Chapter 8 Dream Man

Tyr’s reluctance to comply with her irritated Winifred. “Tyr, stop saying nonsense. There’s no way I can get that spot.”

Tyr shook his head. “How would you know if you don’t try?” Tyr had wanted to say that he was the new owner who bought over the city center. You, Winifred, are my wife. As long as you say it, giving you the whole city center wouldn’t be a problem, much less just a spot within it.

However, Tyr never said it out loud because he knew that there would just be another round of mockery. Nonetheless, their conversation still caught someone’s attention.

Iris asked intentionally with a mocking expression, “What are the two of you talking about? Could you guys be trying to go after that spot too?”

After she spoke, the room once again burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, don’t you guys understand what ‘overestimating yourself’ means?”

“This isn’t overestimating themselves. It’s called fantasizing.”

“Why don’t you take a good look at yourselves? To even think of making the tycoon’s acquaintance and get a promotion. What nonsense.”

Winifred immediately turned red from shame.

However, Tyr asked directly, “Grandpa, if Winifred can secure a spot, does that mean you’ll agree to promote her to Zea Group’s head of department in the design department?”

Jorge answered absentmindedly without care, “Yes.”

“Alright, that’s settled then. My Winifred will give it a shot.”

Winifred felt like she had just been struck by lightning. She glared at Tyr in panic. “Are you crazy?”

There was another round of laughter. Even Jorge could not resist himself.

“Winifred, you have such great luck to be able to get a weirdo like this as your husband.”

“I think you must be so entertained every day with such a clown!”

Iris raised an eyebrow at Tyr and said, “Tyr, since you like to boast so much, why don’t you just say that you’re the young and insanely rich man who spent ten billion to acquire the city center?”

Tyr smirked internally. I really am!

After she was done mocking Tyr, Iris took this opportunity to look at Travis and flirted with him in front of everyone. “Travis, look, Winifred’s man is publicly supporting her now, why don’t you say something too? You know that Iris really wants that operation department’s leading position.”

Travis smiled. Since his girlfriend had spoken up, he naturally could not let the ball drop. “Grandpa, the Jensen family is considered a prestigious family in Khanh City. I’ve heard that although the young tycoon has arrived at Khanh City, he seemed to be very low-profile, so no one has seen his face before. It is tough to be able to make his acquaintance. However, it seems that the tycoon has left the city center in the hands of the wealthiest man, Drake Tucker, and Jade Laurell’s group. My father, Forest Jensen, has had some dealings with Mr. Tucker. If I get my father to pull some string, it might just work.”

“Thank you so much, Travis.” Jorge was ecstatic. The moment Travis spoke, it was like half of the spot was already secured. Compared to how he had treated Tyr and Winifred earlier, this was a huge difference.

Travis added humbly, “Grandpa, we’re family, so you don’t have to be so polite.” As he spoke, Travis subconsciously glanced over at Tyr. His eyes were filled with provocation.

When they left the Zea manor, Winifred was still carrying a blast of resentment in her heart. “Tyr Summers, I have never expected you to be someone who likes to boast so much.”

Tyr was stunned. He answered her solemnly, “I’m not boasting. I’ve always been serious.”

“But why did you make me enter into the competition of securing a spot in the city center? This is an impossible task. Or were you thinking that I haven’t been ridiculed enough by them?” Winifred was extremely upset. All these years, her spine had been broken, and she could never get back up. The sense of inferiority and cowardice had rooted deeply inside her heart.

Tyr felt heartbroken at this. Even if he did not understand what Winifred had gone through, he could feel that before Winifred got involved with him, she must have been a proud person. Just that after these past six years, her pride had been smothered completely until there was nothing left.

“Winifred, fight for it. Even if there is only a one in a million chance, that is also considered a possibility. If you don’t even dare to strive for it, that would really mean that there is no hope at all.

Winifred was stunned. Tyr’s words seemed to have touched something deep inside her heart. Something she had lost for a very long time now. “Tyr, you…”

“Don’t say any more. Take my word for it. It’s actually not very hard for you to secure this task.”


“It’s nothing. Do your best, Winifred.” Tyr raised a fist at Winifred, giving her confidence and hope.

Since this matter had already been concluded, Winifred did not say more. She could only accept it.

For the next few days, Winifred worked her heart out in preparing for that merchant investment event.

Simultaneously, in just a few days, the news about the city center’s owner being a young tycoon and has arrived at Khanh City was spread throughout every tiny street within the city. Many people were speculating which family this tycoon came from. Just how old was he. His height, his weight. The young tycoon had suddenly become the hot topic of Khanh City. It was as if whoever did not talk about the young tycoon was a person who was not up to trend.

When Tyr heard these rumors, he was dumbfounded. He even felt a little helpless. Why had he mysteriously become so popular all of a sudden?

In a blink of an eye, one week had passed. The day of the city center’s investment event was finally here!

Early this morning, Tys had received a call from Drake.

“Brother Tyr, do you really not plan on attending this investment event? The whole city is talking about you right now. Don’t you want to show your face for a bit to satisfy their curiosity? What’s more, the government holds this investment event in extremely high regard. It would be a little inappropriate if you didn’t attend.” Over the phone, Drake was speaking carefully in fear that a single mistake might induce Tyr’s rage.

“Do I look like a monkey to you?”

Sure enough, Tyr’s sentence was enough to make Drake’s whole body break out in cold sweat.

“Brother Tyr, then…”

“I won’t show my face. Deal with it yourself.”

“Alright, Brother Tyr.” After Drake responded, he awaited Tyr’s next instruction.

Tyr said, ”In Khanh City, there’s a company dealing in traditional medicine called Century Herb Pharmaceuticals. Did they try to use their connections to make you guys reserve a spot for the Zea Group?”

Drake quickly flipped through his documents. “They did, Brother Tyr. Century Herb Pharmaceuticals does have some connections with us and that Forest Jensen would usually kiss up to us. This time, his son wants us to reserve a spot for the Zea Group. They gave us two million in cash and some expensive branded items. Our side has agreed to leave a spot for the Zea family.”

“Okay.” Tyr nodded slightly. “Travis Jensen is doing this to help Iris Zea of the Zea family. Later, I want you to meet Iris Zea personally and tell her that I hate bribery.”
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