Chapter 40 Chaos


I haven't got the foggiest idea, but Craig spends more time with me than usual. Is this what he said we should try? Is he earnest about it?

But who am I to question that? Is this not what I want in the first place? Why would I turn away when the impossible becomes possible?

"Do you want to order anything else?" He asked me as the waiter who was standing waiting without saying anything.

"I'm good, Craig. How about you?" I said and asked with a smile as I raised my face and lowered the menu.

We are now at a restaurant going to have our early dinner.

"That's all for now." He turned to the usher in front of him.

Craig focused on me after the man left to tend our order.

"So... how's your study?"

"All good, even though we are swamped with all the activities and stuff," I explained while looking sternly at him. Why is that? Whenever he's with me, the image of Cara always enters. Is it because they look alike?

"I may melt, Daphne, how you look at me." I was caugh
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