Author: Ansh Marie Toperz


As I stepped out of my room, I was thrilled to see Cara heading out. We were so engrossed in our own thoughts that we accidentally collided.

Our eyes locked, and in that moment, time seemed to stand still. Without a word, Cara drew nearer, and before I knew it, we were wrapped in a warm embrace, sharing a heartfelt kiss.

This was only my second kiss, but Cara is the first girl I've ever kissed. The moment's magic left me wondering why it felt so irresistible yet undeniably fantastic!

I could feel her avidity as her lips moved on mine, and I couldn't deny that I liked it. It made me retaliate. Her taste caused me to be weak, trapped in its underlying love spell.

Why?! Why do I feel like I'm being cradled in a cloud?

I wanted to push her, but my body froze. The back of my mind was protesting, telling me that it wasn't right, but my traitor self seemed to surrender and did not want to stop the moment.

Her hand slightly squeezes my waist, causing what seems to be electrified. I like it too. That's killing me.

Why?! Why am I so excited for her?

Her touch made me ask for more.

"We can't do this. This is amiss..." I said softly at the same time as I disentangled from her touch, pushing her away. Our tearful eyes met.

"This is wrong, Cara. Your brother is my husband. It's not right between us to have something we might regret." I managed to say in a low tone but screaming inside.

"Do you think I'm not aware?! Numb?! Huh!? Daphne. You have no idea how I tried so hard not to sense the feelings of..." She halted from there... Focusing her sight on me.

"I scarcely come home anymore. Mostly spend my time outside, where your presence is out, but motherfucker! You are worse than a leech, lingering through my mind, heart, and soul wherever I go. I can't get you off my system. What do you want me to do?!

I think I'm drowning... so hard that it's too late to back off... I love you, Daph. You? Do you love me too? What do you genuinely feel for me? You're so kind to me. You always care for me. And I hate it dreadfully because that's when I gradually tumbled, falling in love with you!"

For a moment, I was speechless and didn't know what to say to her. Even I asked myself, what is Cara to me?

I'm confused and don't want to see her hurt, struggling like this, but I also think about Craig. I need Craig, too.

"What? Why can't you speak? Do you love me? Or do you love my brother more? Or do you love both of us? What?! Give me an answer, please!" Her eyes are fixated, pleading, but I'm helpless.

"I'm going nuts thinking about why all this is happening. Why do you have this kind of effect on me? Torture, Daphne. I believe you also contributed an impact that made me fall in love with you.

Am I right? There is no way I am the only one suffering, tormented by these suffocating feelings of mine. It's impossible to like you for no reason suddenly. So, tell me, Daph.. Do you love me?? Or at least tell me if you feel something too..."

Cara's words are like a bomb that instantly dropped before me and shockingly exploded without warning.

My brain is in a mess as it will burst out of uncertainty with many queries. I do not know. I don't really know anymore.

"That's enough! Please... I have nothing to say... I don't know anymore what I feel... I don't know anymore what is real and what is not... I shouldn't let myself weaved into this. I shouldn't have accepted the setup in the first place.

You made me do it, Cara. And now. Now, I don't even recognize myself. I don't know myself anymore. Is that enough of an answer? Huh?! Please just... just leave me alone. I have to think, and I need to breathe."

She turned away from me in tears, and it felt like my heart was being crumpled.

I can't bear to consider that I will never see her again. My tears rolled down my pale cheeks.

As I was watching her walking away, my heart could not beat. It felt like It was gonna stop any moment.

My feet trembled, and it seemed to do something stupid, but even my mind and self were on it. All of me have the same desire.

I snapped, running towards her. I hauled her into my arms by the waist, hugging her tight from behind, and I didn't want to free her.

I heard her sob as our bodies became one. "Don't go, Cara.... I-I don't know what to do if I never see your face again. Can you stay?! Please.." Begging as if my whole life depended on it.

She then turns to face me. Our eyes again met as we held each other. Cara gaps before she opens her mouth, slowly moving closer to mine.

Again, our lips touched. My eyes gradually closed as we shifted, kissing profoundly and losing our air.

"What the heck is happening here?!" A shout knocked us off, shocked by the sudden appearance of Craig.

We both froze and just looked at Craig. "I love her, brother and... and Daphne... I know. I believe... I feel... She loves me too..."

Cara is fucking right. I love her. I can't lose her, but Craig will leave me for this. How could I handle that? I love him, too. And our journey had just started.

I abruptly distance myself from Cara, approaching Craig.

"Listen... It's nothing, my love. It was a mistake. We... We are out of our right mind. I can explain..." I exclaimed, looking into his eyes, but I saw Cara moving her way out.

That very moment, I was dismantled. My whole being seemed ripped harshly, and I could die drastically from my stand.

A dilemma...

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