The Rejected Omega Luna

The Rejected Omega Luna

By:  Philipa__  Updated just now
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Mia is an omega in her pack. She does minor jobs to make ends meet. At a party, she finds out the Alpha of the pack is her mate. Immediately, he rejects her. Later on, events happen which lead her to her second chance mate, the most powerful Lycan King.What happens when she meets the Lycan king?Is Mia's wolf really as weak as she thinks?What happens when her former mate wants her back?The other thing she doesn't know is that a lot of people are after her power.Follow Mia as she discovers her true ability, navigates her love life and runs from the people who are after her.

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Laura Clemminck
Just started reading and its already breathtaking
2024-04-07 20:08:11
146 Chapters
Chapter 0001
I sighed as I adjusted the apron around my waist, preparing myself for another long night of work. As an omega, my place in the pack was obvious. I was destined to serve. And tonight, I'll be serving at the Alpha's party which was being held in the pack club house. It was a celebratory party for
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Chapter 0002
"Mate" Alpha Jax and I said at the same time. As I looked up at him, my breath got hitched in my throat. Standing before me was Alpha Jax - The Alpha Jax. He was one of the most powerful Alphas in the continent. For the most feared Lycan King to make an alliance with him, that should show ho
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Chapter 0003
The next day, we all lined up outside Kim's office for our pay. All the ladies who worked last night at the party were all here. The line was moving very slowly. Occasionally, we would hear someone raise their voice at Kim. This could only mean one thing – Kim's at it again. She's been cheating the
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Chapter 0004
As you know, bad news travels fast. People didn't bother to wait for me to leave their presence before they started talking about what happened between Bea and I. Yesterday and today have been the most embarrassing days of my life. First, my mate rejects me after a few minutes of just meeting me
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Chapter 0005
I looked at the gorgeous man in front of me in disbelief.What is going on?How did my life go from boring and uneventful to complicated in a few days?I think my theory is correct. The moon goddess was definitely bored when she created this scenario.I haven't gotten over the pain of being rejected
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Chapter 0006
I had lost track of time in the car. We were on the road for a long time. The fact that Ace was so close to me left me all heated on the inside. His left hand never left my thigh, even while he was on his phone. His fingers rubbed my skin comfortingly, igniting tingles inside me. Soon enough, I sl
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Chapter 0007
Without a word, he turned towards the door. I stayed there on my knees on the floor, unsure of what to do. Everything has been so overwhelming for me. I haven't even had time to process anything that's happened in the past 24 hours. A lot has gone down. I don't think I fit in here. I'm a lowly om
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Chapter 0008
Ace wasn't joking when he said he didn't want a single scratch on my body. He told me to go to the bed which I did. With a frown on his gorgeous face, he proceeded to clean my wounds. Jane stood behind him with a scared expression on her face. He refused to let her tend to me. As he cleaned my wou
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Chapter 0009
*The next few hours, I woke up. I looked around the empty room. There was no Ace, no Jane. It was just me.I felt a bit uncomfortable. It's probably because this is a new environment. I could barely stay still in bed. I groaned as I got out of bed, careful not to miss any steps again else I'd fall
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Chapter 0010
I woke up with a jolt at the sound of a knock on the door. My mind immediately went into a frenzy. For a moment, I was confused. I wondered where I was and what was going on until it all started coming back to me. I remembered Alpha Jax's rejection, The Lycan King and my entrance into his pack. I
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