Journey to the last Werewolf Pack

Journey to the last Werewolf Pack

By:  Mia E Rivers  Ongoing
Language: English
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Imagine if you were the only one of your kind left in the world. Would you hide at home and blend in with humans? Becca is determined to find other survivors like her, even though she knows that werewolves have been wiped out. After years of searching, she finally finds Jason, who is thrilled to meet another werewolf but thinks that the idea of finding others or his mate is laughable. However, Becca manages to convince him to go on a journey with her, and they soon face unexpected challenges. Will they be able to find a pack and a peaceful home? Will the two strangers become friends, or their attraction is too strong to deny? And what if, at the end of their journey, they find their mates?

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Emma Silver
another independent, strong female lead from this author. I love it already.
2023-11-03 14:46:36
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Veronica Kristiansson
Great so far!
2023-10-09 22:00:14
28 Chapters
01 Is he?
Becca We can’t be the last ones. I repeat in my head as the stomping of my boots echoes through the long corridor. I run with excited steps alongside band posters on the walls with an occasional ramification or door. This stadium is like most others, so it’s easy to find my way around, even though this is my first time here with my sound crew and a band I met two months ago. I’m in a city I’ve never been to before, and I run towards someone I don’t know, who claims to have found my lost cardigan at a Diner. The few hundred meters from the mixing console where I work to the back door are decreasing at a steady pace. I know I didn’t leave any cardigan anywhere because I don’t own any. I only wear hoodies or leather jackets. The person who claims to have my cardigan knows it’s a lie. I know it’s a lie, but still, I’m running to meet him. Why? Because I haven’t met another werewolf since I was 13, and I certainly hope he is one. My bracelets jingle together as I quicken my steps, h
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02 He is
Becca I’m giddy with excitement all through rehearsal. I’ve met another werewolf. I can’t believe it. Every five minutes, my hand flies to my back pocket to take out my phone and text him, but I resist the temptation. I need to focus and finish with each band member as quickly as possible. Scott, the lead, has been a pain in my ass since day one. At first, he said I couldn’t be his sound engineer because men have better hearing, and he knows I will fuck up his tour. His manager convinced him to ‘give me one night so that I can prove myself’. Like I need to prove anything to anyone, I’ve been working on concerts for six years, and my reputation succeeds me. I have a team of the best technicians, and there has never been a complaint on any of the shows I did. Thanks to my werewolf hearing, I can detect any problem before anybody else hears it; I can easily balance all the speakers from my stage and distinguish each instrument regardless of the arena's size. I can choose which tour I
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03 Are we?
Becca The show is about to end, and I reach for my phone to text Jason Juice. I gotta stop calling him that. Why does he hate his name? I offered him tickets or even to get backstage, but he politely said he wasn’t into rock music and he was actually going to a club to see a DJ’s show. I pouted my lips at that, but we agreed to meet after I packed up things here. We had a great time chatting through dinner, and I got used to his cocky sway of talking, his shining earpiece and the way he checked his phone quite often. I get back to the hotel to drop off my work stuff and get my Eastpak springer to carry my phone, wallet, and key. I can easily swing it through my head in wolf form to keep it around my neck. When he doesn’t reply, I look up the DJ and take an Uber to get me to the club. The enormity of my mistake washes over me the moment I exit the car. I turn to get back and leave, but as the street is flooded with people leaving the club, someone takes the car right away. I tenta
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04 Us wolves
Becca My heartbeat pounds in my ears like a drum as I turn away. Shaky breaths leave Bliss’ jaw as she sits back on her hind legs. Is Jason as excited as I am? Is he trembling like a leaf as I am? Anticipation is killing me as I wait for him to shift. The moon is so bright tonight that my eyes burn after staring at it for too long, leaving a crescent shape in my vision when I close my eyes. Finally, a snout nudges my side, and I brace my muscles to keep me straight as I turn. Makya's dark blue eyes shine like crystals in the dark, and his fur is onyx-black, barely reflecting the moonlight. ‘Bliss?’ I ask, admiring how magnificent he is. His chest puffed out, his ears listening intently; he is a predator. Even without moving an inch, I can see how his muscles are built to hunt, to run, to fight. Bliss steps closer, scenting him. His scent of pine tree and rosehip. ‘Not mates,’ she sighs sadly. ‘He is so gorgeous, though.’ I exhale a sigh of relief. I won’t be rejected tonight.
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05 A pack
