Love Me, Or Reject Me

Love Me, Or Reject Me

By:  Lana Mora  Completed
Language: English
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After an abrupt stampede, Freya was hastily taken to the hospital, yet her mate Kingsley found solace in another woman. For three long years, Freya harbored the hope that her love would thaw Kingsley's icy heart, but alas, her yearning proved to be nothing more than a jest. She observed Kingsley showering the other woman with affection, and now, weary of unrequited devotion, she resolved to depart, vowing to reject him. However, the aloof Kingsley underwent an astonishing transformation, assuming a new persona as he fervently pursued Freya.

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Christine Owings
52 chapters 10/11/24
2023-10-12 10:10:09
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i love your book, please update soon
2023-10-10 13:42:36
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Diana Michael
loving this so much, waiting excitedly everyday for its update everyday...........
2023-09-12 16:39:18
user avatar
jeannie swinemar
lots of potential but too much emphasis on money, jealous sister, etc :(
2023-08-21 11:33:58
120 Chapters
Chapter 1 Stampede
Freya's POVMy phone suddenly vibrated; it was a text message from my friend Novia Motley: "Freya, Tracy's fan meeting at the Times Mall caused a stampede today. Didn't you tweet an hour ago that you were at the mall? I mean, are you okay?"I pursed my lips, my right hand being infused, so I had to use my left hand to type a difficult reply: "Yeah, but don't worry. Just a small injury, no big deal."The message had hardly been sent when I received a call from Novia."Which hospital are you in? I'm coming to see you now." Novia's nervous voice immediately rang out of the phone."Athana National Hospital." The thought of her anxious face on the other end made me feel a little relieved and I smiled bitterly. "Hold on, I'll be right there," she assured me before she hung up the phone. As I had strolled through the mall earlier today, my only intention was to purchase a new outfit. Little did I know that I would stumble upon the fan meeting of the famous star, Tracy. The frenzied crowd
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Chapter 2 Is That What You're After?
Freya's POVI spoke with an unsettling calmness as if discussing an inconsequential matter such as a meal. But as soon as my words reached Kingsley's ears, his body stiffened, and I could clearly see the desire in his eyes dissipated instantly. "Is that what you're after?" he retorted coldly, searching my face for a reaction in the dim moonlight filtering through the window."I'm simply on a mission to produce a child," I replied in a monotone voice, with a subtle sadness."Are you using this way to secure your own future?" Kingsley asked, standing up from the bed and slowly putting on his clothes.Silence filled the room as I seemed to shrink before Kingsley's eyes. He looked so angry and confused, like my words had cut him deeply. "We've been mated for three years and have yet to conceive. I'm anxious about the possibility of you having a child with another woman," I said, my voice cracking with emotion as I thought of Tracy's pregnancy-test report.Kingsley frowned deeply. "It
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Chapter 3 You'll Be The Best Luna Ever
Freya's POVKingsley was silent for what seemed like an eternity before taking the phone. His voice was cold and husky, like that of someone who had just woken up from a deep slumber. "What do you want?" he asked in a natural tone as if it wasn't him who asked Sarah to make the call.For a moment, I thought I had guessed wrong. I took a deep breath before speaking. "In a few days, I'll write a list of where you keep your clothes and send it to you. I hope you won't bother me with these boring things in the future.""Boring?" Kingsley sneered, his voice filled with suppressed anger. "Isn't that your favorite thing to do, Freya? Caring even what underwear I wear all day, isn't that what your life is all about?"I had to admit that it was totally an awful conversation.There was silence on the phone, and nobody said anything for a while. Then I spoke up again after a while. "I've lost interest in that kind of thing. I don't care anymore. You reject me, and then we can both be happy."
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Chapter 4 Shut Your Mouth
Kingsley's POVI couldn't believe that Freya really dared to leave me. I had to admit that when I first saw the note left by my Luna Freya, I almost lost control. A feeling of being betrayed filled me. How dare she rejected me without my permission! I was her Alpha!I went down the stairs and asked Sarah to call Luna.She looked stunned as if she couldn't believe I was trying to find an excuse to let Luna come back. I couldn't believe it too! "What am I doing right now?" I thought, as my wolf was beginning to feel irritable and was exuding a chilly aura.I didn't understand. If Freya wanted to secure her own future, why did she come to seek my love? I meant... It was clearly a better and easier way."Excuse me, sir, but is it still the same tie?" she asked carefully. I scanned the room with a cold expression, and half of the checkroom was now filled with Freya's clothes. I coldly pulled the corner of my mouth and replied, "Just the one she said just now."As soon as the words lef
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Chapter 5 My Sister Bianca
