Love You For A Long Time

Love You For A Long Time

By:  EsmeBichen  Completed
Language: English
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Two young men and a love born and grown over the years, but unable to be fulfilled for the differences between the two. After seven years, they meet again and realize that nothing has changed in their hearts, but the outside world continues to hinder their love. Will they be able to break down the barriers that keep them apart and finally realize their dream of love?

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I Loved every minute reading this book, there is a bit of everything in this book and it's awesome , love all the couples. Looking forward to more of your work...
2021-12-12 02:43:57
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Damn I love this story... only halfway through but I can't stop reading ...
2021-12-09 20:11:10
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I read this book it is wonderful great detail suspense just wonderful
2021-10-18 13:25:27
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I read this book it is so wonderful a fresh
2021-10-18 13:24:20
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Łwazi David
a great storyline with an amazing picture created. The plot develops well throughout the chapter . overall a great read
2021-09-07 17:46:22
73 Chapters
A light autumn rain was falling on the blanket of yellowed leaves that covered the sidewalk. The evening was advancing, and, with it, small groups of people crowded the neighborhood's streets. Some were hurrying for last shopping, some were rushing to the nearest subway, and others to the pubs. Adam was trying to navigate his way through this whirlwind of voices and hurried footsteps. He had just received some disturbing news, and the disorientation it caused was affecting his progress through the crowd. The long-awaited promotion had finally arrived, and he would be moving from simple editorial work to work in the field. But, unfortunately, this new assignment would take him away from his beloved city. That morning he had made a remarkable effort to keep his cool after finding out where he would be working when the boss told him of his destination. Instead, his attention had been drawn solely to one word. Beijing He would be working i
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Chapter 1 (part 1)
The three weeks flew by. Adam had spent the last few days of his stay in London sorting out the last few things before his departure. First, he had sent some of his belongings to the apartment he would be living in the Shuangjing district. The colleague he would be replacing had been kind enough to provide him with a list of things the flat had, so it had been easier for him to sort out what to bring and leave behind. In addition, Claire, his younger sister, had promised him that she would take care of the house in his absence, so he had one less thing to worry about. Next, he had taken care of booking his plane ticket and picking up the certificates he needed to work in China. Luckily, the boss had lightened his workload a little, so he could get everything done before the move. That morning he had packed the last of his things and was now ready to enjoy his final evening before leaving the next day. The night before, he had said goodbye to his frien
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Chapter 1 (part 2)
Needless to say, dating between the two was immediately forbidden by the influential Ming family. One of the most eminent families in China, they could not afford such a scandal. Even the thought that their eldest daughter had fallen in love with a black embassy employee was a source of shame for the entire family. Yet, despite the prohibitions and restrictions, the two lovers had found it difficult to stay away from each other; with a thousand subterfuge, they had managed to see each other. Finally, not even a month after their first meeting, the two decided to get married. As the wife of an English government official, Hui Ying had acquired the right to leave the country with her husband without incurring any repercussions, and so they did. Thirty years and three children later, they were still as much in love as the first day. The Carter family took advantage of every moment, each dish accompanied by an update on each member of the family: George would soon be tak
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Chapter 2 (part 1)
To say he was exhausted was an understatement. A sleepless night, eighteen hours of travel and the time zone change had liquefied him. When he landed in Beijing, he was literally a shadow of his former self. All he wanted was a warm bath and the comfort of a soft mattress. Perhaps he would even allow himself a frugal meal in between. With the last strengths, Adam headed off to complete the paperwork for entry and dragged himself to retrieve his luggage. Despite the late hour, the airport was packed with people, so he found it challenging to find a free taxi. He was far too tired to go in search of public transport, but the long wait for a free car was taking away the last bits of lucidity. Due to the tiredness and the bedlam, he was on the verge of a severe migraine. He massaged his temples to relieve the slight pain drumming in his head. With his head bowed, he did not notice a black luxury car that had pulled up alongside the pavement where
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Chapter 2 (part 2)
