Owning the Love of my life

Owning the Love of my life

By:  Tomisin Ayoade  Completed
Language: English
10 ratings
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Just when Claire thought she had it going good for her; the perfect job, perfect man and perfect life, tables turned and Nathan stan broke her heart the night they'd had sex for the first time, leaving her world crumbled with unanswered questions. Her long time close- now billionaire friend, Damon Ice, shows up out of the blue,he's always loved her but wanted to do more than that. He asks her out but she declines, not ready to give her heart out for ruin again, and to her friend.... Ice finally made her his, he devoured her sexually and mentally, they bonded nicely and for the first time in Claire's life, she felt being loved, adored and prioritized. All was perfect until Nathan Stan showed up, ready to answer the questions he left behind and to start anew with her, he was after all her first love. She had to choose........ And she chose.

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Dr. Andre' B. Love
Good story!
2021-07-11 16:46:35
default avatar
Ashley Williams
This was a good read I really enjoyed!!!
2021-06-24 14:21:34
default avatar
Good story - straight to the point. Nice job author!
2021-04-14 00:20:23
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Wayne Maragh Jr.
love it and it was amazing
2021-04-06 03:25:10
user avatar
Zanthia Hollis
very good to read
2021-03-18 09:27:06
user avatar
Sonya Scott
Great book. Would love to read more about Claire and Damon's relationship now.
2020-09-23 05:47:10
user avatar
Again, another great story! I love your stories.
2020-09-22 17:12:41
user avatar
The story is nice and the plot is very interesting.
2020-09-22 16:51:04
default avatar
mazing book! Loved it! You tell a beautiful story!
2020-09-22 16:42:22
user avatar
the last two chapters are the SAME!! and a cliffhanger so disappointed
2021-12-14 04:39:54
21 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1Claire  "Get your head in the game!!!" Rebecca yelled on top of the music blasting from the speakers in the club. "I can hear you without you screaming Rebecca" I raised my voice a little which I preferred than the yelling, it made my ear drum ache. It's New year's eve and I'm here. Clubbing and getting intoxicated thanks to Rebecca's relentless idea to dance our way into the New year. Friends like her make you do the unexplainable. I love her nonetheless, she is the only person I consider a best friend because she's proven beyond a reasonable doubt that I can lean on her, cry and trust her.  I looked around the crowded club, clearly, a lot of people clubbed their way into the New year and tonight I was of them. So dysfuncti
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Claire DAMON AND I ENTER a Starbucks outlet opposite the building where the spa is located. "Look at you all muscly and huge," I said grabbing a seat.He must have committed a lot of time working out to have such a great body. 
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 CLAIRE I TAKE OUT MY spare key to open my apartment door. Finally inside, I cried my eyes out in despair unable to come to terms with what I'd just done. I wanted to have sex with him so bad I didn't thoroughly think abou
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4CLAIRE"Positive" I stare at the fifth pregnancy test result shaking from my trembling hands in my dorm room and like a lifeless body, I dropped my weight on the floor. *a baby? For whom?* I'd had numerous safe sex with guys, how did
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5CLAIREI GOT BACK TO THE APARTMENT a few minutes past noon, Rebecca had gone to her place to sort something, promising she'd be back tomorrow morning before heading to work. I shrugged out of my black dress, walked into the kitchen to fix myself a bite, wearing my black bra and thong. I came back into the living room going through my phone.
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7CLAIREI SHOWED UP WEARING A SIMPLE FLORAL maxi dress, the neckline is tied around my neck thus revealing my bareback to the beginning of my waist. I packed my hair up in a ponytail with very light makeup. I ditched heels for strappe
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8I STEPPED INTO MY APARTMENT, surprised to see everywhere dark but then again it's my birthday, I knew this was not ordinary. As I switch on the lights I find a bunch of people in my living room scream "happy birthday Claire". I wasn't surprised at all, Rebecca does this every year so I kinda know what to expect. I acted shocked cause I didn't want them thinking I wasn't surprised. 
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9DAMON "I'm here to see Claire Rutherford, she was brought in here a whil
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10CLAIRE TWO DAYS LATER AND I'D STILL not been able to confess my sins to Damon. Every perfect timing ends up been imperfect. Every second was like a ticking bomb, aware of the fact that Megan might make that move before me. Nathan, on the other hand, has been sending me 'we need to talk' messages and I was getting sick of it. I almost made the . stood up"We are
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