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MAGICAL (Everything about us is magical) Melanie Spears, an ordinary high school girl, discovered she wasn't ordinary after all. She was introduced to a whole new set of world that not all humans were aware of. Stuck between her identity as a student and something extraordinary, she struggled to find and maintain her steps with the help of a close stranger, who made her realize her royal duties. She had to deal with a lot of ups and downs alongside the perks of being a supernatural being. Would she be able to withstand the dangers thrown her way from both the human world and the magical world without getting hurt? Would she be able to fulfill her duty of protecting the magical beings and those around her? Excerpt from the story: "Melanie, can you please stay back?" "What do you mean?" "Can you not go to school today? Stay at home, please." She pleaded with glassy eyes. I pulled her into an embrace. "Can you tell me why you don't want me to leave?" "Danger" she whispered. "I wouldn't have wished for the latter. I should have just maintained the first prayer. All because what I saw...was going to be the end of me, what I saw was terrifying. It was death!!!"

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Very intriguing phenomena taking place in the lives of these fictional characters. Interesting events evolving.
2021-02-07 01:50:50
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I love the cover and the blurb. Can't wait to read the rest of it. Good job.
2021-01-23 20:19:02
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it seems super interesting. Keep going!!
2021-01-23 18:53:08
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Ellen Day
Read the first couple of chapters I'm intrigued now, will be back to read more ❤
2021-01-14 06:12:36
75 Chapters
Chapter 1
Meeting "mystery girl"Chapter 1"Mom, are you done?" I asked Mom who was busy in the kitchen."Yeah dear. I'll be out in a jiffy." She shouted so I could hear."Alright mom. I'm waiting." I told her as I sat down on one of the couches in the sitting room.I brought out my phone and checked the time. I couldn't bring myself to go back to my room to get my wristwatch. I'd be late and as it is, I'm already late... we're late.  I looked up and saw mom coming out with a lunch bag and some other necessary things. I stood up and rushed over to her. "You should have called me to help you out." I said, almost like I scolded her. "Hey, mind the tone. I am the mom here." She said and I chuckled."Sorry Mom. Right now we need to leave. We're getting late.""Okay. Take these things and put them in the car. I'll join you soon." She said,
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Chapter 2
Melanie's POV continues     "Mom, what are we gonna do?" I asked impatiently as I remembered what transpired at the station. It turned out to be true that the young man was not an uncle to the strange girl. He was infact an undercover officer and he was not putting on his uniform. We went in as we explained what happened to him. My doubts about the resemblance was confirmed as well.  "Ma'am, why are you lying to us? She's your daughter, right?" One of the officers on duty asked Mom and she titled her head in confusion. "What do you mean?" She asked, unsure. "He means that she is your daughter so why do you insist on portraying her to be lost and found?" Another officer asked. "I've explained everything to you guys. She's not my daughter. I just happen to run into her on our way to the cinema." Mom told them. I placed my hand on hers. "Mom, they're right. You guys look alike. No one wo
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Chapter 3
Melanie's POVI woke up the next morning. Yawning, I stood up, walked into my bathroom and had my morning hygiene. I changed in to my dressing robe and walked out of my room. I remembered what happened last night and I felt sad for shouting at her. I then remembered that people who were rejected are always depressed and it may result to suicide but she's a young girl and she wouldn't think of such. I thought. 'And what if she did?' my subconscious questioned and I gasped. I ran to the guest room that she was sleeping in. She wasn't there. I checked all rooms one after the other. She wasn't there and my heart started beating faster.  I was scared my words might have caused something bad to her. She actually did nothing wrong. Taking a more closer look at the situation, it was Mom that almost ran her car on her. If we had not come across her, she would never had been here. But what was she doing on the street alone? It is partly he
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Chapter 4
Megan's POV"She's your daughter. 100% related to you." I heard doctor James say. What's all these? First she resembles me and now the DNA test confirms she's my daughter. Who's she really? I'm starting to get scared. All these things are happening in the period of just two days.  "That can't be true. We both know the truth." James handed me the result. I collected it and my eyes scanned through the paper and I dropped it absentmindedly on the office table. Melanie picked it up and had a look. Judging from her looks, I knew she didn't understand a thing from it but later I guess she did because her expression changed. Reading medical books really helped her in decoding it, I guess. "But.. " I trailed off. I've lost track of words. What to do? With this result, no one will accept to take her in. "Megan, I think you should just adopt her. Even though she's not your daughter, the result proves us wrong and the orphanage home would n
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Chapter 5
