Chapter 9 A Car Accident

After they parted on bad terms that day, Bo Yan did not look for Shen Zhiwei even once.

She did not come to him either.

They reached an unprecedented deadlock.

Shen Zhiwei had once decided that she would not give up regardless if he loved her or not. She believed that she could soften his heart little by little since life was long.

She had even made up her mind that she would stick to him like glue for the rest of her life even if his attitude remained unchanged.

However, she changed her mind, as she now was a mother. All she wanted was to live a peaceful life with her baby son, and whether he loved her or not did not matter anymore.

But Bo Yan thought otherwise. He became increasingly uneasy as the deadlock continued, and he started to lose sleep. At first, he could not fall asleep until midnight; later, he was up all night, but the next day, he went to work looking as if nothing had happened.

Nevertheless, the staff in his company found the ambiance suppressing.

Shen Rou implied many times that she was waiting for Bo Yan to marry her, but he just shifted the subject every time she mentioned it.

Back in the Shen family's house, she flung her handbag on the ground.

"Damn you, Shen Zhiwei! You two-faced bitch! You said you would divorce Bo Yan, yet you've kept tantalizing him. I won't accept that I can only be his mistress for the rest of my life!"

Zhou Jin picked up her handbag and asked with concern, "What happened? Why are you so angry?"

"What else could it be? Of course, I'm angry at Shen Zhiwei! Mom, I don't want to be a mistress for the rest of my life. Help me out..."

"Don't worry, my good girl."


Zhou Jin pondered for a while before saying with a stern expression, "Shen Zhiwei did not ask for a divorce until she gave birth to her bastard son, but now, she changed her mind and tantalized Bo Yan. I guess she is doing all this for her son, trying to get him a promising future..."

Shen Rou revealed a look of understanding, her red lips curled into a chilling smirk.

"You're right, Mom. Shen Zhiwei is planning all this for her son!"

"In this case, don't blame me then, Shen Zhiwei!"


Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

The morning sun poured through the window onto each corner of the baby room. After the doctor told her that Xiaobao could be discharged from the hospital, Shen Zhiwei found time and finished the procedure. She drove him to a scenic spot nearby for sightseeing.

She put the baby in the baby seat and kissed him gently on the forehead.

"Good boy." She smiled, fastened the seat belt, and started the car.

Outside the window, the skyscrapers flashed by. Shen Zhiwei was in a light mood as she heard the baby babbling. Just as she passed a crossing, she received a phone call from Huo Jun.

"Miss Shen, where are you? I heard from the hospital that you left with Little Master..." He sounded anxious.

"I took him out to get some fresh air. What's the matter?"

"Listen, I received a message that someone was trying to hurt Little Master. You'd better find..."


Before Huo Jun finished speaking, a modified van drove at Shen Zhiwei's car at a high speed from one side.

Shen Zhiwei heard a loud bang. Then she found her car badly smashed and out of control. She jammed on the brakes, but the car still rolled on the highway and slammed into the guardrail due to inertia; half in the air and half on the roadway.

Shen Zhiwei's mobile phone slipped out of her hand, and she felt choked by the seat belt.

As she raised her head, blood flowed down her forehead and blurred her vision. Despite the dizziness and injuries, she hurriedly turned to check on the baby. "Xiaobao? Are you all right, Xiaobao?"

The baby sobbed and cried...

"Good boy, I'll take you to the hospital right now."

She climbed her way out of the car while holding the baby tightly in her arms.

She let out a sigh of relief, but immediately saw several men get out of the van and walk toward her with evil smiles on their faces...
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