Kidnapped By The Ruthless Mafia

Kidnapped By The Ruthless Mafia

By:  Author Fredrick   Ongoing
Language: English
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*Kidnapped and desired so badly by the ruthless mafia* *** "Amanda, I think it's time for you to head upstairs to maybe release some "Stress." He slowly licked his lips, coating them with his salvia. I watched it happen, my core was basically shaking. I nodded my head innocently, I gently pushed past him but before I could leave he gripped my wrist. "I don't want to see you in this room ever again, understand my darling?" He leaned in towards me, whispering against my ear. "Because you won't like what will happen next", I felt my pussy wet as soon as I heard his words.

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23 Chapters
Chapter 1: The surgeon
"Dr. Amanda we have a code blue in Room 40." I sprinted over to the changing tables, my team helped me suit up. I made sure my gloves had no holes, my surgical gown was tightly wrapped around my body. "Mercy Johnson, a 25 year old female who has been battling a long battle with cardiovascular disease." My assistant nurse added as we hurried inside the room. The woman was already under anesthesia, all my tools were set up and ready for me to use. I connected her to a heart-lung bypass machine which will take over the functions of her heart and lungs while I do the surgery. It took me 14 years to get where I'm at right now, I've received many rewards for my skills. I was put in the headlines of every magazine as the best heart surgeon in the country, which meant I got a lot of people from all over the world. When they brought in the ice chest with the healthy heart, I wondered whose heart this belonged to. I always wonder, what happened to the person who's given their hearts away. Wha
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Chapter 2: Kidnapped
A memory of my mother passed through my mind, her words repeating. We'll meet again- I spun out of bed with a blanket over my chest, my breathing was heavy and my chest was rapidly moving up and down. I glanced around, the room was completely dark but I almost immediately noticed that this wasn't my room. She's his last hope, I remember everything now. I was kidnapped by a lunatic blonde women. I felt a soft material rubbing against my skin, I had on a black nightgown which I was not wearing when I was thrown in the back of a van. My foot slowly reached for the wooden floor, I instantly got the shivers from the coldness. I took many steps towards the closest window, I pecked out the huge window. It was daytime, I tried looking for any clue to where I was at but all I saw was trees and flowers. My ears perked at the sound of the door opening, I turned around just in time to face my kidnapper. Her blonde hair was swept in a high bun, and her clothes looked completely different than he
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Chapter 3: The lust
Vanessa had the same men that tossed me in the back of her van bring up my suitcases and my cat. Kitty was definitely curious about his new surroundings, he jumped on the rail near the window to do his daily sunbathing. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around thinking it was Vanessa but to my surprise it was one of the bulky men. “Sammie." His hand was out for me to shake, I glanced down at his rough hand that had cigarette burns all over. My soft hand took his, he gave my hand a little shake before pulling away. His hair was short and perfect styled and he had brown glasses on indicating he must be blind without them, he seemed normal compared to everyone else but you should never judge someone on looks. I turned back around to unpack more of my belongings, I could feel him staring at me still. "Vanessa wanted me to show you around." He told me. I dropped my clothes and looked out the window next to me trying to calm my nerves. "That would be amazing." I said. He walked ou
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Chapter 4: Dangerous game
I woke up before everyone else did, I sat outside on the table while drinking my tea. I watched the birds fly by and the flowers bloom in the wind, it was so beautiful here but then I remembered how much of a prisoner I am. My smile faded away as I put my mug up to my lips taking a sip of my healing tea, Vanessa left me a schedule in my room that Hudson follows while I was asleep last night. He should already be awake by now, I had to take notes of his heart movements, his strengths and weaknesses. I was dressed in my normal high waist pants and long sleeve shirt, I had very little makeup on and my hair was clipped back. People would take one look at me and call me boring, I'm just a simple girl with a simple life. I've tried dating in the past but my work has always in the way, I don't have time for love. I grabbed my examination bag and climbed up the stairs to his office, the smell of cannabis filled my nose. I rolled my eyes knowing exactly what was going on in his office, I bar
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Chapter 5: Crossbar
When I got back to my room I noticed the dresses laid out on my bed, I had a feeling Ryan dropped them off before he went to go see Hudson. The black mini dress caught my attention, I slowly picked it up aiming it towards the light bulb so I could see it better.I'd look good in this I shook that thought out of head, I laid it back on the bed and made my way over to the closet. I unclipped my bra and took off my underwear and grabbed my matching pair of white lacey undergarments. I lathered my body in lotion making sure my skin felt smooth, I also sprayed some perfume.I looked at my body through the long mirror I had in my room, I ran my hand across my flat stomach with my head tilting to the side.I pulled my black skinny jeans up my hips and tossed on a white tank tops with a tan fluffy cardigan. I braided my hair which fell just upon my shoulder, I looked nice and professional. I finished off my outfit with a pair of black flats and my everyday small pearl necklace. I added some ey
