Finding Myself

Finding Myself

By:  Ezra St, James  Completed
Language: English
3 ratings
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Liam is a runaway, who is trying to make a better life away from his abusive family, and has to continue to run

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Michael Bennett
A well written story dealing with family, bullying, disabilities, diversity & homophobia. A great read.
2022-11-28 06:18:23
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Annmarie Gleeson
what the hell wheres the story advertised
2021-03-13 19:22:48
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Angie Janes Smith
One of the greatest I’ve read in all my life
2020-08-26 12:48:48
14 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Jace, it's time to get up," my older brother, Jacob, says coming into my bedroom.Groaning I push myself up with my arms to a sitting position. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes with the heel of my hands before leaning over the side of my bed to grab the arm rests of my wheelchair pulling it closer to my bed before locking the brakes on the wheels.
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Chapter 2
As she reaches us, Drake places his own backpack on both arms before he bends down, taking me in his arms bridal style. Gasping in surprise, instantly I wrap my arms around his neck, clutching onto him as I bury my head into his neck.Drake chuckles at me as he adjusts his hold on me as we pass Mrs. Peacock. "Haven't had to do this in a few years," he chuckles out as we head to our next class.
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Chapter 3
Before Drake can explode on his friend, I don't want to be the cause of him losing a friend, I quickly say, "I have a sports wheelchair that I use on ramps, pipes and obstacles. I'm not as good as my brother or Drake but I do alright."Taking a deep breath while ignoring Bianca's shocked look that I talked to Archer in a higher voice than a whisper I continue. "I might not be physically able to ride a board like Drake or a BMX bike like my brother but I'm one of the few people in the United States who can ride the chairs like
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Chapter 4
Once off the ramp I gently pump the foot rest into the back of Drake's legs. "Hey D," I say backing away from him as he turns. His grin is as wide as my own."Hey J, ready man?" I nod and Drake turns his attention to Jacob. "See you there in an hour looser," he says jokingly. Jacob and Drake have become friends the last couple of years since Drake and I are always together.
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Chapter 5
I was released from the hospital three weeks ago after spending two days there. I was released early Monday afternoon. Must to Drake's disappointment I made him go to school Monday morning promising that he could pick me up when I was released. Drake and Archer stayed the whole weekend with me. Archer had also helped talk D into going to school that morning. I was allowed to attend school two weeks ago per dad.Drake, Archer and Bianca visited every day and always brought me my homework so I did
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Chapter 6
Drake and Archer stayed the whole weekend with me. Archer had also helped talk D into going to school that morning. I was allowed to attend school two weeks ago per dad.Drake, Archer and Bianca visited every day and always brought me my homework so I didn't fall behind. They would usually hang for a few hours before going their homes to do their own work. With Kevin and his two idiot friends, all three were brought up on charges and are in sitting in jail awaiting trial.
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Chapter 7
"I'm having a little chat with mom when we arrive this weekend," Annaliese states irritated. "It's not like you have the flu that you can give Gavin, you're you and she should love you for who you are, not punishing you for who you are.""Please don't because if you do that you know she won't let you guys see him either, she'll see it as you agree with my being a sin," I plead with my siblings with my best puppy dog eyes trying to hold back the tears at the same time.
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Chapter 8
Finally after loading dad's truck with everyone's surf boards and my sports wheelchair we're at the ocean, parked in the parking lot and unloading the truck. Everyone else is pulling their wet suits on, I put mine on before we left the house, I lay my board across my legs as I stare out at the water."Dude, stop spacing, we're ready to go," Archer says slapping me gently on the shoulder.
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Chapter 9
Noelle, Jacob, Gavin, Annalise, Abigale and Amelia stand as does Archer as I turn myself around to face her fully to try and be aware of her movements. "Mom, knock it off, you never said I couldn't bring Gavin anywhere to see Jace, you just said he couldn't see Gav at your house," Noelle says walking towards our mother."Noelle Marie Harrison, you know damn well that I don't want that abomination around my baby boy," she screams at Noelle, who doesn't back down from mom, as she points at me.
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Chapter 10
Archer lays down on his back under the covers that he holds for me to crawl in next to him before I settle my head on his chest, an arm over his stomach and a leg twined with his as he gently rubs his hand up and down my arm."I'm sorry you had to come up and help put him to bed tonight since he originally wanted just me to do so," Archer says quietly.
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