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Fancy has always been a nerd and a plus-sized girl who is despised by her peers and classmates, especially for how shapeless she is. She didn't pay much attention to how she looks until her crush broke her heart by referring to her as “hard work,” to her brother. Fancy becomes heartbroken and vows to work on herself. Years later, with persistence she becomes beautiful with the right curves. Not only that, her high school crush becomes fascinated by her. He is head over heels for her or at least she thought until the unimaginable happens. Her mother is accused of murder by her boyfriend, and it dawned on her that he approached her just for revenge. How can fancy handle such a mighty blow thrown at her? Her mother, a murderer and her loving boyfriend seeking revenge on her family?

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45 Chapters
Defended By The Hockey Player
**Fancy's POV**I stood at the entrance of the party hall with my twin brother Jacob. It's a party for the victory of the hockey players in my school who won against their rivals. And God help! This will be my first party to attend in my entire life. My heart was beating quite fast and I can't seem to control how nervous I am. I was literally trembling with sweaty palms. “Fancy, relax… It's just a party, don't feel as though you're being carried to the abattoir for slaughter.”“Jacob, I think this is a bad idea. I never should have come with you," I said, looking around, nervously. “Jesus! Fancy, stop acting like a nerd for once, will you?” “But you of all people know that they hate me.”“Nobody hates you, it's just in your head. Can you stop feeling inferior about how you look?”I shook my head. Jacob doesn't understand a thing about what I'm going through right now. I mean, how can he when he's not in my class? Though we are twins, Jacob is ahead of me in class. He's one smart a
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An Unforgettable Humiliation
**Fancy's POV**“Here,” he stretched his hand towards me. At first I hesitated, just staring at his delicate hands. I was scared to give him my hands especially in the sorry state I was in. I feel so ashamed.“Come on,” he said calmly. When I noticed I was being looked at, I shyly stretched out my hand to him which he took and pulled me up gently. Everyone seemed to be under a freezing spell just watching what Kyle was doing. Suddenly he pulled the jacket he was wearing and wrapped it around my slightly torn cardigan. At that moment, my heart stopped for a brief second and began beating at a high speed. Did he just take out his jacket for me?"T...thank you,” I whispered, looking up at him for the first time. I held my breath when I saw his eyes. It was the most beautiful dark green eyes I've ever seen. I slowly took my gaze down to his thin lips which were dark pink in color. My goodness! How can he be so handsome!“Now listen, all of you. This party isn't for bullies, so if you
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A New Fancy
**Fancy's POV**“Strike a pose, Fancy,” the photographer instructed, and I placed a finger on my lips with my back leaned against the wall. My eyes were fixated on the camera, giving off a sexy look. “Good!” The photographer said aloud and took a few more shots of me. “Will that be all?” I asked after the shots were taken. “Yes, for now," he said, staring at the camera. I heaved a deep sigh and quickly walked out of the shooting area. I was pretty exhausted as I've been trying to get a good shot of me for the new online fashion show. "Fancy, I must say you're a gifted model. Did you realize that in the first year, you've become the most popular fashion model, with many endorsements from clothing and fashion companies?”I rolled my eyes as I took off the hair clip from my hair. To me, this was nothing new. I've been living with my mom for two years now. And in these two years, I know just how hard I've worked for myself just to come this far. No one knows what I've been through an
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Kyle's Revenge Plot
**Kyle's POV**“Son, when did the lawyer say I can leave? It's been years now, and it's traumatic.”Staring at my dad, I felt so dispirited. I was 11 years old when my dad was sent to prison which means he had spent ten years in here. The young and vibrant man I know had become so frail and weak. There are now wrinkles and lines on his face. His beards had overgrown, and he didn't look like he was being properly fed. But what breaks my heart most was what I'm about to tell him. “Dad, I have spoken to the lawyer, seeking the motion to reopen your case, but he said it'll be difficult to request for reopening since it's been a long time and there's no concrete evidence yet.”The expression on my dad's face held nothing but disappointment and weakness, and this broke my heart terribly. Whenever I came to prison to see him, thisway, it further fuels my thirst for revenge. I had said I wasn't going to shed a tear but seeing him this way made it impossible for me to control my tears. I l
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Trapped In The Past
**Fancy's POV **It was the weekend, and I'm still in Mexico. My mom had gone back to New York, but I had to stay behind since I still needed to check up on my dad and make sure that he was okay. While I was having a glass of wine at the balcony, my phone rang, and I immediately took out the phone from my pants pocket. To my greatest surprise, it was a call from Nora, a friend whom I rarely ever called since I left New York. Nora is my neighbor and a plus size just like me. We've been talking on social media but haven't had the opportunity to meet for a proper talk since I left here. “Hello, Mama.”“Oh, please don't call me that. How could you be so cruel, Fancy? You came back to Mexico and you didn't even border to call me.”“Oh my goodness! How did you know?” I asked with a gasp.“You don't actually think that there's anything that could be hidden in our neighborhood, do you? Well, I saw your brother earlier at the club, and he told me about your arrival.”“The club. He goes to th
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Buy You A Drink