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Chapter 6: Redeemable
Something cold and damp was against my forehead, my fingers crawled up to feel what was. I pulled the cold cloth off my head while sitting up, my eyes glanced around my room till they landed on Hudson who was sleeping on my chair in the corner. Memories of last night's events flooded my mind, I softly touched my lips remembering how good his lips felt against mine."You're such a lightweight." His voice appeared slightly annoyed.Hudson's eyes suddenly fluttered open staring at my lips, I couldn't help to think he wanted to kiss them again."Sorry, I don't know what happened. I normally can handle my liquor." I told him.This was awkwardMy body was naked under the sheets and my hair was puffy, I held the sheets tighter around my body. "No I'm the one that's sorry, last night was unprofessional on both our parts. It can't happen again." He says.I watched him carefully, there were sweat beads against his forehead, his breathing was uneven with his chest was heaving up and down, it was
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Chapter 7: Oral Stimulation
It was much later now, I read for a couple hours brainstorming what Ryan could possibly have meant by that. Through all my years of learning about body language and the human mind not once have I been confronted with a situation like this. It's deranged and monstrous almost, kidnapped to be someone's doctor and his best friend falls head over heels for me, that would definitely cause some type of conflict.I grabbed my medical bag before heading downstairs, I definitely had all my walls held up high today.Vanessa was sitting at the table with a magazine, her eyes swiftly glanced up at me."Where's Hudson?" I asked.She stands up dusting off her lap, Vanessa was definitely a beautiful women. She wasn't built like a little boy like me, she had a curvy waist with a nice ass and a huge chest unlike my flat chest. She screamed powerful a woman while I screamed teenage boy."A birdie told me that my brother and you have been getting very close recently." She walks circles around me, I held
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Chapter 8: Make Love To Me
Last night I got zero sleep, I kept thinking about what Hudson and I did. It was unprofessional and wrong yet it felt so right, I wanted more of him but I couldn't let him know that. I felt sexy and powerful, two feelings I've never felt before. This morning I have to do a close up exam on him and my body has been jiggly nonstop.I stared at myself through my mirror with my head tilted, I have light features and dark brown hair, and long legs with a slim waist. I hide my body under all these clothes, it's what I've always done. I'm a woman living in a man's world, in order for people to take me seriously in my line of business I have to put on a strong front everyday but today I didn't want to. I stripped off my clothes revealing my granny panties and sports bra, I walked over to my closet pulling out a matching pair of undergarments.Just put it on, Amanda, I told myself.I took my granny panties off and pulled up the black thong, I wiggled around from the weird feeling it gave me. I
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Chapter 9: His Scar
My eyes fluttered open to the bright sun hitting my face, I softly brushed back pieces of my hair away from my cheek while turning on my back. I winched at the sudden jab of pain between my legs, memories of last night entered my mind. My eyes slowly trailed over to a peacefully sleeping Hudson, he was laying on his stomach with his blonde hair covering some of his face.This man was truly beautiful, his features were sharp and gentle yet his eyes were filled with so much pain.He's a patientI ranked my fingers through my hair, sexual frustration controlled my entire body last night. I tried my best sitting up without making any sound but the bed kept squeaking so I stayed completely still not wanting to wake him up and face the embarrassment.I spotted his scar, my fingers glided across the huge mark. Scars tell stories some are deeper than others, my scars appear in my mind and his physically. I was focused on memorising every curve and bump against his body that I didn't notice he
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Chapter 10: The Contract
I made my way downstairs to the dark dining room, the lit candles were the only source of light. I was dressed in my dark green pj pants and matching tank top. It was ten at night, I wasn't going to get all dressed up especially if he's simply in his pjs as well. I sat next to him at the table, at first he didn't see me till I pulled the chair back.I crossed my legs while staring at him with a doubting look, I've never really been one to be shy. I'm quite the opposite of that actually."The food was starting to get cold." He said."Good." I commented as I propped my elbow over the table while leaning my chin against the palm of my hand.He shakes his head with a small smile, I was trying my best to be serious because he did actually hurt my feelings this morning."I want to have a contract with you." He says.My eyes glared at his, a contract? This isn't some fifty shades of grey kink, is it?"A contract?""Exactly, it just ensures that our sex means nothing but satisfaction." Hudson
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