Killing My Ex-Lover

Killing My Ex-Lover

By:  Pinktulips  Ongoing
Language: English
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***MATURE 18+*** Olivia Carol White, she was a normal 18 years old teenage girl that just graduate high school. Because of her careless action she has been abducted and being pushed to the mafia world. 7 years had passed, she turns into a ruthless, cold-hearted and vicious assassin. Until one day, she finally got to see the person she hate the most. The one who caused her to be a part of this mafia. The difference is there won't be any laughing and hugging cause this time, she have been assigned to kill him. Yes, she have to kill her ex-lover.

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39 Chapters
Chapter 1
Olivia Carol White.That name had died along with my souls.My friends think I'm dead, my parents think I’m dead. So basically everyone I knew thinks I was dead. The truth is, I'm still perfectly alive.The sound of a gunshot rings my ear, I snapped back to reality. "Why do you always do that?!"  I turned around and glared at my partner. I was supposed to shot him first but he beat me to it. He looked at me innocently."I thought you needed a backup." I rolled my eyes and continue my walk. I loaded my gun and hid behind the wall. I looked at Drake my partner who walked past me and shoot the men with ease. I looked at him in disbelief."Ever heard of patience?" He turns to me and smirked. Ignoring his smirk, I quickly find the men that we have been assigned to kill."Matthew! Where is he?!" I yelled at Matthew, the tech guy over my earpiece. "Keep walking then turns left; when you see a metal door, you're at the right
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Chapter 2
"Finally home!" Drake said once we got inside our house. I rolled my eyes at his childishness. Austin turned his head and looked at us while sitting on the couch. "Hey guys, how’s the mission?"Drake walked to the couch and plopped himself on it. "Easy as usual." I scoffed and went to the kitchen to make some drinks. Taking out a can of soda, I walked back to the living room and settled myself on the couch."Where’s Matthew?" I asked. Austin raised his brows at me. "Why?""I need to have a word with him." Austin leans forward, resting his elbow at his knees while narrowing his eyes at me. "You were going to admit your feeling to him?" I threw the pillow that is next to me and aim it at his face.Austin and drake only laughed seeing my reaction. "You guys are such an asshole." I got up and decided to head to my room to take a nice warm shower. "Hey, where are you going?""To infinity and beyond," I said to Austin. He chuckled hearing my
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Chapter 3
"Wake up Ruby!!" Someone banging my door. I groan loudly. "Shut up!""We have to go remember!" My eyes shot up glaring at the ceiling who did nothing wrong. "I'll be downstairs in a minute!" I sighed as I hear Drake's footsteps walking away. I rubbed my face and eventually get up. Talking a quick shower, I head to my closet to get dress. I settled myself with a white tank top, black ripped jeans, a black leather jacket, and black heels boots.What can I say? I come to love black.I took my gun inside the drawer and tuck it at my back. Same with the knives, the first one, I hide it inside my boots. The second one, I hide inside my jacket. I brush my hair and let it loose freely till it reaches my waist. Grabbing my phone from the bedside table, I head downstairs making my way to the kitchen.There I found Emily behind the stove cooking breakfast. Drake, Matthew, and Blake are seated eating breakfast."Took you long enough!" Drake dramatically said.
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Chapter 4
"Hey calm down Ruby," Drake assured me once we were out from his office. "I can’t okay! He’s the one who wants him dead but he doesn’t have any idea of his location. I mean Benjamin Castro could probably be in Mexico sipping tequila but we can’t go there. There are guards everywhere. Going there to kill him is like a suicide mission and he should at least give us an idea or something!" I ran my fingers to my hair feeling frustrated."I know we’ll figure it out.""Of course we will or not we’ll be dead too." I snapped.Drake and I drove back home and start figuring out Benjamin's location. I quickly head to my room and plopped on my bed. Getting up, I changed my outfit into comfortable ones. Taking out my laptop, I lean to the headboard of my bed and start searching about Benjamin Castro.I don’t know how long I sat in the bed searching for his location. All I know is once I looked to the window it’s starting
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Chapter 5
I pack all the stuff that I need inside my bag because today Drake and I are going to Los Angeles. Matthew has sent me the location of his wife's house. It's in the suburban area. To be exact is in El Segundo. I just hope everything that I found is right."Packing your stuff already?" Knowing the owner of the voice, I didn't turn around but a smile creeps on my face."What do you think?" An arms circle my waist, hugging me from the back. A sigh escapes my lips."Are you okay?""I’m fine, I just felt like something will go wrong." Blake turns me around. "Listen to me ruby, we call you ruby for a reason. Ruby means a precious jewel, a rare stone. You are precious Ruby, the reason Moretti send you is that you are the best assassin here and everyone wants you to be their assassin. Trust me, you don’t have anything to worry about.""I hope you’re right. By the way, where did you find that word? In Google?" Blake rolls his eyes.
