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Aru, Polly and HiVi are three Omega in three different situation, Aru and Polly grow up together like real blood brother's while HiVi and Aru are twins separated right after birth and never got the chance to know each others existence. Aru was forcefully taken to pay for his biological fathers debt and left Polly uncared by his own mother and was married to an old politician, exploiting him to the old man's will and six bodyguards who gives him a slight freedom in exchange for his body. Then HiVi meet Aru and became close friends inside the club, being part of the elite prostitute and the highest paid for their intoxicating beauty and tantalising body. On Aru's last day of paying his father's debt, HiVi cried bidding his goodbye and followed secretly, their he found his mate which was their own boss, but his body was used to close a business deals and suffers and almost died in his mates hands, if not for his unborn childs spirit, always saving him. Then Aru and Polly meet again, but Aru was sold by Polly in exchange for a new identity, escaping his miserable life, but inspite what Polly did to him, he can't get angry to him and wish he finds a good life. Their he made a negotiation to his new boss where Polly sold him, just to gain his freedom, but while doing his best to finished the task given to him, to have his freedom. He found out his target was his DESTINED MATE. And his life became a total mess, because turned out his new boss where Polly sold him, has something to do with the death of his mother and manipulation of his ruined life, and the one who killed his daughter.

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100 Chapters
1BEAUTY UNDER THE MOON4023 - (A new world created more than just two gender, after the relentless experimentation of scientist to give equality to different sexual orientation, now male can give birth, women can impregnate man, 60% of new population are called Beta they are normal without restriction, 30% are called Alpha's they're the one who can rule all gender and are known for being strong, 10% are called Omega that mostly look down, for being the weakest and needs the most protection)A cold breeze brushes his pale skin.Staring above, to see the brightest moon tonight.His always this fond of watching the moon in its fullest shape, also known as the FULL MOON.He didn't know, but whenever he stares at it, his turmoil of emotions was at peace.Like the peaceful waves of the sea at no stormy night.“Beep beep beep.” the sound that he don't want to hear the most, meaning to say his fifteen minutes was over back to reality again.This always cut his momentum, but what can he do? He
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2VIVI AS HE REMEMBERED Even if tomorrow comes, his not sure if he has a family that's waiting for his return, nobody even looked for him when he was taken, does his father already been found? Before he was taken to pay the debt of his father, his father was already missing for a week, how's his brother even doing now? Polly was younger than him, he was taken after turning one hundred fourteen years old, after his second gender was revealed as a Dominant Omega, and Polly about to turn one hundred ten years old in five months.It may be confusing, but they were not the real half brother, not the same father with a different mother. “Mother?”He asked himself.“Was she sad, that I'm gone for long? Maybe she doesn't care because I'm not her blood anyway, as I reminisce those memories that I long buried, I feel like drowning in cold water, I was just fresh 114 years old back then, and now I'm 200 years old, my youth is wasted together with my body, why does this have to happen to me i
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3ARE MATE'S REAL?A hand extended in front of his face, with a cold juice meant for him.Seeing that he didn't he react and still in daze, a flick on his forehead makes him comeback to reality, it was painful for a one shot of hit, instantly forming a red mark.“What was that for! I told you not to do it anymore, crazy, it hurts!.”With continuous curses coming from his mouth, while rubbing it, he was ignoring that hand purposely, holding a juice meant for him.“Just say that you don't want to be freshened up, why make my hand hang to air?”About to retract the hand that been extending, Aru grab the juice and drink, feeling the cold temperatures, walk in every corner of his cells, from every sip and loosen up his tense muscles.“Say! You're in a daze again, what?” HiVi started a conversation.Talking, but both of their eyes are fixated on the cold juice.“Nothing in particular.” Honestly speaking, he just remembered how he got here, by force, and how there's only one person who stand
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4HIVI HUGS OF GOODBYE“Ticktacktoe ticktacktoe ticktacktoe.” the alarm was pressed by one lazy sleepy soft hands, and when it's about to alarm again, the other hand slam it stopped.Twisting its body, both arms high up in the air, wiggling to wake his sleeping soul.Slowly he gets up and walk bare-footed on the wooden floor, wash his face, brush his teeth, comb his hair.And wear his usual clothing a black worn-out faded T-Shirt it may look tattered, but him wearing it becomes stylish Maybe he just had the looks, that even when he was cloth with rags, it will look as if it's on trend.Just don't powder his face, or else you'll see the new meaning of beauty.Pairing the shirt with his loosely gray jogging pants.After checking his appearance one last time in front of a broken mirror, a soft, fragile Omega looking back at him.This look was totally charismatic, as he touched his left face.But what's the use of his charisma if his living a life like this?He wanted to ruin this already
