Chapter 2056 Becoming A God

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!” Cicero waved his hand repeatedly. He didn’t expect his nickname to be widespread in Dragun Squad. Even the almighty Demigods like Magus knew his name.

Cicero rebuked, “My name is Cicero Julus! I’m not a horny cat!”

Magus sized Cicero from the head to toe, a number of questions popping up in his mind.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Dude, I heard that you were invited by the squad to explore Emperor Martyn’s royal tomb with Tyr in the past. After that, you shattered the void with a million of clay soldiers inside the royal tomb. Why would you suddenly show up here? According to Tyr, you are most likely to be the reincarnation of Emperor Martyn. By right, you have ascended to the heavenly realm under the escort of the clay soldiers.”

“F*ck the heavenly realm!” Cicero cursed loudly. He stared at Tyr, who was waiting for the ninth lightning to strike, and explained, “I’ve broken through the void for the sake of that guy!”

“What do you mean?” Magus and Xavion were startl
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