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What happens when everyone you love ends up dying untimely till you were tagged a cursed witch. That is the story of Lilian, who had several mates, but they end up dying anytime she bonds with them. At a point, everyone in her pack started disassociating with her and treated her like an outcast. When she met Alpha Hayden and signed a contract of marriage with him, the story took a drastic turn. Find out how deadly the contract turned out when she found out Hayden's brothers are her mate!!

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4 Chapters
Her fate
Lilian's POV."You have no right to judge me just because of my past, and I am here as your client and to patronize you not to get some marital advice from you," I said aloud being frustrated and tired of hearing the same sermon from the market ladies. I know I have bad stars when it comes to being mated but common it is not my choice and I never choose for my loved ones to die just because they love me."I am only trying to help you and help you see the world from another perspective, and I think you need to aid this," the market lady said to me.I looked at her, feeling disgusted and pissed off. My look must have given that vibe to her, as she shut her mouth immediately after she said that. But wait! Is my condition now known to everyone in the pack? I have never met this lady, and yet she is asking me to seek the council of the moon goddess, something is wrong somewhere.The thought propelled a devious anger in me and I just walked out of her store as angered as I was, I made my wa
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I must have her
Hayden's POV.Looking around the people in the area, I noticed a distinct aura among the people and I can tell the soul is different and has been through pain and suffering. I came out of the carriage to fish out who it was in particular. I saw the owner of the aura and I could tell that she had been through a lot, I asked the guard next to me who she was, and I could see that there was something she was known for, and it must be so bad that the guard knew her already, I think that it will take the guards days, but it seems he has the details about her with just a glance."I need her here" I commanded the guard."I don't think she is the right person to be around, Your Highness," the guard said to me."I just require her here," I said.Without waiting for the guards to help me call her, I did myself, "Hey lady, stop walking away and turn around back here". She turned around, and it seemed as if she was trembling. It made me wonder if my tone had been too harsh and gave the wrong idea.
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Wanting to know her
Hayden's POV."Troy I need you to dig into that girl's past and get me anything you can get me and also get a lawyer in this pack ready for me tonight at any cost" I said to the pack's guide that is with me."I believe I am the right source to learn about her past if that is what you want, I lived close to her family house before I joined the royal force, is there anything you would like to know in particular Master?" Troy asked me."That's good. I think you are the perfect man then, why is she being attacked by that lady earlier?" I asked Troy."That is Ariana, she was once her in-law before the man in question gave up the ghost and then the man after him also died," Troy said."Can you explain better?" I said."In the course of my intimacy with her family, she has come across a total of 4 mates, and they all died a few weeks after bonding for some unknown reasons since then the whole pack believed that she is cursed, or she is meant to be attracted to others and end them," Troy said
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They exist within me
Lilian's POV.Today, as the hands of time waltzed through the hours, our paths converged, and my world shifted in a subtle yet profound dance. They exist within me a disquiet, an unsettling awareness that something has transpired beneath the surface of casual encounters.Since I met Alpha Bryan earlier today, there has been an ethereal spirit in the air—a magnetic pull that surpasses the ordinary currents of connection. I've walked the route of friendship with other males before, brushed up against the borders of camaraderie and intimacy, but none have left an everlasting mark like Bryan's. His presence reverberates in the depths of my thoughts, a piercing tone that refuses to fade away.Yes, I've mated with others before, navigating the dangerous terrains of relationships, but this union, this inexplicable thread that binds us, is one-of-a-kind. It challenges convention by breaking past established boundaries and entering into uncharted territory. The link has power, a visceral energ
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