Chapter 2055 Tyr Passes The Trial

Magus, Xavion, and Max were dumbfounded when they saw this scene. The trio quickly retreated to somewhere safe.

The hill which Tyr stood had been completely destroyed by the first heavenly lightning. The power was many times more terrifying than Ulricus’ Thunder Trials.

“What the hell? Tyr’s weaker than Ulricus, but his Thunder Trials are much more powerful! How is he going to endure this?”

Everyone clearly looked worried. The first heavenly lightning had such terrifying strength, not to mention that the next eight lightning strikes would increase in power. Will Tyr be able to survive?

The hills had vanished along with the strike, and the spot was filled with smoke and gravel. Just then, the second heavenly lightning began to gather in the sky. Tyr was hit head-on by the bolt of lightning. From the looks of it, his trial wouldn’t be as easy as Ulricus’s.

When Ulricus had his trial earlier, the first few heavenly lightning did not pose much threat to him. Yet, Tyr found it challen
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