He would have to buy a few more furnishings and ornaments to make it more pleasant to live in. After placing all his belongings, he made a list for immediate purchases. Food shopping came first. Shuangjing was a residential neighborhood in Chaoyang District. It was located just a few minutes away from the Beijing Cbd (Nda. Beijing Central Business District), where the editorial office where he would be working was also located. It was a lively area, full of supermarkets and western-style restaurants. Moreover, its population included many ex-pats like himself. So he would fit right in, he thought. Given the proximity of the shops he needed, it didn't take him long to finish his errands. He still had most of the afternoon to spare. Since he already knew the city, he didn't need to visit it, so he decided to go to the newsroom to test the waters before the official start the next day. Taking advantage of the beautiful autumn day, he decided to go for a
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Chapter 3 (part 1)
"Cancel this morning's appointments!" The peremptory order was snarled at the poor assistant waiting outside his office. Then, without further ado, he locked himself inside, slamming the door. The situation had gotten out of hand, thought Shàng Wèi as he looked out of the window. He had planned their meeting several times and promised himself that he would be cold and impassive towards him. He promised himself that he would be cruel and cold-blooded towards him. He would look at him with a composed, icy expression to hide the pain and disappointment he had felt over the last few years. And then he would... And instead... He had gone after him, as excited as a child who had finally been given the puppy he had so longed for. He had jumped out of the car stopped at the red light, leaving the company driver stunned. He had followed him into the building, admiring the slender body wrapped in that jumper. Still, Shàng Wèi knew all that was hidden beneath those clot
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Chapter 3 (part 2)
In the years that followed, the Carter family returned to Beijing at least once a year. But fate had not allowed him to see the doll so often. He had managed to catch a glimpse of him at a few occasions or official receptions. Still, he had never been able to approach him because he always kept to himself, talking only to his siblings and parents. Then, finally, the right opportunity had presented itself. The right opportunity came to him during university. In those days, he was called Hēi Sé, the black, by everyone. That nickname had been given to him by one of his many high school adventures. She had explained that he deserved to be called because his soul was black, and not even a sliver of light could pass through it. His fame as a playboy and the echoes of the misdeeds he had committed together with his two companions in misfortune, Sun Wěi Qí and Hu Yún, had only fuelled the use of this nickname. His father, tired of rushing to clean up his messes aroun
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Chapter 4 (part 1)
3.99 km2. This was the size of the Cbd area, and, despite the vastness of space, he had come across Hēi Sé himself, even making a fool of himself. That lightning-fast thrill of seeing him again had taken him back in time. For a moment, he had rediscovered the impertinent self of a few years earlier when he had not yet discovered the suffering of love. As a boy, he had always been sociable and cheerful and, for this reason, wanted and loved by many. It was because of these characteristics that he had first approached Shàng Wèi. Although he felt he had already met him when he noticed him lost in his faculty, his haughty attitude made him unbearable. That was why, after the first stormy encounter, he had tried very hard not to be in his vicinity. As soon as he saw him appear anywhere, Adam would eclipse himself. But slowly, he had not realized that in avoiding him, he had begun to observe him, studying his movements and his schedule. As t
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Chapter 4 (part 2)
Until one day, on his way back from his shopping trip, he had heard that annoying nickname again. "Xiao Wū Mù, you're hard to intercept without your little fan club," a wry voice had said behind him. To his surprise, the shopping bag he was holding had slipped from his hands, falling to the ground. Then, heedless of the cans rolling everywhere, he had turned to face the owner of that item. "You think you're funny? My name is Adam and not Xiao Wū Mù." He had rebelled. "I know! But I find that the name I gave you suits you better," Shàng Wèi had said confidently, approaching him. "You see, your skin is the shade of Macassar ebony, which is very precious and not easy to come by, kind of like you are." He had said with a caressing look. Adam had been incredulous; he had never heard such nonsense. It was clear he was pulling his leg. "You know there are different shades of colors in the world; we're not all made the same. The fact that you'
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Chapter 5 (part 1)
Strolling lost in his memories, he arrived at Ritan Park. There weren't many people around, just a group of elderly people taking a Tai Chi class and a few tourists on their way to the Temple of the Sun. He decided to rest for a moment and chose to sit on a bench not far away. He looked at the time; Claire was probably already in the shop at that moment. He decided to call her. After only two rings, he was greeted by the bright, joyful voice of his little sister. "How is my charming big brother? Do you already miss me after such a short time? Don't worry; I haven't set your house on fire yet!" Adam smiled as he listened to that flood of words; it instantly lifted his mood. Claire was the one who had helped him most to recover from his bad experience years ago. Despite being the baby of the family, she had been there for him and had been his confidante. She was the only one who knew what had really happened. "Adam? Adam? Are you still t
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