Chapter 43 Fading Hope


When I woke up, I was already in bed without knowing how I ended up here.

I was holding my head as I was about to open my eyes. Shit! Did I drink that much last night?

My head hurts, but my heart breaks even more. I'm sure I love Daphne, but we don't feel the same way.

My thoughts were interrupted when my phone rang. It was Kazzy, maybe it's essential, so I answered.

"Hello-" I wasn't even finished when she excitedly greeted me with news.

"You won't believe it, but someone wants to invest in our company!" There is a trace of satisfaction in her voice.

I am very grateful to Kazzy because our hardships have paid off in the company we built.

All my efforts are for Craig. So that he can be free to love whoever he wants and not have to follow our parents' will.

Even if we lose everything, my company will sustain us.

I even proved that I was doing the right thing when I found out that I was the reason why he couldn't give up our inheritance.

The company has no value t
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