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When passion knows no reason…. Three years ago, Lara Anderson made the worst mistake of her life. The prospect of being Christophe Moreau's mistress was just too hot for her to handle, so she opted for the safety of marriage to Randall instead. Now Lara is a widow and faced with the unthinkable: she needs Christophe's help or her father will go to jail. Christophe is suggesting a deal that will give him what he always wanted: Lara’s body. She must be his for three months! But Lara can't give in to Christophe's demands. To let him possess her body and soul will be to give him the ultimate revenge… because he will discover that after three years of marriage, she is still… untouched!

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always great with everything.. if I'm not mistake, for once i read one of your story "i only want you". but now its not in your list anymore
2023-10-09 00:30:43
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I can't fully express my admiration for you Emma Swan. You really are the best. I can hardly put down each of your books. I never regret everything I spent on your books. Stay safe and keep on writing
2023-07-07 15:05:19
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Yoko Fabella
Emma, ive read MOST of your books posted on this app. Its short, but very precise, character development wise for the leads, it was very good. Some chapters have amazing cliff hangers you wouldnt want to miss. Def every penny spent on this app is worth it reading your books. Keep it up!
2023-05-12 15:09:45
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Traci Williams
Another great book from this author. I have no idea how they pack so much character development and plot into a relatively quick read. Another book I couldn’t put down.
2022-11-16 22:45:16
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Clavek Binendagano
you are my best writer on this app. keep up with the lovely novels.
2022-11-15 18:48:04
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Katlyn Graciale
Another absolutely amazing short story by this author. Seriously I haven't disliked any of ur books I have read yet and look forward to reading more of them....Awesome job as always, I loved it!!!!
2022-09-18 21:14:28
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so im not sure if I have given reviews to all your books but letting you know that you have always been consistent with how you work your magic with your books. I think I said it on anither review,ill say it again, short novels are your forte and talent. you just know how to write them.
2022-08-04 02:34:55
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This is yet another great book of yours. Fast paced storyline with a great plot. Written well and causing me to want more of this book. Keep up the awesome work author I’m reading down your list.
2022-01-03 11:43:32
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Solomon Agbayani Jr.
very nice story, another thumbs up author
2021-11-15 01:04:29
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Alina Teodora Oprisan
Great story!
2021-10-03 01:24:07
user avatar
Tamara Gopaul Knib
wow am loving it and looking forward to each update. thank you my favorite Author ...
2021-09-23 06:04:23
31 Chapters
          Black as the darkest night hair against a crisp linen pillow, brown skin against a blindingly white sheet, and tiger’s eyes burning with deliberate cruelty and triumph into hers.          In horrified rejection of the imagery that had sprung into her mind, Lara Anderson shuddered violently, dimly aware that she was still in the grip of severe shock.          Abruptly, she was dredged from her turmoil by the insistent shrill of the telephone in the hall. Reluctantly she answered the summons, carefully shutting the lounge door behind her so that her father was not disturbed.“Lara...?”          She froze, her stunningly beautiful face white as snow between the silken wings of her blonde hair. Her breath caught in her throat in a strangled gasp. The r
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           Liza had been totally useless, absolutely hysterical somewhere in the background. Lara had found herself in a private ambulance, accompanied not by her friend but by Christophe.“She will follow in my car,” he had asserted, getting in the way of the paramedics while simultaneously telling them what to do.           Lara just hadn’t had the strength to fight Christophe Moreau off that day. Her head had been aching fit to burst and her stomach churning with nausea. She had shut her eyes to escape, telling herself that this explosive and domineering stranger was simply attempting to make amends for an accident that hadn’t been his fault in the first place.          She had been taken to a clinic, subjected to an alarmingly thorough examination against her will, and tucked into a bed in a very expe
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           With an inner shudder of distaste, Lara stepped out of the elevator, outraged by the direction of her thoughts. She had come here without allowing herself to think of what she had to face at journey’s end but the eerie familiarity of her surroundings was like a razor twisting inside her.          Three years ago, Lara had stalked along this corridor in a rage to confront Christophe Moreau. And even this length of time after the event it was quite impossible for her to explain how she had very nearly ended up in his bed.          The two of them... like animals… Her clothing half off, his hands on her body, her hands on his… Obscene, she reflected with a stab of revulsion. And had it not been for the noisy entrance of the chambermaid into the lounge next door to the bedroom, that disgusting incident might’ve gone
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“Never!”          Lara gasped breathlessly, searing his dark, savage visage with all the tortured fury of her discomfiting and powerless position.“The very image of you touching me again makes me feel physically sick!”“One lesson wasn’t enough for you, was it?” Christophe murmured huskily, narrowed eyes raking over her outraged features. “Don’t you remember how it was like when I made love to you?”“That wasn’t love!” Lara vented fiercely. “That was pure, unadulterated lust! Nothing more!”“And you have a problem with that... I don’t,” Christophe confided in a silky-smooth voice.          And then, with a sardonic laugh, he released her when she was least expecting the gesture and thrust her carelessly back from him. Lara was trembling in cons
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          Lara didn’t need another invitation. On unsteady legs, she backed out in haste. Out in the corridor, she closed her eyes and breathed in slowly and deeply. She felt hurt, alone, worthless, and the sensations were intense.          Christophe confused her, cast her into turmoil. He still had this power. They were opposites in every way but just for a strange and highly disturbing moment, she had recognized an utterly inexplicably glimpse of empathy.          When she saw that, Lara had wanted to put her arms around him. Crazy! Unbelievable! Just one of those mad tricks of the mind when one’s emotions were on a high...          ‘After all, would I pet an enraged tiger plotting to put me on his menu?’ Lara thought.       