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5 MEAL WITH THE BOSSThe moment he hopped in the car, he was instantly pin on closed proximity, moving his face sideways, and give no reaction, he waited until the person whose pinning him make a move and let him go.And the one pinning him really touched his chin, urging him to face its predator, but to no avail he didn't budge, which makes the man disappointed.“To whom are you saving those lips, huh?, it's your last service, can't I have the credibility to taste this----arggghhh!, the shit! You dare bite me?”They almost kiss with his persistence if not Aru's courage of giving his all to bite his ears, the thing Cafelle wants never happen."I sign a contract and stated my mouth is off limits! Why insist--------Slap.His next words were cut, by that unexpected hit on his left side face, sure enough HiVi was right, he really won’t dare touch an elite because his heavy-handed, and that slapped was pretty hard, for an Omega.Dark circles surround his vision, stinging sound echo on his
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6BDSM(Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadochism and Masochism)Red room represents itself by its name, the walls the chandelier, everything was red, even the flicker of the candles that adds to the atmospheric theme of Red room.They're both naked on heel that Aru can feel his every step on the carpet, he can't help but watch every of his step behind, which left a footprint and slowly dissipates after he lifts his feet up, made him giggle inside.“I can see you're enjoying the treatment of my carpet, huh?”Their eyes met upon that remarks of Cafelle, a hawk watching its prey, but Aru just, look at him and said none.“So warm, I wonder how he managed to maintain this luxurious carpet” that was what he had in his mind, ignoring Cafelle's remarks “What a cold Omega” Few more steps, and Aru bump onto someone's wide back, when the latter stop.“You can strip now, put your clothes to that cabinet.” he pointed at the single cabinet present at the roomAru follow so, afte
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7HIVI'S INTERRUPTIONSBang!The door swung open in a loud thud.That startle the living daylights out of Cafelle his eyes then focus to the one who just arrived.While Aru come without Cafelle's knowledge, then pass out from tiredness.Since Aru was facing the door he managed to see a faint shadow of someone barging in, he felt grateful for its interruptions, or else who knows what will Cafelle do to him, if he had found out, he come before the due.And let darkness overtake him.“What the! Who are you?!!! What do you think you're doing?”Cafelle angrily look to see who's the intruder that destroy the excitement he was engrossed, he felt anger upon the ruin of the heated session.Inhale ExhaleLoads of air just to calm down, from that sudden fright he received, and meet the eyes of a stranger who's looking back straight at him, but notice what's around its neck.“Who let you in? Butler!.” He shouted, thinking his butler was just around the corner, he can't help but massage both sid
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8FREEDOM ON HANDAru was half asleep when carried by the butler, to transfer him from another room, the clicking sound of his collar makes him fully awake.He waited until the other person leave.Soon, as the door closes he searched for the night lamp, switch it on, illuminating the room where he was in, he looked on the left side and see the outside from the window.“How long did I pass out?” touching his neck makes him melancholy, he can't help it, tears slowly drip on each side of his face, he never thought that a day will come that the collar will be taken off from his neck and that he could make it alive.For six years of imprisonment, force to sell his body without receiving any amount, living in an unimaginable room.“I can't believe I survive, I'm not dreaming, right?,”.Pinching his thigh so hard only to feel pain, seeing the red marks cause by his nail, his happy.But he didn't let his guard down he wiped those tears away, it's not time for tears of joy.He needed to get out
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9I'M HOMEPeople that's spread everywhere comes to crowd in one certain place.When the man in guard uniform make a scene.Aru try hard to shake its hands, but the grip was hard like a rock that he lost his footing and stumble down, he hissed as the pain cut his breath.“Give me my money, you thief!.” Aru can't reply when his ankle was blaring with pain from the sudden fall.And just because he didn't do what he says, now he was making a scene like he steals his money.He paid no attention as his focus diverted to the pain that's spreading from his ankle now to his thighs, he felt like crying.“What steal? Did I steal? Do I look like I'm going to steal? Argh, can I just cut my limbs now, this is dragging me down, too painful.”? He screamed inside his head, massaging the painful part and, somehow the pain was lessening a little, he also noticed that someone join the scene blindly without knowing first.One man stood near them and point a finger on him, like he really knew what's happ
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10PINHOLE CAMERAAru followed behind as the old lady led the way, he can't help but notice the insides of the house he used to know, everything feels foreign to him, from structure to display even the atmosphere, this was no longer the same home before he was taken. The only home, he knows he will still long to be back, even if in his memories, this place wasn't really worth appreciating.Where two people he respected the most, won't warmly welcome his existence, yet he still wished to go back home, even if he wore a cloak of invisibility in their eyes, but now everything has changed, he's no longer invisible, he was even invited without any ire, not them but a stranger.What makes him wonder was, as to how Polly ended up marrying? His intuition telling him that it's not what he thought it was, right?“They didn't do the same thing to Polly, right?” He asked, in thin air.Like how he was forcefully taken and ended up selling his body, to different Alpha's, every night, feeling the d
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