Chapter 9 The Merchant Investment Event

Drake immediately understood Tyr’s meaning. Both Travis Jensen and Iris Zea must have offended Tyr. Drake dared not disobey, so he quickly agreed to Tyr’s instruction.

Tyr continued to say, “One other thing, you’ve seen a picture of my wife, Winifred Zea. Give her the contract for Zea Group’s investment eligibility and let her sign it.”

“Understood, Brother Tyr.”

After breakfast, Tyr accompanied Winifred to the merchant investment event. On the way there, Winifred felt so nervous like she was about to go for an important exam.

“Don’t be nervous, Winifred. You’ll definitely get that investment eligibility.”


“Yeah. Trust me.”

The merchant investment event was held in one of the high-end office buildings that belonged to Drake. By the time Tyr and Winifred were there, the place was already packed. The outdoor parking lot was filled with various types of luxurious cars, and the people who came out from those cars were all business owners with an individual net worth of ten to a hundred million each. Compared to these people, Tyr and Winifred, who came in a cab, looked extremely shabby.

“Wow, Winifred, you really came.” Behind them, Iris and Travis came out from a Mercedes Benz. Accompanying them was Jorge and Jackson Zea.

Iris’s makeup today was especially exquisite and enchanting, giving her an energetic glow. Although she already had Travis as her boyfriend, she was still thinking of that young tycoon. If the young tycoon took an interest in her, Iris would send Travis flying on the spot without any hesitation.

“I say, Winifred, have you lost your mind, or are you just dumb? You didn’t go mad from wanting that head of department position too much, did you? Everyone knows that Grandpa had only said so that day to cover up for me, you can’t actually think that it’s true. Why don’t you take a piss and look at your reflection? You’re just overestimating yourself.” Iris was wearing a venomous expression as she let her mouth run without any consideration of Winifred’s feelings.

When Jorge and Jackson came over, Winifred quickly greeted them, addressing them by ‘Grandpa’ and ‘Uncle’. However, the two men pretended not to hear her and did not even spare her a glance.

“Travis, does our chance in obtaining that investment eligibility look promising?” Jorge asked.

Travis patted his chest confidently and guaranteed, “Don’t worry, Grandpa. There won’t be any problems. With the Jensen family’s efforts, this is just a small matter. The three million you’ve prepared have been delivered, and I have even specially picked out some extraordinary drugs from Century Herb as gifts. Their party has already received these presents, so this deal is naturally settled. And from the looks of it, the tycoon behind the city center seemed to be pleased with our gifts. We might even be able to form a connection with him and develop further relationships in the future.”

Jorge nodded excitedly with a bright smile. “Travis, this is all thanks to you. You’re really a great son-in-law of our Zea family.”

“Grandpa, it’s just a small matter that’s not worth mentioning. It’s what I should be doing.”

Tyr was dumbstruck as he listened. This Travis Jensen was really ruthless. Drake had clearly said that they received only two million, which meant this boy had taken one million as his commission. How daring! While Jorge had been tricked, it was insulting how the older man was still showing Travis so much gratitude! Jackson, too, was wearing a bright smile as he thanked Travis. Jackson later turned to Tyr and Winifred, but his smile was now replaced with a contempt look.

“The two of you better go back. Since Travis has already secured this deal for us internally, there would be no use even if both of you attended.” Having said, he added under his breath, “That way you won’t shame the Zea family.”

Winifred was dejected, but Tyr snorted instead. “Uncle, before things have been decided, don’t jump to conclusions. If Iris doesn’t manage to secure the deal later, won’t we still have another chance?”

After Tyr spoke, everyone’s face darkened.

Iris glared fiercely at Tyr and said, “Trash, are you cursing the Zea Group?”

Tyr had wanted to say something, but Winifred stopped him. That was because Jorge’s expression was now completely dark. If Tyr continued talking, he would end up enraging the old man.

Tyr shrugged, looking nonchalant. He would be able to watch how these people make a fool of themselves later anyway. It would definitely be interesting.

At that moment, the merchant investment event had already started. As there were too many companies competing for the investment eligibility, the office building could not house everyone. Hence, the city center’s staff had divided the mass into groups as they queued for the negotiation.

After about thirty minutes, an internal staff came over to inform Iris that it was her turn.

“Grandpa, wait for my good news,” Iris held her chin up and straightened her back as she said confidently to Jorge.

“Yeah. Even if this deal has been decided internally, you have to be humble and polite. Be careful not to offend them,” urged Jorge. “We’ll be waiting for your success.”

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. I know what to do. This is just for formalities, so there won’t be any problems.”

Travis added with conviction, “That’s right. Iris will just have to give my name once she enters and the other party will hand her the investment contract with both hands.”

Tyr was amused as he listened. Travis Jensen, are you really all that? Why do I, the owner of the city center, not know anything about it?

“Tyr, let’s go back after all. Or else once Iris gets the contract, she would start boasting like her life depended on it.” By now, Winifred had already partially given up.

However, Tyr shook his head and said, “Winifred, we’ve already come this far. Let’s wait for a bit more. What if the city center owner despises these underhanded dealings?”

“Preposterous!” Jorge finally exploded. “Tyr Summers, if you keep cursing us, I will smack you right now.”

“Grandpa, I’m sorry, please don’t be angry,” Winifred immediately apologized for Tyr before shooting Tyr a glare. “Stay quiet and stop talking nonsense.”

At that moment, Iris was being led by the staff to the third floor of the office building. The staff informed her politely, saying, “Miss Zea, because the owner of the city center likes to keep a low profile, he will not be present today.”

When she heard that the tycoon would not be showing up, Iris felt disappointed.

“However, Mr. Tucker will be seeing you personally.”

Iris was delighted again. “By Mr. Tucker, do you mean the wealthiest man in Khanh City, Mr. Drake Tucker?”


“Then, may I ask if the others were also personally seen by Mr. Tucker?”

“No,” the staff answered. “Your situation is a little special, so you’ll be the first that Mr. Tucker meets personally.”

Iris immediately broke into a huge smile. It looked like things really were settled.

“Winifred Zea, I can’t wait to see that look on your face when I take this investment eligibility contract back with me.”

Soon, Iris entered Drake’s office.
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