Prey Of Twin Stepbrothers

Prey Of Twin Stepbrothers

By:  Rain  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lilyanne and her mother, Olivia, escape from Lily's abusive father, Victor when her mother notices Victor’s hand reaching under Lily’s skirt. Olivia remarries Alpha Lucas, who sends Lily to Silver Moon Academy, where she hides her identity to avoid disrupting Olivia’s new life. But mainly because of her new stepbrothers who warned her not to disclose their relationship. On her 18th birthday, she discovers her mates are none other than her tormenting step brothers. They always bullied her until they discovered she's her mate. They seek her forgiveness, but a curse threatens their bond. As soon as they marked Lily as their may, they would die. The brothers and Lily must find a witch to break the curse. But what will happen when they find out that the witch they're searching for was none other than Lilyanne who would cause their death?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1 : My bully Stepbrothers!
Lilyanne's pov ; The first day of school had always scared me. And today is my first day at Silver Moon Academy. After picking up my schedule from the principal's office, I slipped out as quietly as I could, trying to make myself invisible in the hallways. This high school is a famous elite school for the werewolf community, and the idea alone of being out here terrifies me.If it weren't for Mom's current partner, Alpha Lucus, I wouldn't even be here. He is well-respected and his influence got me into this school. Still, no amount of influence could change the fact that I'm different. Very different. Unlike everyone else here, I don't have a wolf. Clutching my schedule tightly, I weaved through the crowded hallways while my heart pounded rapidly in my chest. The walls are lined with impressive banners and trophies, showing the school's legacy. I looked around but quickly lowered my face when I heard whispers. I pull my hoodie tighter around my face in hopes that it will shield m
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Chapter 2 : Don't need a mate
Lilyanne’s pov ; "One more year," I reminded myself silently. Just one more year, and then I can leave all of this behind me.“What's happening here? And you, why are you in the way of entrance? Get aside,” The teacher said as he entered and I gave him the way. “Sir, Lilyanne is disturbing the whole class,” The cheerleader let out innocently and the teacher turned to me with an irritated face that startled me. “No, sir. I just-” I opened my mouth to explain but he cut me off. “Why are you disturbing the classroom on the first day as a transfer student?” He inquired, believing their words and completely ignoring my dirty clothes. "I'm sorry, sir," I began to explain but seeing his biased expression I stayed silent. "Save it for later, Miss Evans," he dismissed and went to the lecture stand. I know that my any attempt to explain would fall on deaf ears. Without a prestigious family background, I have a little chance of gaining sympathy from anyone here. He began his class and I
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Chapter 3 : Our Little Stepsister
Lily’s pov ; As soon as I ended the call with my mother, I turned to find Ryder standing nearby, a vicious grin spreading across his face. He had clearly overheard my conversation."Good job, Lily," he smirked, grabbing my arm tightly, and causing an immense pain to rush through my hand. "You really are our good little girl, keeping up appearances like that. I think you deserve a reward."I tensed and tried to pull my arm free. "I don't want anything from you," I snapped with my suppressed anger.Ryder's grin only widened, his blue eyes glowing with amusement. "Oh, come on, don’t be like that. We're just trying to show our appreciation."Before I could respond, he suddenly yanked me closer to him. His dark hair fell into his eyes as he gave me a vicious look. "How about a kiss? Just a little token of our gratitude."My heart raced with anger and fear. "No," I said firmly, yanking my arm away. "I don't want anything to do with any of you.” "Feisty," he commented with a smirk. "I like
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Chapter 4: Feeling The Pull
Hunter’s pov ; I returned to our room, closing the door behind me with a quiet sigh. Ryder was already rummaging through his closet, pulling out clothes for the party tonight. Sam’s parents have invited us since they are friends with dad. Before getting ready myself, I turned to my twin. “Ryder?” He glared at me even though I'm the oldest. He's a vibrant adventurer who loves outdoor sports and exploration, he's the captain of the ice hockey team at the academy. He likes challenging things which are in our Alpha blood. He may appear sincere and enthusiastic towards people, but in reality, he is very indifferent. He has many female companions, but none of them are his girlfriends. But I can't blame him. He's influenced by my father’s bad choices. Now, he believes that mates and intimate relationships are just an illusion, just like how dad easily abandoned our mother. Ryder no longer expects a partner relationship because we both are above 20 and still haven't found a mate. He
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Chapter 5 Her pain is my desire
But instead of listening to me, he gripped my hair and pulled my face to the other side, making me wince and let out a painful gasp. Yet, he was far from halting his torment and buried his face in my neck, and inhaled deeply like the crazed dog that he was at the moment. “Why do you smell so good?” He demanded with a furious voice. “S-Stop…” I shuddered as he licked a sensitive spot under my ear, and to my horror, my stomach tightened with a shocking rush of pleasure. "Ryder, stop!" I tried to push him away, but he was too strong. I thought he was retaliating against me for interrupting his moment with Vanessa, but now I don't know anymore. "I didn't mean to—" I began to explain that I was just passing by, but he cut me off with a growl, his eyes burning into mine with an almost devouring gaze. It was as if he already knew everything and still chose to punish me. His hands began to roam down my body and his touch was nothing but rough. My body trembles uncontrol
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