Freya's POVI drove off in a fit of anger, my mind consumed with Kingsley's smug expression. I felt furious, as though he believed I was only playing games with him to gain something.To him, it seemed like everything in the world had a price, even if it was hidden in the darkness. If someone claimed that money couldn't buy everything, Kingsley would merely scoff and say that the sum offered wasn't enough.Therefore, once something happened between us when we got along, he was always calculating how much it would take to keep me happy. But this time, I was determined not to compromise. I swore to myself that I wouldn't let him get the better of me again.Just as I made my vow, my phone rang."Hello?" I said, my voice sharp."My dear daughter, what's wrong?" My father's voice sounded cheerful on the other end of the line."What do you want?" I asked, unable to hide the irritation in my tone."I found some high-quality caviar that your mother-in-law enjoys. Come and pick it up, and reme
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Chapter 6 Bianca's Provocation
Freya's POV"You already have so much branded stuff. What's the point of having a new one?" I couldn't help but roll my eyes."That's just not possible," she replied. "They are all old and outmoded. Everyone else has the latest fashion item. I'll be laughed at if I go out with the old stuff. Please lend me your bag for a while, dear sister." Bianca spun her words around and gave me a smile. "Of course, dear Bianca. Your new job demands a certain image, and that old stuff just won't cut it. Besides, it's about time you upgraded," my father then turned to me and said, "You can ask your husband for a new one. He's wealthy, and he won't hesitate to buy you a new one."Theo looked at me, then set down his utensils and gave me a serious look. "You're just an intern. Why do you need an expensive bag?" I couldn't help but glance at Bianca and say. Had I come here just to be his errand person? And now, they wanted my bag, too?"We're family, what's wrong with lending your sister your bag? I
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Chapter 7 It Doesn't Matter Who I Accept As My Luna
Kingsley's POVStaring at the dangling phone in my grip, a frown involuntarily formed on my face. Tracy called out to me once more from the side, her voice echoing, "Kingsley?"I lifted my gaze, casting a casual glance her way as I stowed away the phone, and replied in a chilly tone, "What's the matter?"Tracy's heart tightened, and she whispered, "I wanted to inquire about work."Nonchalantly, I responded, "In a few days, someone from Sky Games will approach you to discuss a contract signing. Cooperate with the publicity then."Tracy smiled brightly and I could see the joy in her eyes. I knew that she had been criticized numerous times during the airing of the film Mystery Lover for her action scenes, which led to rumors circulating that she relied heavily on stunt doubles for her fight scenes, so she yearned for this chance to prove herself very much.Though elated, her hesitant face betrayed her question. "Mark agreed? He doesn't seem to like me very much. I had persistently prop
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Chapter 8 I Shall Vow To Reject You
Freya's POV"For me, it doesn't matter who I accept as my Luna." Standing outside the door, I gripped my hand tightly and suddenly lost the courage to open the door. I turned around and made my way to the bathroom."How could he say this, with that damn calm tone?" I thought angrily.Kingsley's words echoed in my mind. It dawned on me that I was not accepted by him as his Luna because I was extraordinary; rather, just anyone would be same for him, since we were all not Tracy.Gazing at the diamond ring on my finger, I chuckled inwardly. This ring symbolizes our marriage, but when I moved out of the villa, I left it.It was the first time he had ever put the wedding ring on me. At our mating ceremony, Tracy showed up, and Kingsley left before the ceremony concluded, so I had to take it upon myself to put on the ring.In retrospect, even without Tracy, Kingsley and I wouldn't have grown old together, would we?I spent ten minutes outside, collecting my emotions before returning to the
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Chapter 9 I Don't Have Time To Waste On You
Freya's POV"Very well," I replied."Now get out of the car!" Kingsley's voice turned cold and relentless.I surveyed the windy, lifeless, and deserted road, and my heart sank.An uncomfortable silence lingered for a moment, and Jeremy whispered, "Alpha, this area isn't safe for a taxi. Let's wait until we reach downtown."Kingsley sneered, "She wants to prove to me that she can lead a fulfilling life without me, doesn't she? I'll give her that opportunity!"His words dealt a blow to my pride like no other, leaving me humiliated by the disdain of someone I admired.Silently, I unbuckled my seatbelt, opened the door, and glanced back at Kingsley before stepping out of the car. Leaving the car behind, I walked along the verdant path, heading towards the distant side. With every step, I carried an unwavering determination, without looking back or pleading with him.After covering a hundred meters, I heard the engine of Kingsley's car starting behind me. Then, with a loud thud, something
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Chapter 10 Sorry To Make You Misunderstand
Freya's POVI clutched my phone tightly, a bitter smile slowly forming on my face.Whenever I needed Kingsley the most, he was always absent.Alone in the quiet waiting room, I sat for what felt like an eternity, until the emergency room light switched off, the door swung open, and the doctor emerged."Although your mother was successfully revived this time, her overall bodily functions are significantly deteriorating, which is concerning. You should prepare yourself," the doctor stated in a detached tone.I expressed my gratitude to the doctor, dismissed him, and requested assistance from the caregiver in fetching a basin of hot water.Wringing out the towel, I perched on the edge of the bed and gently wiped my mother's body.Six years had passed since the accident, and for six years, my mother had remained in this stagnant condition on her hospital bed.Her muscles had nearly wasted away, her body frail and withered, dependent solely on nourishment to sustain her life each day. Desp
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