Love On Time

Love On Time

By:  Mykenju Bleu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lena, a freshman in college looking to get over a crushing break up that her high school sweetheart has dealt her. She spends too much time in the abyss of her depression until she wakes up one day and decides enough is enough! On this day she meets a guy that makes her feel like no other, could he be the ONE? In comes Mekhi, like a white knight in shining armor. Making and keeping promises but shrouded in an air of mystery. Lena being a simple girl who enjoys the small things in life is faced with the dilemma of confronting the troublesome high school sweetheart while trying to balance herself on the precipice of being in Mekhi's life but trying not fall into his world.

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51 Chapters
A Fresh Start
"I see you so clearly in my dreams, yet when I'm awake I don't know who you are"  Beep!Beep!Beep! I roll over and turn the alarm off. Ugh, I had that dream again. Is my subconscious telling me to make time for more than my studies and book club meetings? It could be this new book I'm reading. Either way, it's been a while since…I don't want to think about that right now. I guess I'd better get ready for classes. It's Monday and it's raining. I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and brush my hair up into a ponytail. As I put on my purple flannel, blue jeans, and rain boots I decide to stop by the coffee shop on my way to my morning classes to pick up something hot to drink. I gather all of my books and head downstairs to breakfast. Today is going to be different, I can feel it. "Good morning Mom," I say putting my books on an empty chair and sitting down. 
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A Breakfast Date?!
As we're waiting for our order I look over him as sneakily as possible. He's tall maybe six-two or six-three, he looks lean underneath his jacket and dark jeans. His teeth are perfect and white and his skin really looks like brown satin; I want to touch him just to see if it's as smooth as it looks. Oops! My thoughts are running away while I'm looking at him so I turn away and look at the menu. I thought it would be a long time before I could have these feelings again. A year seems so close and yet so far away I can hardly remember how I spent my time then. I let myself wallow too long over that fool. NEVER AGAIN. I think angrily. "Hey, I have our food and drinks," Mekhi calls pulling me from those deep thoughts. "Okay, where do you want to sit," I ask smiling at him trying to recover the mood. "You lead the way, I'll follow," he says smiling back and just like that my irritation melts away. "Okay, I
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Guess What Happened Today?!
The day has gone by so quickly and I haven't seen Mekhi at all.  Like a crazy person I've been looking around for him all day maybe he's an upper classman; I haven't considered that at all. The rain has turned to mist as I get into my car to head back to the coffee shop to meet Rylie and Nova. Just like this morning I'm able to park near the front so I grab my bag and wristlet and head inside. I find them at a table near the front window so I go over to meet them. "Leeenaaa! What's up," Riley says loud enough for those close enough to hear and pulls me into a hug. She releases me just in time to get Nova's hug. "Hey chica, what's going," Nova says giving me a little squeeze. We all sit and I smile at my two best friends. It's been about a month since I've seen them face to face. "Nothing much guys. Mom's trying to get me out the house so I called you two," I say feeling a little guilty for neglecting our friendship.
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Had A Busy Day
    When I get home I find my mom in the kitchen having a cup of tea so I join her. I take my boots and rain jacket off at the door, drop my bag on a chair, wash my hands, and grab a mug to fill with water. I sit in the chair across from my mom and drop a tea bag into my mug full of water. My mom is wearing her red bath robe and her hair is wrapped up in a silk scarf. I yawn, stretch, and wrap my hands around the warm mug and relax in my chair. "It seems as though you've had a busy day," mom says smiling at me and touching my hair. "Yeah, I did. I'm glad that I called Rylie and Nova and met up with them today," I say to my mom feeling sleep weigh on me. "I'm glad you did too. Your eyes are glowing with life and happiness," my mom says. "I didn't realize that they were devoid of life; Nova and Rylie said kind of like the same thing earlier," I respond putting sugar into my tea and taking a s
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Friday Morning Pt. I