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          She kept the car waiting an hour. Lara packed as though she was going away for the weekend. In the back of her mind, a voice kept on talking… scolding her…            ‘You can’t be doing this... You can’t have agreed…’“Three months… This is going to be pure hell,” she whispered and lifted a photo of Randall off the nightstand and stared at it tautly.          It had been taken the day he opened the photo studio. He was wearing a suit… so unusual. A slim, fair man of medium height with gentle brown eyes.“It doesn’t matter to me... That sort of thing isn’t really important,” Randall had soothed when she sobbed out her shame and despair after that dreadful afternoon when she had almost ended up s
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          Silence fell. Since Christophe wasn’t a man easily silenced, Lara looked up. He cleared his throat, tension thrumming from his poised stance by the window.“I want you to pretend to be my fiancée.”          She couldn’t hide her astonishment.“Why?”“I have my reasons,” he parried, the anger gone and replaced by a set gravity that disturbed her.“If I have to play this role, I don’t see why you can’t tell me…”“I’ll tell you only this,” he breathed shortly, his golden eyes grim and distant as he studied her. “I’ve been estranged from my father for some years and now he’s dying. I wish to spend some time with him and, in order for me to do so, I need a fiancée to accompany me to his home.”  &n
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          Lara woke up from a long, dreamless sleep, wonderfully relaxed. And then she opened her eyes. Christophe was less than six inches away. Dark golden eyes raked mockingly over her startled face. And so, the relaxation vanished and tension took its place.“I don’t think a woman has ever fallen asleep waiting for me before. You could be seriously bad for my ego…”          With a falsely bright smile on her lips, she sat up.“Good gracious, is that the time?” she gasped. “Why didn’t you wake me?”          Christophe dealt her a genuinely amused smile that quite transformed his powerful dark features. He anchored one hand in the tumbled fall of her blonde hair before she could take evasive action and pulled her head closer to his.“Don’t worry
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          She looked at Christophe trying to understand the reason for such evilness on his part. ‘Don’t cry, Lara! Don’t you dare crying!’ she encouraged herself.“Why do you have to be so cruel? Why do you treat me this way?”          Her voice was strangely steady, but she was dying inside.“I have a photographic memory of you walking down the aisle in your virginal white dress to marry another man!” Christophe raked back at her.“Well, I still don’t understand why should that have bothered you? You didn’t want to marry me!”“That annoyed you, did it?” he incised.“I hated you, Christophe... How could it? And I certainly had no desire to be your traveling whore!”“Excuse me?”          He looked
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          Lara sank back to the present and found her fingers shakily touching her lips. She saw more clearly now than she had seen then. Just as Christophe had, ironically, seen more as an outsider looking on.          Christophe alone had registered the lack of sexual tension between her and Randall. But Christophe had cynically misread her behavior. He had believed she was using Randall as a weapon against him, using Randall and her fast-approaching wedding to pressure him into offering her more. And in return, Christophe had used her father’s company to balance the equation.          Taking the cellphone from the table, Lara called Dr. Elliott to ask about her father and was relieved to hear that her father was still angrily insisting that he had had no thought of harming himself but that he was, nonetheless, greatly pleased
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