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Chapter 6
"Are you sure this is going to work?" Drake said as we are on our way to El Segundo the location Matthew sent me."Positive.""What if she doesn’t believe us?""Drake relaxes, as long as we keep calm and act like we don’t have any idea of who they are, we’ll be fine," I said as I’m applying red lipstick to my lips."Fine, I trust you." Smacking my lips together as I look through the mirror of my compact powder. Once I’m done I close the powder and turned to Drake. "Everything will be fine, I’ll do the talking you will just follow my lead okay?""I’m really not good at undercover but okay." The driver announced to us that we have arrived at the place. I got out and straighten my skirt and blazer. I make my way to the front door with Drake beside me. Pressing the doorbell, we waited till she opens the door.A few minutes later, the door opens revealing a petite woman in her late thirty. She looked at u
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Chapter 7
Tucking the gun at the waistband of my jeans, I grab my knife and tuck it in my heels boots. I wore my leather jacket and applied red lipstick to my lips. What can I say? You have to kill in style."You’re done?" Drake walked into my room wearing ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and white sneakers. I raised my eyebrow looking at his shoes. "Sneakers? Really?"He shrugs "What? I came to like it.""Where're your boots? You usually use them.""Nah, I look old wearing boots." I rolled my eyes at him. "Whatever you say. Now come on let’s go."We are currently at our house in Los Angeles. Michael had provided everything we need every time we go out for a mission. So we wouldn’t be staying at a hotel. It will be much more easier and efficient especially if you bring a gun, not just one but a lot. I took my key cars and walked to the garage. We both decided to drive our car to incase someone notices one of us. Entering my black Chevrolet C
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Chapter 8
"I told you no eyewitness!" he slams his fist to the table. It has been 2 days since we kill benjamin. Michael was happy when he found out benjamin was dead but he was also angry when he found out there’s an eye-witnessed. He then quickly called us to fly to Italy.Now I’m currently in his office alone with him. He told Drake to wait outside cause he only wanted to talk to me. I looked at him blankly. "It’s not like we have an option." Michael's head snapped to me, glaring at me hard. "Then why didn’t you kill him?" I remained silent because he was right, why didn’t I kill him? I kept asking myself that."Ruby I want you to find him and kill him because you’re the one who fucked up!"I scoffed "I fucked up? If only you knew Benjamin's location earlier, we wouldn’t go undercover as a fucking design interior to find his location!" by now the two of us are glaring hard at each other. Since the day he kidnapped me, we never
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Chapter 9
Bursting inside the house, I quickly make my way to my room. Ignoring the calls from my friend. I took my duffle bag and threw all my things and the file in there. I open my laptop and book a flight to Los Angeles. I didn’t bring any gun with me since I’m not using the jet. Bringing the laptop with me,  I head downstairs and find a furious-looking Drake."What the fuck?! You fucking leave me?!" he burst. Keeping my face expressionless, I looked at him blankly. "What? Are you scare? Do you need a teddy bear?"The tension in the room grew to make it tenser. "What’s the matter? You two never fight." Blake said."Nothing, everything is fine." I walked past Drake but he held my arm."Where do you think you’re going?" his voice is cold. I answer with the same tone. "None of your business." I yank my arms from his grasp and walked out of the house after telling the taxi driver to wait."Where are you going?!" I ignore them and
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Chapter 10
Arriving at the building with my Porsche, I stepped out and gave my car keys to the valet. I walked inside the hotel, I could see a few people are looking at me. Making my way to the ballroom, I could feel myself getting anxious.Come on, I can do this! Taking a deep breath, I stepped into the ballroom graciously. People are looking at me as I walked into the ballroom. I head to the bar, grabbing a glass of champagne with me. The men in this room are eyeing me as if I’m their prey. I mentally roll my eyes at it."Hello, what’s your name?" I turn to my right to see a tall handsome man is looking at me lustfully. I smile politely at him. "Hailey." He outstretched his hands and I shook it. "Pleasure to meet you, I have never seen you before." His thumb caressing my hand. If we are not in this room with people watching over, I sure as hell will break his fingers into pieces. Drawing my hand back, I took my champagne and drink it."I&rsqu
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