was also nearing 240. As he had said, the Ford Mustang, and the Maserati, no matter how fast they were, after the delay of 99 seconds, would not be able to catch up with him. The 911, speeding the way, attracted the attention of scores of people. Many luxurious cars still wanted to race the 911, but gave up after a short time. "I'm not wrong right; Shiwen, your two friends are too weak. I could not even see their f
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Chapter 10 Just Drink a Bit More Wine in a Moment
Domineering and overbearing—these two words, used on Liu Feng now, could not be more suitable. Of all the students who had crowded around to watch, the men had been so stupefied by Liu Feng's overbearing demeanor that they felt oppressed, while the girls were completely and helplessly smitten by Liu Feng's domineering behavior—even those smitten who saw Liu Feng; their glances were already shining with pink stars. Screech! Just at this time, the rushed brakes screeched and Tong Lei's Ford Mustang and Xiao Xi's Maserati had arrived. "Liu Feng, you ran the red light just now. You, you, you, even though I admit that you drove very quickly and your drifting skills were also terrific. Why, why is someone crouching there?" Tong Lei had just gotten down the car and was thinking of how he should be finding an excuse for his own car racing but he was tripped by Sun Chengfeng and almost fell over. Following which,
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