Chapter 42 Drown In Despair


I am again in a bar, having a moment with booze in my hand. If my liver could only speak, perhaps it may be yelling at me already.

My mind speaks against my heart. My heart says to go and fight for Daphne, while my head says otherwise.

Why can't they agree on one thing for a break? So I could ease myself from floundering like shit.

"I knew it. You are drinking again, Cara. What do you get after this? A headache? or heartache? What?"

"What do you want, Kazzy? Didn't I successfully close the deal earlier? How did you find me?"

"I set a tracking app on your phone, dumbass." She said, laughing, which made me smirk at her.

"What? The hell you're doing that?" I asked in disbelief.

"I already did, Cara. You.. What are you doing to yourself? Why not just be honest and talk to her? Say whatever is inside your heart."

"And then what? Easy for you to say it 'cause you are not in my position." I fired back after a sip of my drink.

"At least you did something rather than not do
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