Beep! Beep! Beep!       It is Friday, I roll over and turn off my alarm with a little more enthusiasm than needed. Last night I had that dream again except the guy didn't leave me behind, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the light with him. It feels like my dreams are mimicking my reality because I feel myself coming alive with each passing day. I check the weather to figure out an outfit for today and proceed to begin my morning ritual. The weather isn't going to be too bad, low sixties and partly cloudy. I'll wear my white v neck t shirt, destructed light blue jeans, and boats shoes. I put on my necklace with the peacock pendant and put on a little lip gloss to finish my look for the day. This week has gone by so fast and with each day I change a little more for the better. Knock Knock Knock "Lena could you give us a
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Friday Morning Pt. II
      I have missed feeling cute and positive. Unable to find a spot in front of the café I end up parking on the side of the building and having to walk around to the front. Good thing the weather isn't bad today. I go inside and the familiar smell of coffee hits me and I stand in line thinking about what I want to eat. As the line moves along I decide on a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a croissant with hash browns and orange juice; I'll get my coffee to go later. I order my food and head over to my spot to drop my bag in a chair to save my space while I'm waiting for my breakfast. As I am waiting I pull out some notes to go over for my Biology class, exams are coming soon and I want to be as prepared as possible. As I'm going over my notes I hear the cashier call my order so I go to retrieve it. On my way back to my table I notice someone sitting there with their head down. I have no idea who it could be so I pick up the pace because my stuff is still th
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Parking Lot Girl Talk
The day flies by again, this time I got to see Mekhi a few times in between classes although he doesn't see me I'm content. This nice March day has me feeling really good and a little more than optimistic. I check my phone and see that my mom has messaged me that she will be home late so we will have dinner at dad's restaurant downtown. I text her back and text my dad as well. I catch up with Nova and Rylie in the parking lot next to my car and fill them in on some of the details from my morning with Mekhi. "Damn girl, you got it bad," Rylie says jokingly. "Nah chica, you're wrong. He's the one who has it bad," Nova says and I immediately agree with her to take the heat off of me. "Exactly, I didn't know he was going to be there," I say backing Nova. "Yeah, but you weren't upset that he was there either," Rylie says laughing. "You damn right! I was shocked," I say laughing with h
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Family Dinner
"Hellloooooooo," I call out to see if the twins are home and kick my shoes off at the door. "Yeah," Jackson and Journee call out in unison. "Just checking to see if you guys were here," I call out to them as I head to my room and freshen up for dinner. I turn on my speaker and play music from my phone while I get ready. Knock Knock "Na-na can I come in," Journee asks. "Of course," I respond leaning out of the bathroom to see who it is. "So what's new with you," she asks sitting in the chair at my desk. "Hmm a lot apparently. What about you," I reply smiling at her sitting cross legged in my fluffy chair. "Same as usual. I did make a little progress with Derek," she says with a shy smile. "Really? I'm happy for you," I say genuinely happy for my baby sister who isn't a baby any
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A Familiar Voice
"Lenaaaaaaa," a familiar voice calls. I turn around to see who it is and I can't believe my eyes…it's Mekhi with a group of guys. That wakes me up more than the cool evening air does.  "Hey," I say as we walk toward one another closing the distance. I look back at the twins and they stop and stare as well. "Hey baby," he says smiling hugging me and I'm losing my mind hugging him back. "Hmm," I manage to get out as I take in his scent and relax into his arms. "That's twice in one day. Since I've got you here let's exchange numbers; I realized I didn't have your number after I left the café this morning," he says releasing me and pulling his phone from his pocket. "See, I knew you were a stalker," I say with a half-smile exchanging phones with him. "Nah, me and the guys came down here after practice. I had no idea
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Me: Y'all guess what?!?!?!? Nova: WHAT? Rylie: Whatttttt???? Me: I just ran into Mekhi while leaving Dad's place downtown!!! Rylie: !!!!!!!!! Nova: For real!?!?!? Me: Yes y'all!! And the twins were with me! Rylie: Well? What happened? Nova: Yes mamma, details! Me: We hugged and exchanged numbers! Y'all he smells so good! Rylie: Oooo you got the digits! Yessss girl! Nova: Whoop, Whoop!! Have you contacted him yet? Me: Nah, I just got in 10 min ago. Rylie: Well, what are you waiting for? Nova: She said she just got in the house…. Rylie: True Me: So what do you guys want to do tomorrow besides have brunch?? Rylie: I thought you wanted to go to the basketball game?!?! Nova: Right…what ^^ said! Me: I do, but I don't want to stay for the whole game. Let's go around half time or something… Rylie: That's cool with me…maybe we can get
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