Melanie's POV"Darling! Darling!! Come out. You're running late." I heard Mom's voice as I quickly slip on my wristwatch. I bent down and tied my shoelace. I rushed to the door and then looked back to ensure that I dropped nothing. I opened the door after my confirmation and rushed down the stairs. A maid was already at the end of the stairs with my lunch bag. She handed it over and I muttered a 'thank you' which she reciprocated with a smile. I walked briskly to the fridge and took an apple which I'd have for breakfast. I stepped into the living room to see Mom pacing up and down, waiting for me and Daisy was with her as well. I smiled at her and walked up to them. "Good morning" I greeted. "Good morning to you too sis", she replied. Just for you to know, I've actually come to love Daisy. She's fun to be with and acts in a caring manner. Anyone who sees us would fail in recognizing that we've just known each other for some days now. The last
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Chapter 6
"I'm home" I announced as I walked towards the sitting room. A maid walked up to me and collected my school bag. I mouthed a 'thank you' to her and walked briskly away from her. "Daisy", I called but got no response. I walked up the stairs and opened her room's door.I entered the room and found her sleeping peacefully on her bed. I stared at her for some minutes and decided not to disturb her nap. I left her room quietly and entered mine which, of course, was opposite hers. I saw my backpack on the reading table. It's a good thing the maid didn't touch any other thing. They're just the way I left them. School was fun with my two awesome friends and Nancy never crossed my path till we left school today. I dropped my school uniform as I put on my bathrobe. I entered the bathroom, prepared the bathtub and entered it after removing my robe and undergarments. I immersed myself in the cold water and then closed my eyes to
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Chapter 7
Melanie's POVIt's the 'meet and greet' day already. Janet and I got ready to go and Steve volunteered to accompany us. He said he was not busy and his dad gave his consent. Mom did not forget to warn us to be safe since Steve was to be the driver. We set out and soon enough we got to the venue. Thank goodness we left our house as early as 4 o'clock, we found seats due to the time we arrived. Few minutes later, the stadium was filled. At exactly 5 o'clock, Suzy's van entered the stadium. People screamed at the sight. When the van stopped, she stepped out of the van in all elegance.She looked like a princess, she wore a pink full flair dress with stilettos. A necklace was lying beautifully on her neck and a tiara was on her head. Her hair was packed in a messy like bun. She waved at the people, looked round and was about to go on stage when she looked sideways and our eyes met. I went numb for a second. "She's staring at me". I muttered under my breath. I waved at her
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Chapter 8
Melanie's POVSteve dropped us at our homes. We went to Janet's first, then mine and Steve went back to his house in his car. The car was actually his sixteenth year birthday gift. Yeah, right...Steve was almost a year older than I am.He's sixteen and I am fifteen but I still consider him to be my age mate because he was only older with few months. But before Steve left, I tried to persuade him to tell me what was wrong with him.  "Steve, you know you can always trust me with your worries. We share secrets, remember? But you're keeping this one. What's the matter?" I asked him. He rested his back against the car and I stood in front of him raising my head to look at him 'cause he was taller than me. "It's nothing, Melanie. I'm fine"."Steve!!!" I whined. He placed his hands on my shoulders. "Melanie, I know you care about me but I'm fine " he sai
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Chapter 9
Melanie's POV"Good morning" I greeted as I sat down beside my friends. "Good morning" Steve and Janet answered. I was almost late for class today. Just as I sat down, the English teacher entered. The tall, slender and well-built man, standing in front of the class, who could easily pass for an athlete, surveyed the class with his eyes.I pretty much guessed he's going to give us test and he did. He looked round, ensuring none of the students was missing before he issued out his questions. Few minutes later, he asked us to submit the answers to his questions. As expected, some students started murmuring, some happily submitted while some did not even show any emotions. Their faces never betrayed their emotions during tests and examinations and I could say I'm one of the last group.If the questions were tough, my facial expression won't portray anything likewise if it's the other way round, you still won
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Chapter 10
Steve's POV"I'm home" I announced to whoever was home. Just as I was about to go upstairs to my room, a maid appeared from a corner. "Welcome, sir" she greeted and I nodded. I seem to have gotten used to the fact that they all call me 'sir'. Most especially Vivian, the housemaid, who was just two years older than me.I've always tried to convince her not to call me 'sir' but I guess she's just following her job respect her bosses.  "Where's Jessie?" I asked her. "She's not back yet." "Alright. You can go back to do your work." I dismissed her and walked on to my room. I entered my room after unlocking the room door. Yeah, right...I know you guys might be wondering why I had to lock my room in my father's house. Well Mom had strictly warned everyone, including the maid, Vivian and other male workers we have, to always lock the room doors to prevent future conflicts of intr
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