Lightning Marriage of Intense Love: Sir Hubby is Very Dedicated

Lightning Marriage of Intense Love: Sir Hubby is Very Dedicated

By:  Gold Aplenty  Completed
Language: English
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“Hey little brother, wanna get married? Here are nine bucks, it’s on me!”Just like that, Cecelia Shayne gave herself away with nine bucks.Consequently…The random cutie she dragged off the street? He’s a poor good-for-nothing who needs her to tend to his every need.However, there’s nothing she can do.This is a husband she bought, and she needs to swallow this somehow.But… But…Why does his name seem to be the same as the owner of a certain conglomerate…?What?Asset transfer?Cecelia was shocked. “Why’re you giving me all this money?”William Sandler looked her dead in the eye, “Money’s yours, you’re mine!”

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339 Chapters
Chapter 1 Pretty Boy, I’m Proposing We Get Married, Shall We?
“Pretty boy, wanna get married? I’m proposing to you!”William Sandler turned around to see an unkept girl covered in blood. He frowned slightly. “Are you talking to me?”Plenty of women had tried to get married to him, but this was the first time a woman was employing such a tactic...He discreetly took a look at the girl from head to toe. When he noticed her knees that were bleeding, his gaze sunk and a flash of darkness swept past his black eyes.Cecelia Shayne who seemed nervous immediately nodded. “Yes. If you’re willing to, we can get married right away.”To be honest, Cecelia did not have much hope in her heart. Even if the stranger in front of her had just been dumped by his girlfriend a moment ago, it was unlikely he would agree with her.“Ok!”“... What did you say?” Cecelia thought that she had misheard him.William grabbed her hand and walked forward with large strides. ‘You’re the one that proposed to me.”Looking at the marriage certificate in her hands, Cecelia
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Chapter 2 I’m Your Husband
Cecelia took 30 seconds to snap out of a daze and realize what was happening. She blinked her large, bell-like eyes and said, “Um, I only have one bedroom. As for the sofa in the living room, you can see that it’s very small and narrow.”‘It isn’t an excuse, it’s not!’Cecelia forced herself to stay composed under William’s sharp gaze.William looked her in the eye and asked, “How big is the bed?”Cecelia was unaware of his intentions for asking such a question. Consequently, she casually replied, “Huh? It’s a double bed.”Perhaps it was because she had grown up in the orphanage with a small bed. Hence, now that she was bigger, she felt that the bigger the bed, the better.William got up and headed for the bedroom. “Just nice!” he said as he was about to enter it.‘He meant...’Cecelia immediately caught on. “Um, don’t be deceived by the living room. It’s only a front cover. My room is a mess with dirty socks, clothes, and rubbish all over the place. You’re a guest...”Cecelia
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Chapter 3 Rather Afraid Of Him
Often said between lovers, it was the most popular romantic phrase at the time.Nevertheless, to Cecelia, it was a threat. A pure threat!Was it what people meant by ‘it is easy to bring in a spirit but difficult to send it away’?Cecelia wanted to cry as she was pulled by the collar to the bathroom.“10 minutes. Clean yourself up, otherwise, I will come to assist you.”Cecelia wanted to refute, ‘No, never. I’m not going to bathe.’ However, when she saw William’s stern gaze, her words became, “I haven’t taken any clean clothes.”William who was at the door moved aside a little and said, “You have 9 minutes left.”“Ah...”Seeing that William did not seem to be joking, Cecelia dared not dilly-dally. She dashed to her room to get a set of clothes and then said to William who was still standing by the door frame, “Um, could you move aside, I need to close the door.”This time, William kept quiet and turned around to leave.Facing William’s back, Cecelia rolled her eyes at him.H
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Chapter 4 I’ve Found Treasure
Cecelia was speechless.Seeing that Cecelia was not about to move an inch, William raised his voice, “Now, immediately.”Cecelia could hear the anger in William’s voice and dared not dilly-dally. Hence, she quickly ran into the room. Nevertheless, when she turned around, she saw that William had an expression as black as coal behind her. “Um, I’m a little hungry. Can I cook some food in the kitchen?”William’s expression darkened to Cecelia’s question, and the latter recalled the way William had fought earlier...Cecelia immediately climbed up the bed. “Okay, okay. I won’t cook. Don’t be angry.”‘He seems to enjoy being angry. In the short few hours, ever since I met him, his expression has never brightened.’Cecelia cried internally once more.‘Cecelia Shayne, what sort of good husband have you found yourself!’Nevertheless, perhaps it was because of her outstanding attitude of admitting her wrong doings that William stopped expressing his temper. Instead, he patted the bedsid
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Chapter 5 My Husband Is Difficult To Feed
‘500 bucks isn’t enough?!‘Is he planning to buy branded goods?’Cecelia clenched her teeth and said, “Then, how much do you want?”William copied what Cecelia’s gesture from the night before and raised two fingers.Cecelia’s eyes widened. “I only spend about a thousand plus monthly, yet you need 2000 bucks just to buy some clothes? Pretty boy, there are some things that I must let you know since we’re married. You can see the kind of condition I live in. Thus, I can’t afford to give you a comfortable life.”Cecelia thought that by saying so, William would be understanding. After all, he was a man and should not be relying on a woman to feed him.The truth was, Cecelia had underestimated the thickness of William’s skin. He did not feel ashamed, instead, he continued to say without the slightest sense of dignity, “Then you should work harder to earn more money.”Cecelia was rendered speechless for the umpteenth time.What else could she say?Cecelia fumed as she made her way ou