Becca Completely exhausted, I fell asleep during the drive to Jason’s home, even with the warming morning sun burning through the window. “Becca,” he nudges my shoulder carefully, and when my head falls to the side, he catches it with his hand. Warmth spreads as he caresses under my eye with his thumb. “Becca?” he asks again. My eyes open slower than I’d like, and my moves are sleepy as I wake. “Hey,” sea-blue eyes greet me, and I swear the white freckles shine like diamonds. “Hey,” I croak and blink before I do something reckless and reach out to pull him closer. He lays back in his chair, dropping his hand from my face, when I lift my head. I yawn, looking around, dazed. Numbness paralyzes my right arm because I kept it at the wrong angle during my nap. Willing the sleepiness away, I scrape my eyes. I sigh nervously as I get out of the car and approach their home. It is the last house on the street, with a forest behind their backyard and crop fields on the side. I stand next
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06 Back to work
Becca “Smoke is coming from the stage,” a frightened voice bellows in my earpiece, and I immediately reach for the end of the console to turn it off. “Shut down everything,” I reply, jumping from my small stage to run towards the stage. “Get everyone off the stage. The main distributor is next to entrance B2,” I instruct my team and look towards that on the way. Two of my assistants rush to the door to find the main fuse and switch off the electricity in the whole arena. Someone shrieks as the arena darkens. The exit signs are the only lights, and we all turn on the flashlight on our phones to navigate in the dark. I can already smell the scent of overheated equipment and mutter a curse, hoping it won’t burst into flames. “Everyone, find an exit and leave,” I yell, my voice echoing through the empty walls. If an amplifier or a speaker catches on fire, it can start a chain of reaction, and the sound system can be damaged or burned down in a matter of minutes. I pick up my speed. N
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07 Jason
Jason The ground slips away beneath me as I jump over a stream. My leap is high and swift. Makya is stronger than he has ever been. My paws sink into the moist ground as I land on the other side of the stream, but I waste no time in pushing forward. The night is warm without any breeze. Fall can’t come soon enough to fill nature with fresh water. Makya has changed a lot ever since meeting Becca. His anger wormed into agitation and determination. We still shift and run each day, though not to burn off the anger but to build strength and agility. ‘We need to protect our mate,’ Makya explains to me, just like he does every day. ‘What mate?’ I ask. He confirmed that Becca isn’t our destined mate, so his reasoning confuses me. ‘We know there are other survivors. We will have a mate. Now focus,’ he orders as he stops. Soil and grass fill the space between the toes on Makya's paws as we slide to a stop. ‘What can you smell?’ he asks, and I inhale. As it turns out, we train not only our
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08 Some proof
Becca The comfort and ease of being home after a long tour are always so soothing. I’m on the road so much that I don’t rent an apartment. I spend most of the in-between time with my parents anyway. The kitchen is filled with the scents of my favorite foods, and falling back into the routine of living on a farm is like second nature to me. Despite having a lot to do before winter arrives, our years of experience make us efficient. The old log house, the garden, and the few animals around it are the places of most of my happy memories. After the years of the slaughter of our pack, we learned to grow our food and provide for ourselves. Dad started working as a delivery man, even though he had to be careful not to lift too heavy boxes and crates, while Mom worked in the local school. With three children, they’ve never been able to save enough money for college for all of us, but they supported us the best they could. Luckily, as werewolves, we don’t weaken much with age. My parents
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09 Family meeting
Becca I spent the last two weeks learning everything there is to know about how most packs operate and what differences they have. There are a lot. I found only two more packs where the reports mention any kind of protection spells, so there is hope for more of us. Even though the file my Mum showed me is the only report on the Crystal Ice Pack, the photos and drawings are wholly burned in my memory, I spent so many times watching them. The images of the Alpha family with Alpha Jack, Luna Astrid, the young Annalise, and two younger boys, Blake and Benjamin, are engraved in my heart- their smiles, their hopes, the mouth of the cave behind them. And the next photo, with all the members standing next to one another, shows a pack I’ve had once and dreamed about since. They are one big family. My heart stutters as I close the folder again and put it on the shelf. I’m ready. Ready to find them, to meet them, to be part of the Crystal Ice Pack. The realization chills me with both fear a
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Becca With my bags lined up by the wall, we sit in the kitchen again. Jason’s tense shoulders tell me everything. “To be honest, I thought I’d never see you again. The way your texts got so vague since you arrived home made me feel like you moved on to something else,” he says while I drink some juice to quench my parched throat. “I kind of felt the same from your side,” I reply, but add quickly: “I’ve been researching things I couldn’t share with you over the phone.” “I assume that research led you somewhere because you are here with all this camping stuff,” he looks at my giant backpack with narrowed eyes, which has several things hanging from hooks and nooks. “Yeah,” I laugh at the face he makes. “I’m not really the over-shopping type, but I couldn’t stop myself this time. Even though I’m a werewolf, we slept in tents on floatable mattresses during camping trips and mostly cooked our food. I don’t plan on living solely on raw meat while we travel. Do you?” “Urgh, no,” he repli
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