She stared at him as he drove, thinking, wondering. If only she could explain to him everything, tell him her story, tell him all he didn’t know and how everything he thought was true wasn’t.

But of course, he’s at it again, Uche fighting for all he loves, how cute.

“what?” he smiled

“ oh, nothing. You just didn’t change much that’s all”

“ are you sure?”

“yeah…” she gave a fake smile unsure of what next to say as her anxieties were getting the better of her.

Her anxieties not because of Uche's presence, but because of the whole plan- the reason, the reason for her return.

He didn’t know, no. He didn’t know how he was just a puppet in the master’s hands, playing on a field in which he has no control.

A couple of years ago she had completed her masterpiece, Troy – a protocol she had developed to access literally anyth

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