**Fancy's POV**“What do you mean? Do you two know each other? Is that why he's coming over?” I asked, anxiously. “There you go again. I thought I told you to brace yourself? I don't understand why he's here either, but we are not that close so I can only guess one reason he's coming over and that is because of you.”I shook my head in denial. “That's highly impossible. There's no way he's here because of m-”“Hi, ladies,” his deep husky voice echoed behind me and whatever I wanted to say disappeared into thin flames. “Oh hi, Kyle. You're here.”At this point, my heart was beating fast, and I got confused if to just sit where I was or reply to his greetings. Just then, he showed up in front of me.“Good to see you again, Fancy.”I slowly looked up at his face and there, my heart skipped a thousand times. It was him I saw at the hospital. But seeing him now, looking more handsome than I had last seen him, seemed to have made me lose all of my senses. I just stared at him like a stat
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Mistaken For A Player
**Kyle's POV***I watched her every move. The blinking of her eyes and how she bit her bottom lips nervously. I gritted my teeth, just watching her. I wouldn't deny the fact that she's such a beauty to behold but then, that's as far as it goes. She's just a chess piece and I can't let myself get wrapped in a web of complications. I sipped my wine while watching her drink her tequila.“You're not a heavy drinker, are you?”She quickly looked up at me. Her eyes were a perfect shade of blue. “No. Tequila is my only forte.”I nodded my head, not taking my eyes off her for even a minute. Her size was still baffling. I cannot comprehend how she managed to get into such a mind-blowing shape or how she shed off her nerdy lifestyle. Could this have been done by her boyfriend? Though Jacob and I didn't go into much detail about Fancy. The more I see her, the more I get interested in wanting to know more about her personal life. “Uhm, do you have something to say to me? You've just been stari
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A Male Company
**Fancy's POV***It's been three days ever since my encounter with Kyle. This is getting more frustrating by the day. Why can't I just forget him and move on for God's sake!" I rolled on my bed, feeling highly frustrated. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” I hit my head with both hands while tossing on my bed. There's got to be a way to get rid of these unwanted feelings of mine. Just then, I heard a sharp knock on my door. “Fancy, can I come in?”That was Jacob. What the hell is he doing at my door so early in the morning? “What do you want?!” I snapped at the top of my voice. “Woah! You don't have to be so harsh this early, you know.”I didn't bother to reply to what he said and rather laid back down on my bed. “I want to speak with you about something. Please let me in, it won't take up to 2 minutes.”I sat up straight on my bed at once and rolled my eyes. “One minute!” I said, getting up from my bed. The door flew open the next second and he walked in. “Good morning, Your Highness,” Ja
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The Unexpected
**Fancy's POV**After much persuasion from Kevin, I decided to go with him. And he was right and wrong at the same time. I loved hockey just because of one person, and now I don't feel that interested in Hockey anymore, all because of that same person. The reason Kevin knows about this was because he had the opportunity to go through my resume. Little did he know that ever since I became a model, I had stopped watching Hockey. The moment we arrived at the said place for the birthday party, I was shocked to see so many guests. “I thought he was just a player. You didn't tell me he's popular.”“Well, he's quite popular in Mexico and I think you might know him,” Kevin said with much excitement. I can't help but get a little confused. Wait a minute, it can't be what I'm thinking. I mean, he's not the only Hockey Player in Mexico. As for his popularity, I have no idea how much popularity he must have gotten these past two years. Though I'm well aware of the fact that he's quite popular
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Her First Kiss
**Kyle's POV**We both watched the night sky in silence. Though I'm actually not used to viewing the stars, seeing her happy face while looking at the sky made me realize that it was cool. I was supposed to be gazing at the sky currently but was rather staring at her face. Her smile was so charming that I couldn't help but get drawn in. “Beautiful!” I muttered without realizing it. “What?” She asked, taking her gaze back at me. I opened my mouth but got confused about what to say. “You mean the night sky, right?” She asked, with her gaze back at the sky now. Hell no, I can't keep dragging this on. **Fancy's POV***“No, you.”The short words from Kyle made me take a glance towards him at once. I blinked, staring at him. My heart fluttered by his mere words. My goodness! Why did he have to look me in the eye at this moment? What does he stand to gain?Just then, I let out a slight cough and averted my gaze from the awkward silence we shared in that brief moment. “Fancy, look a
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