Chapter 10 The Investment Eligibility Is Yours

Inside the office, when Drake first laid eyes on Iris, he disliked her lascivious personality. It was no wonder Tyr disliked her!

“Please take a seat,” said Drake out of habit indifferently.

Iris quickly sat down opposite of Drake. The moment she did, Iris started to impatiently introduce herself, “Hello, Uncle Tucker, my name is Iris Zea. The young master, Travis Jensen of Century Herb Pharmaceuticals is my…”

However, before Iris could finish introducing herself, she was interrupted by Drake.

“We’re very tight on schedule today, so you can cut the small talk. Many people are waiting outside.”

Iris was initially stunned before she nodded. “Alright, Mr. Tucker.”

After that, Iris stared at Drake in anticipation as she waited for him to hand her the investment eligibility contract to sign. However, Drake did not do as she wished. Instead, he looked back at Iris and asked, ”Miss Zea, where are the things you’ve prepared?”

“Things? What things?” Iris was confused. “Mr. Tucker, didn’t we already send someone to deliver those things to you beforehand?”

“I’m talking about the documents you’ve prepared. You can’t possibly think of getting the investment eligibility without any materials about your company introduction and background information, can you?”

“Uhh…” This question caught Iris off guard. Was she not just here for formalities? Why did she need to prepare any materials? Had the deal not been secured internally?

Drake sighed. “Miss Zea, our city center is hosting this merchant investment program because we’re looking to attract capable and potential companies to invest in this venture. This is so that we can expand and further develop the city center. You didn’t even prepare a basic company profile, and you’re thinking of getting this investment eligibility?”

Iris was shuddering on the inside. This was not what Travis had told her. What he said was to mention his name and that was it. But what was this situation now? “Mr. Tucker, uhh… I’m Travis Jensen’s…”

“That’s enough, Miss Zea. You may leave.” Drake interrupted Iris once again. “If your Zea Group really wants to get this investment eligibility, please do it through legal channels. Our evaluation will most definitely be fair. Next!”

“But Mr. Tucker…”

Iris was clearly reluctant to give in, but Drake was annoyed.

“Do you not understand human language? Get out immediately. There are still a lot of people waiting outside.”

Iris came out of the office building, dazed and distracted. Jorge and his group, who had been waiting outside, immediately rushed up to her.

“How did it go, Iris? Did you get the contract?”

“Quick, where is the contract? Show it to us.”

The group was filled with anticipation, but Iris looked upset and dejected.

“Grandpa, I was chased out by Drake Tucker. I didn’t get the contract.”

What… Jorge and Jackson felt like a bomb had just exploded in their heads, their minds went blank. Travis, too, was standing there, dumbstruck with an incredulous look on his face.

“What’s going on?” A few seconds later, Jorge roared hysterically.

“I don’t know either, Grandpa. I didn’t even get the chance to say Travis’s name when I was inside, and I got chased out immediately. And that Drake Tucker looked a little angry. I think we used the wrong method this time.”

“Hmph…” Jorge stomped his foot in anger and turned to leave.

However, Tyr walked toward Jorge and said, “Grandpa, I think Drake Tucker chased out Iris because she was not well-prepared. But Winifred has already made the necessary preparations, so why don’t we let her try?”

Jorge never spared Tyr so much as a glance and got into his car. Behind him, Travis and Iris came up with a look of disdain on their faces. “Stop daydreaming, beggar. Even we can’t get the investment eligibility, what can the likes of Winifred do? Get lost this instant and stop embarrassing yourselves. It might even be because of your sh*tty luck that has caused this outcome.” Having said that, Iris and Travis hurried after Jorge.

“Tyr, let’s leave as well. The Zea Group is just too insignificant right now. The city center will never give us the investment rights.”

Tyr looked at Winifred solemnly and said, “What are you saying? We’re already here. This opportunity is now right in front of your eyes, won’t you hurry inside and give it a shot?”

“But Tyr…”

“No ‘but’s. Even if the world doesn’t believe in you, I believe in you. Go in and get that investment eligibility contract. We’ll take that contact back to the Zea Group later and smack it into those b*stard’s faces!”

At that instant, there seemed to be light glowing behind Tyr like he was some kind of deity. He was like a passionate leader of a multilevel marketing group, and he mysteriously brainwashed Winifred.

Winifred took a deep breath. With the stack of documents and files she had prepared beforehand, she entered the office building. Soon after she entered, an internal staff went over to receive her. They even knew of her name and her status as the third miss of the Zea family.

The staff led her directly into Drake Tucker’s office. Winifred was startled and kept feeling that something was odd. However, she could not put a finger as to why she felt that way.

“Miss Zea, you’re here. Quick, take a seat.” Compared to how he treated Iris earlier, Drake was now very ardent. He even got up personally to pour Winifred a glass of water and handed it to her.

This surprised Winifred, but after seeing Drake’s warm attitude, she did not feel as nervous as she did earlier. Winifred immediately handed the documents she had prepared to Drake and fluently explained her concepts and ideas together with how the Zea Group plans to develop within the city center if they were to secure the investment eligibility.

Her interesting elaboration amazed Drake. He never expected Tyr’s wife to be so talented! Drake deliberately flipped through the materials Winifred had prepared and to his astonishment, he could feel her sincerity. He immediately took out the investment eligibility contract he had prepared earlier and placed it in front of Winifred. “Miss Zea, if there are no problems on your end, you can sign this contract here.”

“Huh…” Winifred was shocked. “Mr. Tucker, do you mean…”

For a moment there, Winifred could not believe it.

Drake smiled and said, “I’m very pleased with your performance, Miss Zea. I can also see the enthusiasm and motivation in you. Although the Zea Group is not particularly outstanding right now, I believe that with your leadership, we can expect great things! So this city center investment eligibility is yours!”

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