Lahnthean Aria

Lahnthean Aria

By:  Callele Lyvance  Ongoing
Language: English
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It was supposed to be an ordinary day for Kiran when an earthquake hit. She ends up rescuing Alessa, the most popular girl in campus who she envied and admired. Before Kiran could save herself however, she falls into a sinkhole and wakes up to a different world with a crystal blade pressed against her throat. There she meets Noorh, the culprit behind the earthquake that was triggered to kidnap Alessa. With no way to return Kiran back to her world, Noorh takes her back to his home where she becomes the revered "Lahnthean Aria" in Alessa's place. Behind the prestige and adoration that the Lahnthean Aria receives and Noorh's cold demeanor lies secrets that Kiran must uncover to survive and find a way back home...That is, if there is any chance for her to return.

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32 Chapters
Kiran couldn't help but sigh wistfully as she watched Alessa Dia prance into the campus with a spring on her step like she hadn't been stressed with the research papers and upcoming mid-term exams. Alessa's dark wavy hair, which was held up in a simple ponytail, bounced cheerfully in the humid rainy season breeze. Her bright eyes captivated anyone she walked passed on the hallway, and the smile on her rosy chestnut lips made the hearts of students around her flutter. She was a refreshing lady of spring lighting up the gray; her glowing skin standing out against the gloomy haze of the cloudy day. Alessa was one of the most popular girls in the university because of her stunning features, tall height, and flawless skin. She could easily make a lucrative career in the entertainment industry as an attractive model or a beautiful actress, but she was studiously taking a degree in Biology with her sights set on becoming a medical professional. The fact that she rivaled the smartest students
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Kiran anxiously raised her trembling hands in front of her, thinking it was a universal sign for "I surrender" or "I'm not a threat" since the gesture had been used several times in movies and shows she had watched growing up. "I…I come in peace!"The young man's glowing silvery blue eyes narrowed.Kiran gasped. He clearly looked more displeased than he did moments ago. He was speaking a different language so she wasn't sure how to tell him that her throat wasn't worthy of being slit. "Friend!" she exclaimed, praying to everything that was holy that the term wasn't a curse word in the young man's language. She gingerly pointed at her chest and tried to smile. "Me…Friend," she said, gesturing her left and right pointing fingers to meet side-by-side in front of her.The young man then threw what seemed like a small, silver flask toward her. "Dirokhom," he ordered as the flask landed on her lap.Kiran blinked confused at him for a moment before gingerly picking up the flask. "Y-you want
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Kiran had two choices.First, she could stay in the meadow, count to a hundred like a good girl, and wait for Mr. Kidnapper to return. That would require her to trust that Mr. Kidnapper hadn't abandoned her: that he simply stepped away for a much needed time alone to think things over, and that he would return once she reached a hundred. Did she trust Mr. Kidnapper? Despite how reluctantly handsome he was in the dark, she could not trust him - not completely, at least. After all, he held a blade to her throat and had the audacity to leave her alone in a place she was in no way familiar with instead of quietly meditating in a corner where she could still see him.Second, she could shove her fear of heights somewhere in the deepest corners of her mind so that she could hike down the mountain alone. She would also need to devise a safe way to walk down the steps. Clearly, she couldn't just prance down each step like she would with a normal set of stairs. The wind was strong at the edge o
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"If it were that easy, it wouldn't have been treated as a rite of passage."His teacher's words echoed in his head like a scolding as he effortlessly skipped from one stone step to another on his way down the mountain. The old man was right yet again and he hated it. He hated how he was wrong yet again, and how all his preparations had been for nothing.Noorh planned the kidnapping of Alessa Dia for years since he learned of her existence. He had been so close to achieving his goal until a weak-looking stranger meddled and ended up being summoned into his world instead."Mr. Kidnapper!"The memory of her accusing voice made him flinch. Yes, the "great and respectable" Noorh was a kidnapper and he cruelly victimized an innocent girl after failing to accomplish his mission. He paused after softly landing his feet on the thirty-fifth stone step protruding from the cliff wall.He was furious and frustrated. That was why he ran away. I
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Noorh stepped back, his boots sliding across the stone step's surface. It wasn't until he reached the edge that he realized the young woman he swooped in to save was no longer behind him. He turned around and found her plummeting into the ocean of clouds, her hands outstretched in a last ditch attempt at seeking help.His breath hitched and his heart raced in panic. He didn't even notice that the giant serpent furiously pounced toward him. Noorh instead sheathed his sword and dived into the clouds, keeping his arms and legs as close to his body as possible so that he could fall faster than the young woman, and catch up to her.Noorh soon found her staring blankly at him, resignedly falling towards her doom. He stretched out his arms to grab her and pulled her tightly against his chest. He then twisted his body so that they could fall to the ground feet-first, and muttered a spell under his breath until their descent slowed down to a halt in mid-air.He took a deep breath to calm his n
