Chapter 39 Missing One Another

I didn't realize how many days, weeks, and months went by. Cara and I became like we used to from the beginning, okay as a sister-in-law and friends, but that was it, killing and putting aside whatever building-up feelings I harbored for her 'cause I knew it was running nowhere.

I knocked off myself on studying, being with my friends, and hanging out with Zammy, which was also a big help.

Furthermore, finally, I mastered how to drive and could leave the house alone with the car that Cara gave me.

Now and then, I go to a place by myself to disentangle everything that is alarming me.

I also noticed that Eroz doesn't seem to be visiting the Mansion. We no longer have secret foursome dates. I don't want to ask Craig if he and Eroz have a problem until one night.

"Daphne.." He called me with his hoarse voice. The spirit of liquor was so evident that I held back, contemplating if it was a good thing to have a chat with him.

"Do you still love me?" He mumbled, approaching. "Are you alrigh
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