Lost Queen
Lost Queen
Author: WriterA

1: Pilot


“Welcome back, daughter.”

A feminine voice said, sounding too far and too close at the same time.

I peeled my eyes open with effort, blinking at the harsh brightness of the unfamiliar room.

Why is it so bright in here?

Where am I?

I struggled to lift myself up from the bed I was lying in. It feels soft, not what I’m used to but it doesn’t seem comfortable.

“You should not stress yourself, you’re only waking up.” The same woman spoke.

I didn’t recognize her voice, but there was a knowledge, an inkling in the back of my mind telling me I knew who she was. Telling me exactly who she is.


The thought came out of nowhere and it was all the motivation I needed to get up.

I forced my body into an upright position, feeling the world shake underneath me. Or was that me?

“Steady, steady.” Soft hands grip my shoulder, balancing me.

I blink up at the shadow that helped me, calmness and a familiarity skating down my spine.

“M-mother?” I asked in a broken whisper, scared and curious to know who the woman that birthed strong emotions from me is.

“Yes, sweetheart. I am your mother.”

My mind rushed with the confirmation of the thought. I breathed in and out gently. I was afriad the smallest move will make her disappear and I’ll have to go back to my father. To continue living in despair and suffering.

“Mother,” my voice sounded elated.

The joy of finally meeting someone I know will love, overtaking the weakness from earlier.

She smiled, her eyes, which are familiar and yet foreign to me, were warm.

“That is right. I’m here now.” her voice cracks as she wrapped me up in her hold and held me to her chest.

Emotions clogged my throat and I cried. Letting the tears flow freely from my eyes.

For the first time in my life, I was crying but not because of pain or hurt.

the heavy feeling wrapped around my chest lessens as the tears flowed.

And I think, I am finally free.


“You were too slow, next time, try to go for the uppercut first then swing with your feet.” Breathing heavily, I give Henry a nod and go back in position, hopping from feet to feet.

I watch as he crouches low, his eyes on me like a hawk.

Moving swiftly, I trick him into thinking I’m going to the left—which is only easy because he believes. I trudge to the opposite side of where I’m hitting from, it works seamlessly. While he tries to recover from the jab to his ribs. I slide my leg and fold it around his ankle, which bringing him down with a loud thud.

I’m not balanced enough and with his added weight, he makes us both go down with a loud thud.

I cough as the sand gets into my mouth and he chuckles, getting up first.

“Good job,” he sticks his hand out for me to take, which I do which a grateful nod.

“Thank you.” I say, my breathing still hard and unsteady.

My chest rises and falls with each inhale, lungs constricting.

Henry, who is in a much better shape, is breathing steadily. He didn't look like he was the other person I spent all my energy trying to bring down.

“Call it a day?” he asks, giving me a onceover.

I looked up at the bright sky, the sun was almost unforgiving and the scorching heat called for a cold shower.

I nod, bringing my eyes back to his level.

“Yes, we can pick it up from here tomorrow.” He gives me a charming smile before walking off.

I exhale a heavy breath, risking another glance at the sun again.

“Your movement seems to be improving,” mum’s voice makes me swivel to face her.

Dressed in one of her maxi gowns, all the same style. A leather belt hanging low on her waist. Seeing her in them never fails to make my breath catch.

And her being here with me, I always feel like I’ll open my eyes and she will be gone.

I grew up with my father who never wanted me. he had a mate and his two perfect sons, and I was the daughter he had from an affair.

He never wanted me, his pack hated me. I wasn't one of them and their luna died of a heart attack when he took me in.

I was the proof of her mate's infidelity and it ended her. They made my life miserable and tortured me all my life.

I didn't have a wolf, so they never thought I was going to get a mate, but I did, the Lycan king.

He was never going to be my happy ending. What I didn't expect him to be, was my ending.

I push those thoughts away and smile at her, closing the distance between us.

“Yes, Henry is a great teacher.”

I take the goblet she is holding for me. She is always close by after training, rooting for me.

I’ve never had this much support in my life.

Unlike all the people I’ve known before, she doesn’t try to force me to be something I’m not. She believes in strength and believes I have what it takes to be whatever I want to be.

And she works hard, hooks me up with her best trainers to make sure my dream comes true.

Since I woke up here about two months ago, I have learned more about myself than ever before.

I’ve finally reached an understanding with my wolf and she helps me get to my potential.

My wolf was strong, a little spiky and angry but we made it work.

“You should come in, rest a little before it is dinnertime. The pack is all excited for your first run.” I smile widely hearing her words.

I wasn’t able to run during the last full moon because of some side effects from what made me almost die. More like half died and came back.

As a result, my wolf was weak and she couldn't keep up communication with me. Talk less of shifting.

I focused on my physical training because of that. I wanted to make my human body strong for the both of us. That was enough to make her fight through whatever my supposed father and mate did to me.

I follow my mother back to the small bungalow we share with two other families.

They don’t have a pack house here and most of their houses are apart. Not too close but not at a very far distance either.

If you screamed loud enough, the neighbors would hear.

Mum’s pack is a small one, they are barely up to five hundred wolves and lycans alike, and she is their leader.

She doesn’t like to call herself the alpha because she believes their kind of leadership is unfair. An alpha is like the supreme leader and she doesn’t want that.

She liked her pack to trust her, they worked together. Closer than any pack I’ve seen before and they trust each other like a family.

My definition of that word changed. It was not only people who hurt you and always bring you down.

family is also people who you know will stand by you, no matter what. People that won’t think twice before dying for you.

Family is not people you share blood or DNA with. They are people who don’t betray you. Simple as that.

And I’ve never had that until now.

“You clean up good, Drea.” A deep voice says, as arms sneak around my waist, pulling me to a hard chest.

I shake my head and laugh at Kian. He is a year older than me and was born in my mother’s pack. We immediately clicked and have been close ever since.

He believes we are someday going to take after my mother and lead the pack together but I don’t see that.

In fact, I don’t see me with any man in the nearest or farthest future. I only have one goal and it is the one thing I’m looking forward to.

“I know,” I tell him with a playful shove, stepping out of his hold. “You could use a little help though.” I added after giving him a once over.

“Ouch,” he pouts, placing a hand to his chest.

I chuckle and push the door to the kitchen with my side. He follows me in.

“You excited for the run?” he asks as we join the rest of the people getting the things for dinner ready.

Since the dining inside the house wouldn’t take all the pack members. We always set a bonfire outside by the training rounds so everyone could attend.

“As excited as I’ll ever be.” I say, feeling a burst of energy. “Hi mum.”

I kiss her on the cheek as I walk past her. She is busy directing the people on where to set the fire.

She is a natural born leader and I love how she transitions between the many roles she plays. She is a mother, a fighter and a leader all in one.

I wish to be half the woman she is someday.

That will come after my first wish.

I had vowed to make the men that made me feel like shit pay for all they have done to me. For treating me like garbage because they thought I was weak.

I am stronger now, stronger than they’ll ever be and I plan to use that to my full advantage.

They are not ready for the new Adriana.

They will all wish I had died from that poison they dished me because. I'll kill them all and I’ll make it long and excruciating.

That is my promise.

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