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"Blue," Kiran breathed. Noorh's hair was a midnight blue under the morning light. It seemed pure black in the dark, but it had a bluish sheen whenever light brushed its soft strands at an angle. It was the first time that a male stranger around her age carried Kiran like a bride. She wasn't sure how to react when he effortlessly lifted her up from the ground, let alone when he started leaping into the air. The awkwardness and embarrassment she felt at being held made her rigid and stiff, but the queasiness that filled her senses with their every rise and fall against the cliff eventually left her too nauseous to care about it. At one point, she found herself desperately wrapping her arms around his neck for dear life - a gesture that he didn't seem to mind. As if the whole ordeal wasn't enough of a torment, her body started reminding her that she hadn't eaten anything for dinner in the previous day or breakfast that morning. Seeing Noorh proceed with their journey wi
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Noorh heard Kiran's gasp before he felt the movement from his right. He quickly crouched, dodging the attack of the black serpent. He then leaped into the air to jump to the next nest. As luck would have it, he found himself staring over a nest filled with wriggling newly hatched snakes greedily fighting each other for mangled corpses splayed on the ground.Noorh cursed under his breath as his feet landed on one of the snake hatchlings' slippery back. A round of angry hisses erupted around him, their burning amber eyes turning their hungry sights toward him. Just as the snake hatchlings pounced their gaping mouths toward him, he casted a spell under his feet that could propel him upward. It pushed him high enough to reach a stone step above them. Before he could properly land on the step, however, he felt a wave of energy drain away from his body making the world spin around him.The poisonous miasma emanating from the decaying debris and the toxic wood from which the winged serpents'
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The mild but familiar stench of rotting flesh made Kiran squint and gingerly open her eyes. She felt sluggish and sleepy, as if she had just woken up from a long and much needed nap. Instead of a cozy pillow or a comfortable bed, however, she woke up to the maroon scarf covering the crook of Noorh's neck. Kiran gasped and quickly leaned away, her cheeks flushed scarlet at the thought of sleeping on a man's chest. Noorh didn't seem to mind it though. In fact, he sat unperturbed and unmoving in front of her as if he himself had fallen into a deep slumber. "Noorh?" Kiran asked, her hands tentatively touching his shoulders. His head was bowed low, almost as if he had fallen asleep due to extreme exhaustion. "Noorh, wake up," she said, gently shaking his shoulders. "Noorh," she called out again before gingerly tipping his chin upward to take a closer look at his condition. To her horror, Noorh's face had turned ashen. His skin was ice cold and his lips was a shade
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"I…was looking for a snake bite," Kiran shyly defended. Noorh remained curiously staring at her. "So you tried to undress me?" he repeated. "I wanted to help you!" Kiran shyly defended, her cheeks scarlet. "It was not out of any lustful desire for you or your body. And technically, you're not naked…yet…" she mumbled, looking away. Noorh raised a brow at her, biting back a smirk. He understood what she meant but he enjoyed seeing her flustered. It was a pleasant stark contrast from her lifeless form not too long ago. "How are you?" he asked. She stared confused at him. "Me?" "You passed out," Noorh explained. More like died, really, but he couldn't bring himself to be blunt about it. Something inside him feared that telling her how her heart stopped beating could make her disappear from his lap. Was she even aware that she was perched intimately on his lap? "I did!" Kiran exclaimed, remembering what had happened. "I was so shock
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It took a lot to shatter the mask of composure that Noorh developed over the past ten years. He remained calm in the midst of witnessing the chaos in Lahnthea. He remained in control when people looked down on him at the royal court. He kept his cool when he battled one giant monster after another to succeed in his mission.But facing the approaching flock of winged serpents was enough to make his eyes grow wide with terror. He had seen how easily they could ravage a village, pluck its screaming villagers off the ground like ripe fruits from a tree, and greedily devour them in one swoop. They were scarier than the giant serpent guardian despite their smaller size because they attacked in groups that no gifted warrior could single-handedly survive through.Noorh's heart raced as he quickly threw the cloak around him and Kiran. He then raised his hand in front of him, his dark eyes suddenly burning several shades of blue as cold sweat slid down his spine.Kiran fe
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