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Chapter 6 Incredible Pretty Sister
People of modern society usually did not like to meddle in other people’s business. As an example, there were many pedestrians on the street. However, even after seeing what was going on, other than pointing and whispering among themselves, none of them lent Cecelia a helping hand.Therefore when she heard the person’s voice, she could not believe her ears.Cecelia looked in the direction of the voice only to see a girl who was around her age.The girl had a white dress on, and her wavy, maroon-colored, hair was tied into a ponytail. She looked like the obedient girl-next-door.Hawick burst out laughing. “Little girl, this is none of your business. Just step aside, buy your ice cream, and leave.”The cougar who was still on the ground laughed as well. “Don’t be so nosy. Get lost.”Cecelia immediately gave the girl eye contact. She was grateful that the girl intended to help her, but she did not want to drag an innocent person into her own personal affairs. After all, Hawick was n
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Chapter 7 Grace Turner’s Temperament And Appearance That Do Not Match
Hawick cleared his throat. “The card is at home. Wait till I get it, and I’ll send it over to you.”The kind Cecelia did not feel like Hawick was giving an excuse and thus thought about it for a while before saying, “Just mail it to me.”Cecelia did not want to see him again, not even once more.“... okay.” Hawick looked at the girl who had not said anything. “May I leave now?”The girl looked at Cecelia and asked, “How much do you have in that card?”“... 6... 60 thousand.” Cecelia felt embarrassed that she took almost six years to save that sum of money.Cecelia thought that the girl would tease her. She might not have been well versed with brands, but Cecelia could tell that the girl’s clothes were not those bought from the roadside.Unexpectedly, the girl did not say anything to Cecelia and instead looked over at Hawick. “200 thousand, no bargaining. In cash.”“2... 200 thousand?”“Why? Too little?” The girl raised her brows.“ that’s not it...” Hawick looked at
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Chapter 8 Pervy Girl Coming Online
“The door is locked.”Cecelia’s expression fell. “I was answering a call earlier. When I saw the door open, I closed it without thinking even though I had not entered the place... So I’m here, waiting for you to open the door for me.”‘... so I was too conceited?!’William’s thin lips moved as he said, “I don’t have the keys.”“... didn’t you know I left the keys with you? When I left this morning, I hung them on the clothes rack for you, didn’t you see them?”Cecelia only had one set of keys. If she took it along, William would not have a key to reenter the house if he went out. Thus, even though she had been infuriated that morning before going out, she left the keys at home with him.Cecelia felt that she had been too kind-hearted.It was a great opportunity for her to chase him out of her house, yet she did not think of it earlier.Cecelia noticed William’s expression darken slightly. She asked him, “Since you don’t have the keys, how did you go out? Don’t tell me you went
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Chapter 9 Am I Your ATM?
“Obey me in the future.”“Yes, yes, yes. As you say, anything you say.” To be honest, Cecelia had not heard a word that William had said. Her mind and sight were only filled with William’s Apollo’s belt. “So can I touch it now?”Seeing how the lady was about to drool over his body, William frowned. “Are you like that toward every man?”“Huh?” Cecelia was taken aback for a moment. “Other than you, I’ve never seen a shirtless man. You’re the first!”William looked at her face that was of fair complexion, his tone remained unchanged as he said, “How about your ex-boyfriend?”“We’ve never even shared a bed to chit chat.”At the mention of Hawick, Cecelia’s face became filled with displeasure. “Let me tell you, don’t ever mention that jerk’s name in front of me again. I’m through with him. That jerk is a stranger in my life from now on.”Cecelia might not have realized it herself, but she was more angry than sad because of the hurt Hawick had caused her.Later, Cecelia added on, “I’
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Chapter 10 Hmph, Ignore Him
Cecelia widened her eyes while her body began to feel extremely uneasy!!!‘My first kiss!‘H... he... he‘He just took away my first kiss!!!’Cecelia immediately sobered up and pushed William away forcefully. She had a strong urge to slap him.William did not allow her to do so as he grabbed her raised wrist. His brows were knitted together as he looked at her watery eyes.“Let go.”William did not let go. Cecelia’s eyes that were already red turned even redder, and she stomped hard on his foot. “Jerk, that was my first kiss. I’ve been saving it for 22 years. I was keeping it for my husband and yet you...”She gave William another kick, and William let go of her out of pain. Cecelia said her last words before leaving, “Don’t ever let me see you again!”William kept replaying the words she had said to him as he watched her run into the room...‘First kiss? And she wanted to keep it for her husband.‘Isn’t her husband, me?!’Cecelia refused to speak to William for the next th
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